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  1. Straydandelion

    Disseminated TB and exposure risk

    This is confusing because the CDC site doesn't specify "respiratory infection" as far as whether to test or not. CDC | TB | Tuberculosis Fact Series - Exposure to TB
  2. Straydandelion

    how to stop fellow nurse from escalating an argument

    Just a quick first impression opinion.... since Shannie doesn't consider you a friend but a long time friend of Melissa's I would say this is Melissa's problem to deal with and for you to continue to be polite and friendly to both.
  3. Straydandelion

    Independent LOA

    I don't know the technical, legal side of the issue however have heard of assisted living allowing independent LOA if that is any help in doing a comparison.
  4. Straydandelion

    Panel Interview - what to expect?

    Winn, I think you meant to post here? gentylwind, that sounds great, I have no idea what to expect possibly others will, good luck!
  5. Straydandelion

    Happy Easter To ME! (rant)

    I honestly think it is the hiring practice of the hospital causing the most problems. You see a hospital telling you that "normal" schedules are every other week-end off... so and so holiday versus one saying every third weekend off and less holidays...
  6. Straydandelion

    Ugh! I can't STAND this!

    Have had it happen a few times and I agree, you don't hear from someone for ages, and all they want is medical advise when you do.
  7. Straydandelion

    Assisted Suicide

    We give our pets the option of "humane" treatment at end of life attempting to prevent further makes sense on the surface to do that for ourselves. Yet, there are many more variables that aren't quite as simple as our pets. Family dyna...
  8. Straydandelion

    AWOL for giving verbal resignation only. What to do?

    Basically, quitting after two weeks is not going to earn a place in your resume under employment history anyway I would think *shrugs* Just taking in the letter as others suggested seems helpful and may allow you to be employed again at the instituti...
  9. Straydandelion

    program to teach preceptors to be preceptors

    Some universities give them, might want to check in your area.
  10. Straydandelion

    Snow- at what point do you call out?

    I only remember calling in once. Driving to work being extra cautious, I stopped at a redlight and instead of actually stopping, slid half-way into the middle of it. Being a fairly long distance still to go and having passed two wrecks on the way, I ...
  11. Straydandelion

    Nicely undermining you.

    I agree fully! Agreed, best to ignore.
  12. Straydandelion

    Did I handle this incorrectly?

    The BEST answer to any situation comes the day after with hind-sight, ultimately however I always follow the above philosophy.
  13. Straydandelion

    Long...but HELP!

    Some states require facillities to have a program in place for harrassment in the work place and this would be addressed in the employee handbook. I am not sure if yours does however I would have to agree, the comment of the DON was inappropriate yet...
  14. Straydandelion

    Is this a common discharge practice?

    I have never seen this but am assuming they need a unit bed, in that case, a transfer to the floor would have been safer. A PICC line without discharge teaching, or is home health following up? That part is a little confusing which I am assuming is t...
  15. Straydandelion

    Hi, are you the doctor?

    Stereotypical response contributed by the media now, yet actually a reality in the it mainly from older patients?