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med-surg 5 years geriatrics 12 years
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husker_rn is a RN and specializes in med-surg 5 years geriatrics 12 years.

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  1. Please add Clarkson College of Allied Health in Omaha, Nebraska to your list.
  2. husker_rn

    Long Term Care Nursing is Lame

    One big difference you overlook....those nurses in prestigious jobs have physicians, specialists, available within minutes. LTC nurses don't have that luxury...you had better know what you are seeing and know what to do right away. Not everyone can do what you do. I have been both med-surg and LTC and know that to be very true.
  3. Very true. I graduated with my BSN in Nebraska but took boards in Montana. Arranged testing before I moved to Montana. Same test no matter where you take it.
  4. husker_rn

    What Did You Get For Nurses Week?

    Nurses week...you mean healthcare week ?? You mean someone appreciates their staff ? Absolutely nothing; however our pharmacy sent a fax that said thank you.
  5. husker_rn

    Am I too old????

    I was 39 when I started. Got my BSN 42. Now at 67 still nursing and loving it. If that is your dream go for it.
  6. husker_rn

    Waiting for Clarkson!!!!

    Good luck from an old Clarkson grad !!
  7. husker_rn

    Nurses Week/Hospital Week

    We have hospital week and we had nurse's day last Wednesday. i sure fell appreciated !!
  8. husker_rn


    I just want to thank you hospice nurses for all you do. My spouse recently passed away after a long battle with cancer. As hard as it is, it would have been much tougher without the support of the hospice team. I was assisted along the way with getting everything prepared in advance. I cannot imagine getting thru it all without the help. Thanks to all of you from all of us you've cared for along the way.
  9. husker_rn

    Jean Watson Caring Science

    My school used Watson's carative factors too. It did encourage us to look at our patients as people and not just disease processes; and to realize our priorities were not necessarily those of the people we cared for. Now, having said that, as seniors we HAD to go listen to her live and she did seem a little airy-fairy much of the talk.
  10. Seems like we are good at lip service about caring for kids and the elderly but unfortunately we seem to fall short on actually delivering many times.
  11. husker_rn

    HELP...2 wks left of orientation and I'm still SO slow!!!

    Make yourself a to-do list and follow it; make sure you prioritize things on the list. And THE most important piece of advice I can give you is to learn to do it right, then learn to do it fast.
  12. 3 weeks. Hired at a SNF that sounded good...but wasn't. Phones turned off because of unpaid bills, no supplies for the same reason. I could go on; I gave my notice 3 days after I started. Never looked back.
  13. Took a class on death and dying in nursing school and read several of Kubler-Ross' books. They were very informative.
  14. husker_rn

    How far did you or are commuting to and from work/school?

    I drove 85 miles, one way, 5 days a week for 4 years including summers to earn my degree. Now I wonder how I did it but at the time I just did what I had to do to get where I wanted to go. Now I grumble if I have to drive over 10-15 miles to work. Go figure.
  15. husker_rn

    What color do you wear?

    Eggplant, dark purple here. I am sick of it; anyone in any color scrubs is thought to be a nurse by most of my patients.
  16. llg made a really great observation. I am a pre-computer, msg board nurse. We did indeed work together. My class consisted of 17 students. We didn't all like each other but we helped each other out, watched each other's backs, studied together, laughed and cried together. And learned alot from each other as well.