Does anyone else like working night shift besides me?

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Hello; I've tried dayshift a couple of times and always retreated back to nightshift. I like the staff. I like the quiet. I like the extra pay. Day's and swing shift have administration, overhead paging, visitors, meals, and doctors to deal with. Each with their own level of anxiety that they cheerfully pass along to the nurses. I've adapted to the sleep cycle and can easily flip from day to night sleeping. I'm just wondering if anyone likes to work nights?

I love the night shift. Just switched last summer after working days for 2 1/2 years. I also like the quiet and the additional time I have for my residents. I have no trouble getting my sleep during the day. It did take a few weeks to adjust, but once I did, it was great.

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I am a longterm nightshifter. I have probably worked nights for at least 25 of the 30 years I have been in healthcare. I love it. Days are too hectic for me and I like the comraderie of nights. I expect to work nights until I retire.


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Love nights! When I have to pull an occasional day shift, I can't really get up to speed until about 10 in the morning. For all the same reasons as the OP, I'll always be a night shifter....:cheers:

My facility is like an entirely different universe on day shift! I would NEVER leave the night shift! Too many people from too many different arenas, all worrying too much about what the others are doing! I LOVE my job until 6:45 AM. At that point, I can't get out fast enough!

Oh yes I loved night turn. Unfortunately, when I got into my fifties all of a sudden my system could not take it anymore. I went around with cronic jet lag. I switched to 3-11 at that time which was easier on me but I dislike the shift. 3-11 is busy or even busier than daylight with less help. Most the admissions come up on 3-11 frequently arriving on the unit the same time as you do and the families are around in force also. You would be suprised how many docs round in the evening but managment cuts back on secretary coverage because they think the docs all come around on days. Also some managment people hang around till 5 and 6pm and get in your way. Yes I loved night shift but it didn't like me. I felt better on 3-11 but dislike the shift itself.

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I wish that I enjoyed dayshift. It would be so much nicer on my life. Alas, I would go mad very quickly! I worked 7A-7P this past Sunday instead of 7P-7A to help out my staff, and it wasn't terrible. However, I could NOT wait to leave! Even though it was a Sunday there was way too much going on; I enjoyed the extra hands and fewer patients, but I felt like I couldn't keep track of my patients! I salute you dayshifters! I know I could not do it.

To answer the OP's question, I don't like the night life. I LOVE the night life.


I also love the night shift. I also prefer working 12hr shifts compared to 8hr shifts. It seems to work better for me to be able to be there more for my family.

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I hate what night shift does to your body, I feel like I could fall asleep at any moment. However, I do not think I could deal with working day shift. It seems like when the clock hits 7, a mass of people floods in. I could not deal with the chaos. The night shift definitely seems to attract a different type of person, I guess I am one of those!

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I loved the night shift and worked it for 13 years for all those reasons, but the last year my body turned on me and I was chornically fatigued without sleeping well, so I bit the bullet and went to day shift two years ago. No regrets because I feel better.

It's a night nurses myth that administration bugs day shift. I never see them. Ever blue moon they pass through but don't stop to talk to peons like me, and really aren't interested. LOL

I miss nigh tshift sometimes though, it's a completely different way of life. Miss that $4.00/hour differential too.

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Oh yes I loved night turn. Unfortunately, when I got into my fifties all of a sudden my system could not take it anymore./QUOTE]

I like nightshift. I did it for 7 yrs straight; ours are 10 1/2 hour shifts. But after that period of time I psychologically couldn't take it anymore. I still work 4 nights once a roster (roster=28 days). That is part of our contract. And I still enjoy them.

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I LOVE the night shift. For awhile I did days 4a-4p, 7a-7p. I hated every minute if it. I left that position and went to afternoons and liked it. I changed jobs again and had to do days for orientation and I couldn't wait until that 8 weeks was over. I hated every minute of days. I am happy now that I am on night shift again and do not plan to change.

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