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Does this make sense?

I'm expecting and baby is due in Dec. I goal is to use little to no daycare. Would it make sense if I went Part-time at my current job and got a PRN job somewhere else where I'd work mainly weekends?

My goal is to work 3/4 weekends so that my husband can watch our baby while I'm work and I can be home during most days of the week. Therefore, we would only be using daycare 1-2 a week.

I wish I can just work part time period but we just bought a new home and have a baby on the way so that isn't possible. :unsure:

Any suggestions ?

Most daycares I looked at when my kids were little didn't accept kids for such a small commitment. They have to staff by the week and this screws up their numbers, so they required a minimum of 3-4 days/week, and only took a few kids on that basis because they really wanted them 5 days/wk. Good luck with it, though.


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I think you are cutting it close to not be on a daycare waiting list if you have not done this already. Some daycares do have a part time arrangement but it has to be the same days each week.

Having a nanny with flexible hours may work better. I use an in home daycare on a part time basis and the owner is a SAHM so she is flexible. I pay and send my 2yo as needed.

If you can get benefits through your husband, consider per diem only. If per diem pays more and weekend differentials are generous enough, you will be able to work straight weekends(assuming that the spots available for per diem are there), and not pay for day care.

My advice, would be to increase your savings if possible now.

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Therefore, we would only be using daycare 1-2 a week.
If you only want to use daycare one to two days per week, look for a babysitter who operates an in-home daycare business out of her house. Home-based babysitters tend to be more flexible with part-time arrangements.

Be sure to select someone who has good references and whose home has been approved by the state to provide daycare. Good luck to you and congratulations on the pregnancy.

We had our children in part time for this reason previously. I made an arrangement with another nurse on my unit that I would work all of her weekends (we were required every other weekend). This way, she doesn't work any weekends and I work every weekend. Then I asked my manager to please schedule me every Monday as well due to childcare. She agreed. So, I get to continue on as full time and work a schedule that is best for my family right now. I work every Saturday-Monday and my husband works everyone Monday-Friday. It was hard not having days off together regularly, but we got better at planning things out and requesting time so we could have our time together as well.

Thank you for all the suggestions. I much as I hate working weekends, with a child my priorities have definitely changed. Looks like my best bet would be to work mainly weekends and 1 day during the week. I'll probably do dayshift weekends and 1 night shift a week and that way I won't need child care at all. I guess I'd better start finding people to work out a deal with now.

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have a backup plan. Your husband may not appreciate having his only days off being Mr. Mom. Also, you are not leaving much time to be with him. It is a joint effort so include him in the decision. Good luck!

I remember those days, it's a challenge.

Have you considered staying where you are and requesting to work 3 weekends a month? Depending on staffing they may jump at that. Or your coworkers would LOVE to switch with you .

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When my children were small I worked every weekend and one day a week. My then husband stayed at home with the kids on the weekends, and I was fortunate enough to have a mother who ran an in-home day care and she was very flexible with scheduling what days she would have the kids.

Several hospitals I know of have weekend only plans, and they actually pay more. You may look into that.

It sounds good now to do one night per week (with your 2 day shifts), but the reality of it may be very different. The truth is that it will probably be utterly exhausting. And when will you sleep if you will be watching your child the day before and the day after you work?

I know is tough playing the juggling game. I hope you find something that works for you.


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I work Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights. My kids go to daycare every Friday and my husband cares for them over the weekend. I only work 24 hours but with 12s, this could be full time. We even have a weekend track at my hospital that pays $10/hr more base pay for 2 12s every weekend.

Would it be feasible to work 3 12 hour shifts such as Fri/Sat/Sunday 7p-7a?

If not, I would see if there's a Sat/Sun option, 7a-7p and that would give you 24 hours.

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A friend was very pregnant during her last semester of nursing school. Her husband had a very good job and she was a stay at home Mother until their son was in first grade or so. She took a nursing refresher course at the community college and reactivated her license and had no trouble being hired at a rehab facility.

You should check with your BON to find out what are the minimum # of hours per year you need to keep your license active.


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