Does make you a better nurse?


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  1. Does make you a better nurse?

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We received a ton of positive feedback and Testimonials over the years about how much you enjoy

But I'm curious to know...

Does make you a better nurse?

After answering the poll question, please share your story and feedback. Please be honest, if it has not helped, tell us, you won't hurt our feelings ? Thanks

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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The site has helped me by bestowing new information upon me that I would not have known otherwise. In other words, it has enhanced my fund of knowledge.


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As a returning nurse (LPN) the board and the people on it have given me hope that it can be done and never give up. I read daily, I get tons of info on where and what to study.

Thanks and keep up the great work

diane227, LPN, RN

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No but it gives me a place to whine so my husband does not have to listen to me. It is nice to know that no matter where we are, we are all, to some degree, going through the same thing together. It's like having thousands of brothers and sisters out there to share with.


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Yes. I think that it is impossible to read and not learn something.

Of course there is my study: Although final results are not yet available, in a recent study (N=1), early analysis shows that may improve mental health. :specs:


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I've said no. A bit mean I suppose. But there are many ways of being 'Better'. Allnurses is just a fraction... as someone mentioned above it is a good place to have a chat /moan or even find a link to somewhere else etc... but by itself Allnurses is NOT the way to become a 'Better' nurse.


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I enjoy allnurses and am an active participant, but I would have to say honestly that, no, it has not made me "a better nurse" in any way, or had any real impact on my practice.

Brian, ASN, RN

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Thanks for your honest feedback, it's greatly appreciated. Maybe "better" is too vague of a word to measure? Maybe a better choice of a word would be wiser, more informed, more educated?


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I've definitely found information here that I might not have otherwise found, so yes, I think it's made me a better nurse. It always helps to know that I'm not alone with my troubles, too.


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I've learned so much on here in many aspects ranging from dealing with difficult mgmt coworkers and getting wounds healed. I can talk on here about multiple issues that bug me or that I don't understand and get valuable input from others. Some of the advice and stories I've read on here have given me encouragement and motivation to do a better job . Priceless

husker_rn, RN

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I am always learning new info here on the site. And it makes me a better nurse because I read about others vents and know I am not alone in my feelings.


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Oh yes it does, and this is heartfelt.I can't begin to mention.