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  1. ChristmasNurse

    What tricks do you have for nausea?

    Knowing my luck, it would get out that the nurse is teaching kids to sniff alcohol.
  2. ChristmasNurse

    High School Sports Physicals

    I actually enjoyed doing the physicals when I was floated to a high school. Of course, the kids came to the nurse first to get cleared and get a pass to tryout. But boy, did I learn that even the best kids are great liars. LOL
  3. ChristmasNurse

    40 Students per day... YIKES!!

    I'm in a high needs system where nursing turnover is high for many reasons. But I have noticed that a good number of those that have grown to hate their jobs, are the ones who were doing a ton of non-nursing related things. I took over for one and it hasn't been easy...especially the wet clothing. I'm gettin there, but there always seems to be one staff member who hasn't gotten the message yet.
  4. ChristmasNurse

    Parents be like...

    Student brought in Asthma Action Plan without med, said mom would bring inhaler in. I look and see only mom signed form, no doctors info or signature. Mom has yet to return call.
  5. I've been told that nurses in my district are not covered legally to change a student. If it's a self esteem destruction possibility (and it usually isn't), then I'll assist if I have time. If it happens during recess when the teacher is at lunch, I'll direct him to get his extra clothes, let him use the bathroom, and make sure he gets back to recess safely. But nine times out of ten, the accident happened when the G-tube student needed his fill, the diabetic needed his carbs calculated, kids needed inhalers and other legit visits. So call a para or an aide. I don't like having to blow off a student like that, but I really don't like being put in the position to do that even more.
  6. Not a nursing thing, not a nursing thing, not a nursing thing.....I had to keep that in my head when I began in elementary because it took the kindergarten teachers a while to get that I wasn't changing students. The nurse's bathroom is supposed to be for sick children too. So you can use that excuse if they ask.
  7. ChristmasNurse

    Staff Needs

    The last week of school, both office assistants came in and asked for their blood pressure to be checked. They had had it with the principal. I would normally say no, but I bend a little for the office girls.
  8. ChristmasNurse

    Buddy System

    Does your school have a buddy system for kids needing to go to nurse's office? I just started working at an elementary school and that appears to be the case 75% of the time. I get it for little kindergartners who might not know their way around, wanderers, and kids truly not feeling well and the teacher feels safer sending someone. But it can cause unnecessary traffic and chaos in the office and it's a privacy issue (I have med takers who don't like others knowing their business). Normally, if a kid will need more time in office - I will just send the other back. But the last week of school, I had a nosy disrespectful brat who refused to leave...many other issues with that kid in general. Anyway...I was curious if this is just something I should proactively send a memo about or take it as it comes.
  9. I just started a new school position in January. I was a float nurse yet pediatrics was one floor I never covered. It's ok. I work in a large system and I have yet to meet a school nurse in this system that worked in pediatrics. They have worked ICU, home care, geriatric, ortho, oncology, emergency, med-surg...some even went straight to school nursing after getting their RN. So go for it!
  10. ChristmasNurse

    Is Nursing Becoming Over-Saturated?

    It's weird. The job market can be tough for new grads, but most of the hospitals in my area are constantly understaffed, schools (urban especially) have a high turnover of nurses, and homecare can never seem to get enough people. If nursing is truly what you want, go for it. Sure - there are concerns in nursing and education/training/orientation is not the same as it was fifty years ago. But I'm not sure if over saturation of grads is the problem.
  11. ChristmasNurse

    Why is it a struggle right before summer break?

    This is so awesome to hear. I'm winding up my first year and the kids are just tearing each other apart. Top it off with one particular teacher who tries to palm off a behavior problem on me, well....grrrrr.
  12. ChristmasNurse

    Kids & chest pain

    I had a fifth grade kid come in last week with right sided chest pain. Vitals were fine but he was both guarding and clenching the upper pec. This was also a child I never see. I was pretty sure it was some sort of GERD or gas issue. Since he was so uncomfortable, I called the parent who came and got him. The child was back in school the next day and fine according to his teacher. But let me tell you....over the next few days, "chest pain" was the cause of a lot of visits for fifth grade flyers.
  13. ChristmasNurse

    Rules for next year

    I'm new to this job and I've been putting an end to lunch time visits without passes unless I sense it's urgent. Those kids that get through recess and lunch just fine and then have a headache right before class starts...aye.
  14. ChristmasNurse

    Bed Bugs- parents don't think it's a big deal

    In my district, it has to be reported to the health department if bed bugs are found on a student. They handle the home situation.
  15. ChristmasNurse

    No it all Teachers

    I think I'm going to eventually have a talk with one very nice teacher who likes to play nurse. I get she sees them every day and knows her student's baseline. I get their concerns. But she's in the office everyday with a different kid, and they are all fine yet she wants me to call the home.

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