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  1. BeachBayNurse

    Funniest Complaint on Press Ganey Scores

    We get many, many complaints about the food. Has anything been done to perhaps get some better snacks on the unit for the patients after the cafeteria closes? Of course not! However, the only other complaint that is mentioned often is that the person answering the call bell sounds grouchy, mean, etc. Who cares what he/she sounds like as long as you get what you need?! Of course this was addressed right away, we now have a script for answering the call bells.
  2. BeachBayNurse

    What the....??

    Also, do not assume because the nurses look relaxed that they are not working. Perhaps they are charting while talking? If you are always behind and they are sitting and chatting, it is not their fault, ask them for tips how to become more organized. Unless the night is totally going to h*&% I usually do not get worked up about anything, not worth it. However, some nurses spend so much time stressing out about how they are so busy, if they jumped into the work and stopped complaining, they would have time to sit down and relax.
  3. BeachBayNurse

    How often should you empty a catheter bag?

    I work 12 hour shifts, so I empty them at least once a shift. However, I usually empty them also four hours into the shift so I can have some kind of idea how much output the patient is producing.
  4. BeachBayNurse

    placed on unpaid adminstative leave today

    I would also be so upset that one angry person could upheave your life so much. Take this as a sign that working for that company was a ticking time bomb, and get out ASAP. I have been floated to floors in which the attitude was to kiss the family's a@*, heaven forbid they get upset. I very much disagree with this, people get upset, they should be allowed to. However, as it also seems in these instances, it should be dealt with professionally. This is the biggest problem I have with nursing, you are working with sick, scared people, they are going to act wacky and complain sometimes. Don't hang your staff out to dry to keep the family happy.
  5. BeachBayNurse

    Does this ever make you angry?--VENT

    This may sound horrible, but it makes me happy :chuckle to see them struggle a little. I probably didn't pick the best friends in college. I hung out with people who had a lot more money than I did and didn't seem to put much thought into whether their major was going to be conductive to finding a job that would support themselves after college. I knew that my family couldn't help me financially with another degree or pay my bills after college. Therefore, I found a degree that I know would help me be self-sufficient. Did I get upset when they partied every night while I had to go to be early to be up for clinicals. Yes, I am ashamed at how jealous I was. However, 75% of them now are either in a dead end job or are back in school to get a different degree. Yes, they had alot more fun than I did in college, however they are a good four years behind me career wise.
  6. BeachBayNurse

    My Brother James

    Thank you for sharing your story. Sounds like James was definitely here on loan as a gift from God.
  7. BeachBayNurse

    Transfer at change of shift?

    Just a question from a clueless med/surg nurse, not trying to blame or make assumptions! Why is it that all my admissions from the ER get sent to me at change of shift? I understand that it may be due to that the ER nurse did not get a chance to earlier and wants to call report so he/she can leave. However, it then results in that the nurse I am relieving cannot give me report because suddenly the admission is rolling through the doors and needs pain medicine, the family wants to know what's going on, etc. This seems to happen all the time and the result is the previous shift has to stay over. I know it is not due to anyone being thoughtless, just wanted to hear from some ER nurses what is going on from their side of the trenches :typing
  8. BeachBayNurse

    A prime lawsuit

    Do you have 110% confidence that no scans were done? Are you sure the patient didn't refuse the scans, that the patient was not crashing and the doctor thought he was going septic and the patient needed the surgery ASAP? I would not become a doctor for anything this day and age, they are expected to take people who have abused their bodies for years and are expected to cure everyone. I am not saying this young man did anything wrong, I feel horrible he suffered through an extra medical procedure. However, if medicine was so simple, we could diagnose ourselves at home with an interactive CD-Rom, you click through your symptoms, you print out your diagnosis.
  9. BeachBayNurse

    Patients who are too lazy to open their own splenda packets

    Why would one put themselves in some of the conditions you described in a society where one can sue at the drop of the hat? Yes, things were definitely different years ago, perhaps I would be more willing to take on too many patients, unsafe conditions etc., when the patients were not likely to sue and take away my family's livelihood.
  10. BeachBayNurse

    Anybody else work with a "super nurse?"

    So very true! Even though I think I am VERY far from being a super nurse, I got told all the time that I was a great nurse for being so new. I am also known as the one that is always upbeat, making others smile, telling jokes, etc. However, at the height of my "popularity" at my job, I was miserable inside. I was working through probably the most stressful time of my personal life, husband was out of a job, and work was my outlet and the only place I was getting positive reinforcement. When I resolved many of the issues at home, I began to sort of chill out at work and was often asked if something was wrong . Those are great points, you never know what is going on with a person. I try to remind myself that when I do not agree with what a coworker is doing.
  11. BeachBayNurse

    Decisions! Clinical Externship vs. retaking Anatomy!

    I would take the externship. To be honest, I barely passed my A+P class and I don't remember it holding me back. I studied a ton for it, it just wasn't my best subject. I did fine in my other classes. If you tried your best, then perhaps taking it again may not even help.
  12. BeachBayNurse

    was/is graduation this negative for you too?

    I am sorry this is a hard time for you. My graduation was also not the funnest time. I had made some choices that were right for me and some of my family did not agree and made sure they told me several times on my graduation day that they were upset with me. However, remember graduation is not the end all. Remember you are starting a whole new career. Enjoy every moment of it even if it seems like a drag sometimes. Enjoy meeting your new coworkers, enjoy making a difference in other's lives, enjoy the pride that you have for all those years of hard work. This is just another one of life's lessons that you have to make lemonade out of lemons sometimes. I know it sounds like a cutsey answer, and I was hurt for several years at their reaction on my day after four years of hard work. However, I wish someone had given me this perspective years earlier, it would of saved me years of hard feelings.
  13. BeachBayNurse

    Anybody else work with a "super nurse?"

    Not that I am anywhere close to being a supernurse, but I have noticed common traits the ones I have seen seem to share 1. Easy going personality- you never see them sweat, while we are running around complaining how overworked we are, they just do the job and get it over with. 2. Smart- they know their stuff! 3. Organized- this seems to be the biggest component. This one nurse I used to work with would always work the most hectic shifts, have the most difficult patients, and still leave a beautiful report with everything done. She had all her materials organized, made lists, did her charting while she worked, she was like a machine!
  14. BeachBayNurse

    Do you pay for parking at work?

    We have several garages. If you are at least half an hour to forty five minutes early, you can find a space in the garage that is right next to the hospital. There are signs all over that say patient parking only in the garage, but the only people that seem to listen are the nurses. You see all the suits, nurse managers, etc. parking in there all the time. Other wise, it is about a ten minute walk from the other garages.
  15. BeachBayNurse

    Will you work during a Pandemic?

    If I am already at work, I would stay. But if not, I am staying at home, not that it would be any help, as I live in a condo and I am sure I am "sharing" the air with my 300 "neighbors"!
  16. BeachBayNurse

    I was a victim of sexual assault.

    You are so brave to post, thank you. You will be in my thoughts, and I hope your husband realizes how much you need him to be there for you.