Does the school you go to reflect the pay


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I didn't go to school to some rinky dink community college and I think there would be others here that would be quite offended by your words. It would be better if you kept those insults to yourself.I know many ADN grads who have had NO trouble getting a job after graduation just like BSN grads I know who have had NO trouble getting a job after graduation. All employers care about is your license.


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I think it can have an impact if the job you are applying for is local to the school you attended. Employers know what kind of students are coming out of those schools and I know at my facility, they do have preferences.

My state grants a temporary license to new grads so most of the new grads at my facility start working before they take the NCLEX. If they fail, they lose their temp license and the hospital has already invested a lot in their training (they may even be off orientation). So for an employer in this situation, knowing a school produces good nurses with a high pass rate could make a difference since they are investing in your potential licensure instead of having a guarantee.

For the most part though, I think going to a "better" school is less for employers and more for students. In theory, a higher ranking school is going to have a program that better prepares you for passing the NCLEX, working and continuing your education.


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I think it depends on the school and their NCLEX pass rate. The community college where I went to school had then and still does have a high NCLEX pass rate. And I feel I was well prepared to take the NCLEX after I graduated.

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Virtually every employer has a pay scale that they follow for new grads up to advanced-degree nurses with decades of experience.

I've worked for 5 employers in 5 states and not encountered one yet that bases employment or pay on the school one attended. For the most part, it is not even an option for them to do so.

If you want to go to an expensive, prestigous university, by all means, do so. But don't do it because you think it will translate into big bucks. That just won't happen.


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not sure if I should go to a community college or a university in canada.

will I get hired more easily or get paid better if I go to university instead?

The OP is talking about CANADA.

Nurses up here are strongly unionized. You get a pay scale and you work your way up the seniority levels and pay increases are by number of hours worked.

It doesn't matter where you get your education as long as you pass the national exam. Up here NCLEX is worthless and we don't write it.

From what I've seen lately, if you have a pulse, and an education you get hired.


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I have had two hires based on the school I attended/and degree (in the US) when there were possibly others with more experience. As far as pay there was no difference.

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It does not matter when you go to school. The pay is based on your years of experience.

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