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  1. seaofclouds21

    how to use fishbone for lab

    This may help: Redirect Notice. If you have questions about where to go from here with these, let me know.
  2. seaofclouds21


    If you didn't keep the certificates as you completed them, you will need to go back to where you completed the CEUs and see if you can still access your certificates in order to print them out again.
  3. seaofclouds21

    how to use fishbone for lab

    Have you tried to look up the images for the fishbones? There are several fishbones out there, depending on which labs you are using them for. Which ones are you hoping to use and how can we help you use them?
  4. seaofclouds21

    Peg Tube Feeding

    I've seen patient's go from minimal residuals to high residuals, though not quite that drastically. It is possible to have more than what was administered due to the normal gastric secretions her body would be producing to digest the tube feeding, though not enough to make that big of a difference. How do you check residuals?
  5. seaofclouds21

    RN, ADN being obsolete

    DuBois, PA. The hospital I work for is one of 4 within our little health system. All 4 hospitals have openings and hire ADN RNs. We just hired nultiple new graduate ADN RN's into our ICU this passed summer and are currently interviewing more that are graduating this winter and even next May for the continued open positions we have.
  6. seaofclouds21

    RN, ADN being obsolete

    That really depends on where you are in PA. I'm in central PA at a local hospital and we just hired a ton of new graduate ADN RN's into multiple departments in our hospital. We have tons of open positions and dozens of travelers being used in order to staff our hospital. We do not require our RN's to get their BSN (though it is encouraged and there is a tuition program available). Also, PA not being in the nursing compact has little to do with the pain that comes with getting licenses in other states. Any state has their own hoops to go through if you need to get a license by endorsement. I've been licensed in multiple states, including PA, and did not have an issue getting any of my licenses.
  7. seaofclouds21

    ABG help!!!

    What else is considered an abnormal value in the information you posted and what would be the first thing to consider to help correct that?
  8. seaofclouds21

    My school is unaccredited

    I've never been licensed in NY or NJ, so I'm not sure of their requirements. You should be able to find that information on their board of nursing websites or by contacting their board of nursing directly.
  9. seaofclouds21

    My school is unaccredited

    Some states only go by the first school you got your nursing education in. They will want to know that your initial nursing education came from an accredited school. The only way to know about getting into an accredited BSN program after you complete the program you are in now is to look at the requirements for those school and speak to their admission advisers. Will you have a degree when you finish the program you are in?
  10. seaofclouds21

    Finding a job

    How long has it been since you finished school and taken your NCLEX? If there has been a long gap, I can understand there being concerned about how long it's been since you finished school. If it has been a while, have you done anything in that time to keep up with your skills/knowledge?
  11. seaofclouds21

    My school is unaccredited

    Another thing to consider is that you may not be able to obtain a RN license in another state (by endorsement) if they require you to have completed your education at an accredited school. How far are you into this program? Have you considered transferring to a school that has an accredited program?
  12. seaofclouds21

    My school is unaccredited

    But the program does have to be approved by the board of nursing. Have you verified with the board of nursing that this program is approved by them (and not going off the word of the program)?
  13. seaofclouds21

    I failed A&P I - Need Some Advice

    Another option is to look to see if there is another school in your area (community college maybe) that offers A&P I in the spring and then A&P II in the fall and see if you can take the classes there and have them transfer the credit to your current school.
  14. seaofclouds21

    Does this nursing diagnosis makes any sense?

    When I was in nursing school, we were told to never use a medical diagnosis (Diabetes or DKA for example) in our nursing diagnosis. So, instead of it being a knowledge deficit r/t diabetes, we would say a knowledge deficit r/t management of blood glucose levels (etc) and instead of saying aeb DKA, you would want to list the s/s they have of the DKA (elevated blood glucose, etc). What are the other two nursing diagnoses you came up with?
  15. seaofclouds21

    My wife

    There seems to be a lot missing from this. The hospital can refuse to allow visitors if that is in the best interest of the pateint at that time. As for the money, that is something different. Legally, they cannot refuse life saving treatment. Right now, it is best if you focus on making sure your wife is getting the care she needs.