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TrailBlazerRN has 3 years experience and specializes in Burns, ICU, Plastic Surgery.

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  1. TrailBlazerRN

    LTC: Litle old ladies refusing care.

    I've had similar situations during my clinical experience in LTC. I had a few little old ladies that refused to have a man washing them up. But, I feel like I had more luck when I went into the situation without apprehension. If you walk into the room and start getting the bath stuff ready, etc without asking, "do you mind if I wash you up?" "would you rather a woman instead?"...but instead start out with "I will be helping you with your bath today" ... you'll find you have better success without putting the idea in their head that they have the option of having a female vs male wash them up. You should also find that some of the women will not care. I've found that there have been many who are not shy at all and are not private about anything at all. But don't get discouraged, you'll get the experience along the way!
  2. TrailBlazerRN

    Anxiety Attacks

    I have suffered from anxiety attacks for a few years now. For me, id start sweating uncontrolably, my heart would start racing really fast, my face would become flushed, and id become really weak. A few months ago my doctor started me on Prozac and let me tell you it has changed my life. I feel a lot better each day and the anxiety attacks happen much less often. Talk to your doctor because medication might help you too.
  3. TrailBlazerRN

    Does "Looking Good" help you get the nursing job?

    As wrong as it sounds, I think that looking good has an impact on someone getting a nursing job. I guess it's natural for someone to gravitate toward someone who is attractive over someone who is not. Think back to high school, looking good is an almost competition, you naturally want to be with the good looking people because it will improve your image. Likewise, would you rather be admitted to a hospital with attractive nurses or a hospital with ugly nurses? I'm probably not making sense. But anyway, I guess "looking good" might include someone's weight too. I can see someone who is thinner and in better shape get the job over someone who is obsese, simply because they may be able to perform the job better physically.
  4. TrailBlazerRN

    is nursing theory important to nursing practice

    Personally, I believe many of the nursing theories are kind of outdated. Also, the theories are not necessarily applied while practicing nursing, Roach's 6 C's don't exactly cross my mind when i enter a patients room. Additionally I think that some of the theories are kind of wacked.. i dont exactly remember which, maybe one about transpersonal caring? Not sure. Anyway, it can be argued both ways, as Florence Nightengale's practice of making patients as comfortable as possible in a tranquil environment (etcetc) is still applied in nursing today.
  5. TrailBlazerRN

    Does the school you go to reflect the pay

    I think that your schooling matters while you are a new grad with no experience. Someone who went to a prestigious university will get the job over someone who went to a rinkydink community college. However, once you start to gain experience and become a seasoned nurse, your schooling will have no impact on getting hired.
  6. TrailBlazerRN

    Social sorority and nursing school.

    Ok, I'm obviously not in a sorority because I'm a guy, but some of my female best friends are. The only time conflicts that my friends have had was during pledging week where they had to do whatever their sisters asked. Otherwise, most of the sorority type stuff happens during the weekend nights (aka parties/drinking :beercuphe). The sorority does do some volunteer type stuff on occasion and the sisters have formed very close bonds with eachother. Honestly, I have not seen any conflicts with the workload of being a nursing student. However, I do see some conflicts in your situation considering that you have a young child who needs your love and attention. I don't know if you want to join a sorority for the drinking and parties, the close bonds, or whatever it may be, just keep your priorities in order (your child and education before the sorority). The duty of being a mom surpasses any of this and you want to make sure your child wont be impacted by any negative decisions.
  7. TrailBlazerRN

    PT job to take during school/summer

    I'm in my first year of nursing school and I became an EMT to give me some experience. I work part time and am planning to continue it for the next 3 years while I'm in school. There's also an on-campus rescue team that I'm a part of. I'd also recommend maybe becoming a CNA to get some experience. It would give you a good perspective on how to care for patients while working side by side with nurses. It will also make help you to realize how well you should treat your CNAs when you're finally an RN. :) Good luck!
  8. TrailBlazerRN

    CNA pay in Boston

    CNAs at MGH make about 14 per hour.
  9. TrailBlazerRN

    The Trauma after the Trauma

    That story brought tears to my eyes. It was an excellent depiction of what you trauma nurses encounter on a daily basis. Thank you for posting that for me to read- it provides inspiration for me to become an ER nurse.
  10. TrailBlazerRN

    Anyone from Central Maine? I'll be in Dover-Foxcroft

    I go to Dover-foxcroft area every summer (I have a house on Sebec Lake) and know Mayo Regional Hospital very well. My dad needed to go ED at Mayo for a broken arm and they handled it very well. All in all, it's an excellent community hospital with exceptional physicians and nursing care. Dover is a very friendly area, I hope you enjoy your travel assignment there.
  11. TrailBlazerRN

    Litman - choosing between single or double lumen?

    I feel as though single provides a more quality sound. I don't see many people with the double lumen either.
  12. TrailBlazerRN

    Male Chest Hair and Scrub Tops

    I would like to say thank god I don't have chest hair. It's GROSS. Any medical professional that has it visible should be required to cover it up. Or they could just get it waxed off... i think that would be the better option. :wink2:
  13. TrailBlazerRN

    Bad Patient Care at Boston Medical Center?

    I'm from the Boston area so I thought I'd give some imput, even though I'm repeating a lot of what others said. BMC treats a tough crowd, the ER especially. Not only do they get homeless and poor who have never seen doctors in years, but they recieve gunshots, stab wounds, and other gang related violence injuries. But I guess that's true with many innercity hospitals. The Boston Herald is not one of the most reliable papers. They'd fabricate anything to gain more readers. Bottom line is, there many patients out there who are lawsuit hungry, and BMC is an easy target.
  14. TrailBlazerRN

    I hate it when the male nurses on my unit...

    I disagree with you to an extent. If the male nurse is uncomfortable inserting a female cath, then a female should do it. Because if the nurse is uncomfortable, then then the patient will be too. But then again, the male nurse will never overcome this if he doesn't do it himself sometimes. However, i think that what's happening at your place of work is absurd. Assigning patients to nurses based on gender? Give me a break. I think you need to speak with your boss and tell her how you feel. A solution would be to just have a female nurse present during the cath, that would at least provide a witness if the pt was hungry for a lawsuit. It would also hopefully provide more comfort to the male nurse.
  15. TrailBlazerRN

    Any St. lawrence memorial/regis college.. nurses?

    I realize this thread is old but I thought I'd post for future reader's sake. Regis college has a really great nursing program, but theres one catch. When you apply, you'll be accepted as a 'prenursing major', which means that youre technically not in the program. After the first semester of your sophmore year, you'll find out if you were accepted into the nursing program. If you weren't accepted, you're basically stranded into changing your major or transferring to somewhere else the following year. I know all this because my girlfriend is going to be a sophmore there. My aunt also graduated from there with her MSN.
  16. TrailBlazerRN

    Bye Bye Discovery Health

    I LOVE Oprah, but I love discovery health even more! I watch the DHC every day... my favorites are Code Blue, Trauma: Life in the ER, and Dr. G. I am livid that Oprah would do this.. its so disheartening. Argghhh I'm so frustrated now. Oprah my love for you just went down one notch.