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  1. GOMER42

    My Two Cents

    Ha! And, I bet you would like it if it were as easy to complete a nursing program as it is to complete a CNA program. Maybe we should all just buy a degree. Really, the standards are high for a reason. If you think it is hard to get in, just wait until you are actually in a program.
  2. GOMER42

    RN going back to be a medical assistant

    Not if you weren't hired as an RN. You are to work within the scope of the position in which you are hired. Sorry about your difficulty. But, I believe going back for an MA will be a waste of your time and money. I know you are getting desperate, but I would suggest that rather than filling out online applications, you find out who the managers of given units are and contact them directly. Continue to contact them and emphasize how badly you want to work for their unit- not the hospital, not the specialty- but their unit. Good luck!
  3. GOMER42

    Med Surg Tech Orientation from Hell!!

    I would say that if you don't work while in nursing school now, you better be looking for something before you graduate. It is getting harder and harder for new grads to get hired, so having student nurse or unit tech experience can open doors. Many managers from my organization's prestigious units won't look at new grad applications unless you have student experience.
  4. GOMER42

    Uniforms and dress codes

    We have a dress code with the different colored scrubs differentiating roles and I love it. It makes it fast and easy to find who you need.
  5. GOMER42

    Help me find an ER job..... PLEASE!!!!!!

    The ACLS and PALS should prove helpful. These courses are often included in new employee orientation and having them already puts you ahead of the game. Err... English...I don't know what that means. You can only get on orientation by getting hired. An IV certification likely won't be helpful as this skill is already expected of you and I've never heard of an orientation that included IV certification. A lot has changed in 15 years, but don't let that keep you from stressing that you have prior experience in a Level 1 Trauma center. It would be beneficial as it shows that you are not only seeking ways to continue education, but are also current on theories and practice in emergency nursing. You can't practice as an EMT unless you are certified as an EMT. Don't give up hope. If you aren't having luck with ER, then apply to other areas. ER tends to be a specialty that a lot of people are lined up to get into, so try applying elsewhere and possibly working another specialty until an ER position opens. Good luck!
  6. GOMER42

    Transplant Nursing

    At times those liver patients have been known to hit, kick, spit, scratch, and bite!
  7. GOMER42

    Orienting New Grad advice

    I have to agree with the orientee in that I would not chart a pain assessment at a time in which I didn't do it- even if your unit got docked by JCAHO. Sounds like you should be focusing on her integrity rather than nitpicking her to death.
  8. GOMER42

    can family give pt unprescribed meds

    If the prescription for vicodin is in his name (even if its an old one from another doc) they can feed it to him as they please, even if your doc doesn't like it. Do you know where they are getting the vicodin from?
  9. GOMER42

    College requirements?

    I've never heard of direct entry nursing program. You can declare yourself as a nursing major, but a program that let's you into the program without fulfilling any pre-requsites sounds sketchy.
  10. GOMER42

    what is this called?

    hematoma? cold compress?
  11. GOMER42

    I'm back!

    OUCH- good luck!
  12. GOMER42

    Pain Scales

    OPQRST Onset, what Provokes it, Quality of the pain, does it Radiate anywhere, Site and 0-10 Severity, Time (how long have you had this pain)
  13. GOMER42

    CPR on a person who is in rigor mortis?

    If the patient was rigor, then he had been dead for at least a few hours. Under normal circumstances, people usually begin to rigor 3-4 hours after death and are in full rigor mortis at around 12 hours. This man sounds as though he had been dead for some time. Realistically, I see no reason why CPR was initiated, but I assume you were told to do it just to cover your butt.
  14. GOMER42

    Can you have two specialties? As in, ER and psych?

    Many hospitals have a dedicated 'psych ER'. This way you could do both....
  15. GOMER42

    certifications for new grads

    Actually the CEN has no time requirements. (CCRN does, however, require 2 yrs).
  16. GOMER42

    About the CPR certification

    NO. You said the CPR was a REQUIREMENT for your program, hence, you won't be acquiring anything anyone else doesn't have. And, don't go online. Most sites certify you through that site and the certs aren't accepted ANYWHERE.