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Does the bad pop up for Pearson Vue mean you fail?

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Don't you think it would've been a whole lot easier just to answer the simple question............ Nope, let's humiliate the OP and make him/her feel worse........seems logical. Amazing!!!

I have three words for you, my friend. Evidence based practice. This means that you don't take peoples' anecdotes as fact. You actually find out the fact.

For every 100 people the PVT works for, there are at least 20 that it doesn't. If you want to risk being in the 20% that loses $200 bucks, go for it. Just know that we aren't going to be sympathetic when you comeotn here saying that the PVT didn't work and that Pearson stole your money. 'Cause we told you so.

Oh, ok. So how do you know that for every 100 people it works for, there are 20 it doesn't? By listening to the accounts of others? Because that is ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE.

The entire reputation of the PVT has ALWAYS been based on either ANECDOTAL accounts of others or that person's experience personally trying it themselves. This has never been anything official to be studied or quantified. There are no "facts." That is in no way evidenced based practice.

Lol! True. I guess I'm saying my anecdotes are more valid than yours, which is dumb. Anyway, the PVT doesn't work reliably, even if you do it right and wait the 24 hours, based on the self report of new grads who post on AN, not from hearsay. Better?

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I think this topic is done - best wishes to everyone taking the NCLEX

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