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  1. ellakate

    Why did you join allnurses??

    My psychiatrist died and I needed someone to talk to. I had been exposed to some of the most unprofessional behavior and I needed to know that I wasn't alone. After I found kindred nursing souls, I joined, because I wanted to be part of AN.
  2. ellakate

    Hosptial settings make me DIZZY

    This happened to me when I was in my 20's. When I took my oral contraceptives at night, the hospital was easier to take. Today's meds aren't as strong, I know.
  3. ellakate

    Home Care Fraud - How to escape.

    This I know! However, I was really taken aback at how easily dishonest people can mess with the system.
  4. ellakate

    Home Care Fraud - How to escape.

    Oriented a HH RN from compact state A with temporary license in my state B. Reported that this person did not act like a licensed nurse. Was told her/his license was in good standing with my state. It was not! It had been suspended in state A over 10 years ago. This was discovered after nurse went to a subsequent agency. My agency did not protect me from working with an unlicensed person. Same agency, same management -- licensed person reported to be diverting narcotics and causing conflict. I reported him/her and was told that I was falling victim to mob mentality. (Most of the time I disagree with myself. Mob mentality is not a risk.) I told the supervisor that it was on management's head if something happened. I notified them of what I perceived to be a problem, based on past observation of impaired personnel. This person was later arrested for diversion. Arrested! My agency did not protect me from working with this person, who had already been flagged by previous agencies for this behavior. In two separate situations, I feel that my license was threatened by being exposed to what is effectively, fraud. Confession: I can't go back to HH. No can do.
  5. ellakate

    Essay Help For Nursing School

    You have a good plan. Let us know how it goes!
  6. ellakate

    Essay Help For Nursing School

    When do you graduate?
  7. ellakate

    Essay Help For Nursing School

    Perhaps you can take a writing/grammar course. I understand what you are saying, but people will judge you on this in nursing school. Gaining control of the language will give you skills that will serve you well in the nursing arena. Since you do plan to continue your education, consider a 3 hour class of some kind to fill that knowledge gap. Writing is a skill that I promise you will use every day that you work as a nurse. Competency in this will decrease your anxiety and be a real step forward on the way to your next goal. Otherwise, my best advice is to put one foot in front of the other. Continue to ask for constructive feedback. Stay away from negative people.
  8. ellakate

    Essay Help For Nursing School

    Hello, Nursing Pride, I am a BSN, RN. Although I can help with writing, I have to say that I am ignorant when it comes to which books are helpful. You are welcome for the help! Best Wishes.
  9. ellakate

    How do I stop getting my feelings hurt?

    This is a hard one, Sue. First of all, you have no friends now. Anyone who was your peer before is now your subordinate. Second, your boss is clearly not your friend. Remember that no one is your friend. It doesn't matter if you get torqued occasionally. They have already offended your sensibilities. With this in mind, my suggestion is that you practice a response in your head when you get really hot. Find your happy place. My dad's favorite advice was to "Stay Cool." To stay cool, find a programmed response that helps you. I would visualize going fishing, that first cast, when the water is like glass. I have been in this situation before. You have to be a lot meaner than you are used to being. Remember that everyone has an agenda. They may be interdependent, but since you are new, you don't know. People might be reacting to the fact that your predecessor died suddenly. That small town thing is unbelievable. Just assume that everything that you say and do will get home before you do! Once Mom said, "Mr. So and So said that I must know that he has skin cancer. But I told him that you don't tell me about your work and that you never have." You are a convenient target, because you are new and they are under stress. Under stress, they regress to their fight or flight mode, which is not good for teamwork. The cure is tincture of time, as you have said. During that time, keep up with your work and don't expect much from others in the way of help. That way you will be surprised if you get help. After a couple of months, you will get the schedule and will be off and managing!
  10. ellakate

    About to start final consolidation

    Listen more than you talk. Smile. Volunteer for new experiences. Keep your nose clean (figure of speech). I have been in nursing school twice and I wish that I had followed my own advice. So, since you asked, I am able to offer these words of wisdom.
  11. I loved the people that I met when I started school. We graduated in 1977, and in 2007 we had a 30 year class reunion. I realized what a wonderful group of people were in nursing school with me. It was fun to go 'behind closed doors' in hospitals and use the staff elevator.
  12. ellakate

    Essay Help For Nursing School

    See how you like this. My viewpoint of nursing comes directly from my desire to help people. I want to be a nurse because I enjoy being helping people when they are in need. I get internal satisfaction by serving those that need help. A few years ago I volunteered at a hospital, and that is when I realized my passion for nursing. Once I become a nurse I plan to continue to be dedicated and sincere, but also very nurturing. Having these qualities will not only allow me to succeed in nursing but in life as well. Nursing is a fulfillment of life for me. It is a reward that I have been given and I can't wait to be able to give back what I have been so blessed to have. Everything I have done in my life, I have worked very hard for it; this program will be no exception. I plan to be very successful in the nursing program and have confidence that I can achieve this goal. I believe that the cure for many patients at the hospital is not only medicine but also has to do with the care they receive at the hospital and their homes. It is important to provide a patient with the right kind of atmosphere and environment that is conductive to recovery. It is important to keep the room of the patient a place where he or she feels the soothing and healing effects from the environment. I believe that spirituality holds a very significant role in the profession of nursing. God with whom all things are possible is at my side at all times.
  13. Contact the state board of nursing. They will have the information that you need, and at least be able to point you in the right direction. Best of luck!
  14. ellakate

    Essay Help For Nursing School

    Do you still need help?
  15. ellakate


    I'm not sure, but I think that this is the area that recovers CABG, open heart, maybe transplant patients after surgery. When I went to nursing school, these patients were recovered in ICU, bypassing post anesthesia recovery.
  16. ellakate

    In need of some advice.

    Hello, Brookenicole! Congratulations on graduating! What an achievement! My suggestion: Work as GPN for practice and experience. You have worked very hard to get here, and there is no reason to be a CNA when you are a GPN. Let's see what other posters say.