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  1. cjslovey

    Does the school you go to reflect the pay

    Hospitals don't care as long as you have an active license but I would recommend a BSN over an associates because the actual course work is usually 1 semester more for the BSN but is you decide to go back and do it it will likely be 4 more semesters of work (I did it the long way). As for accreditation that matters...especially if you are in Canada and want to come to the US to practice, you will not be able to transfer your license to the states it the school is not accredited...I think most if not all the states require graduation from an accredited program for licensure... Good luck...
  2. cjslovey

    CSUDH CNL 2009

    HI, I hate to intrude in your conversation but I have been accepted into the FNP program and have received my registration date for fall but I cannot get a concrete answer as to which courses and how many courses I should take...I called and was told definitely 502 and maybe some others up to 27 units (yeah right)...I was curious if anyone got more information...I was thinking about taking 12 units in fall then 12 in spring with the assessment class next summer then the role performance courses...does anyone have any input? Thank you...:anbd: