Do You Work at Your Kid's School?


I am in my second year at my high school and I really like working here. My 9th grader joined the school this year and it seemed like it would be ideal.  School pick-up/drop-off rolled into my work commute, same schedule, etc...  However, the 9th grader is not loving it.  In fact, my kiddo politely asked me to move schools next year or he would like to change schools.  I am a little heart-broken.  I love it here and he is thriving, but there is no separation from Mom and that has been difficult for him.  I keep a low profile when he is around, but we have a unique name and there is no getting away from the fact that he is "the nurse's kid."  I just submitted my proposal to negotiate my contract for next year (long story that involved me turning in my resignation and them asking me to stay) and now this honest conversation with him has opened my eyes.  I had no idea how much he disliked having me pop up in random places all day.  I keep it professional between us, but I guess I am still his mom and that makes a 15yo feel awkward.  Anyone navigated this before?  

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I work in baby flare's school.  She's 7th grade now, but she's been with me here since kinder.  No doubt that it's not easy to be the nurse's kid.  Her peers tend to take it out on her if they don't like the fact that they were not sent home or the fact that I can't freely give out tylenol.  My kiddo rolls with it, but she does get upset if she hers someone talking smack about how I didn't do much for their week old bruise or invisible cut.  I have told her that those type of things don't affect me, but you know how it is when they're that age -it's all so big to them.  On the other hand, it's really nice to have both of us on the same schedule.  And I love that I can sneak down to certain events and ceremonies that I may not be able to make otherwise due to my schedule.  Just last week I was able to sneak a photo of her giving a presentation.  

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Sorry to hear that. I was in the same building 7-12 grade. He learned to roll with it. I pointed out he had his own ATM, (ask the mom! LOL!) He will be fine, Summer is almost here. I'd ride it out.

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My youngest is with me for one more year and he loves it.  He has been with me since K and now he is in 5th.  He loves not having to ride a bus, borrows money, I am here for all assemblies and when he does not feel so good.  He wouldn't have it any other way and my other kids are jealous. 

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Baby Yarn has had one or both of us at school at certain times and is OK with the arrangement. Baby Yarn is pretty chill. Baby Yarn likes to eat and electricity too so putting up with regular paychecks rolling in isn't so bad.  When I was growing up lots of my classmates had their own parents as teachers, coaches, principals. They just kind of went with the flow:))) 


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I work in my kids' district and occasionally sub in their schools. They love when I sub in their school and beg me to. Maybe that would be different if I was there all the time though. 

I also work as a camp nurse at the camp my daughters attend (my son is at the brother camp) and they love that. All their friends know that their mom is one of the nurses and tell them "Your mom is funny" because I mess around with the kids a lot. 


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I worked in my kid's school starting with elementary and was able to move up as he did (mostly due to sheer luck on openings and other nurses willing to swap positions).    When I got to the high school, I just stayed there after he graduated.


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My mini didn't love it as a freshman but adjusted after that. I always let her take the lead about interacting when we cross paths and once she realized that being in the same vicinity had nothing to do with her (aka, my day was too busy to be stalking her around campus) and that her friends knew that I was her mom (as if it had been some big secret), she got over it. Now she even texts me reminders about assemblies or events and comes to see me after school almost every day (although this could be related to the drawer full of snacks I keep for her).

Maybe give it a couple of days and have another conversation about it. Could be as simple as having a bad day or the age or something more, but it sounds like you need more information about why he doesn't want to be at the same school. Good luck! 


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  • I have been in my kids school for 6 years now (k-12) and my kids have always been good with it.   Its a small town, so their friends already knew who I was.   My oldest son who graduated 2 years ago loved to come in my office and nap, grab snacks, basically blow off whatever class he was trying to avoid, LOL.    My daughter, who just graduated this last weekend, was always stopping in also for snacks, bringing her friends around for chats, tampons, lotion, need a sweatshirt, you name it.  My youngest doesn't come in much, but he is only a Freshmen and hasn't learned he has a bit more freedom to do those things now.   He does like that he can come in for a headache or stomach ache though, and get some pretty quick relief.  

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Yup. It's so convenient! Even if my 2nd grader pitched a fit, I'd tell him to get over it. It's happening LOL!


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He's a freshman and will likely find a way to roll with it.  I have to say, I think his attitude is rather healthy.  Two of my own kids had the "nurse's kid" in their classes in middle and high school and it was the complete opposite.  The high school nurse's daughter hung out in her mom's office way too much if she didn't feel like being in class and the middle school nurse's kid would always run to the office just to verbally abuse her mom.  

So no worries, Mom.  You are doing it right!