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  1. Do You Work at Your Kid's School?

    He's a freshman and will likely find a way to roll with it. I have to say, I think his attitude is rather healthy. Two of my own kids had the "nurse's kid" in their classes in middle and high school and it was the complete opposite. The high schoo...
  2. Lack of consulting and communicating has been the major issue throughout this pandemic when it comes to schools. Not understanding just how difficult-to-impossible achieving mitigation standards is in so many schools has also been a problem. We had...
  3. Staying or Going?

    I plan on staying. It's only my second "full" year. We've dealt with covid, snow days becoming "remote" days, staff freaking out, being pulled to the vaccine clinic and contact tracing when kids were all remote....definitely an adventure. But I stil...
  4. When to leave school?

    I agree with Flare. Two weeks in sufficient. I get the guilt but you can't stall your opportunities for satisfaction out of guilt.
  5. Tired of being "the bad guy"...

    I'm in an urban district and most of the families have been pretty good about taking precautions (or just staying virtual) since the community has been hit pretty hard. But lately I've had a few families not exactly be honest about large gatherings ...
  6. If you have gotten your COVID Vaccine...

    After the first dose, I grew a third arm and after the second dose, I became autistic....sorry, I'm just so tired of battling crazy misinformation the school office staff is saturating themselves in. Anyway...I got the Pfizer just before Christm...
  7. How has your role as a school nurse changed with COVID?

    Nurses in our district actually work for the local health department. We've been used for contact tracing while we were on lockdown and now are vaccinating throughout the city when not in school. The schools are in hybrid mode, the majority of stud...
  8. Parents STILL Sending Sick Kids to School

    I'm actually in the mood to send kids home today for headaches and questionable sore throats. But only my frequent fliers are visiting today.
  9. Med Surg without CNAs?

    I hope it's not a trend. Both a unit clerk and three techs were supposed to be on day shift in my understaffed hospital.
  10. Athletics = Madness

    I'll say! LOL
  11. Athletics = Madness

    And that's a good thing! I've said to several people including my principal that we can take a lot of what we are doing and move forward such as... not endorse policies that encourage us to come to work/school sick not have our health...
  12. New Grads and Acute Care Hiring

    Say what? All of us have dealt with a few nurses who were on extended light duty because they hurt their arm slipping on an icy parking lot surface on a 85 degree Summer day (slight exaggeration, but you get what I mean). I can't imagine how many pe...
  13. New Grads and Acute Care Hiring

    Agreed. In addition, hospitals have stopped a lot of what student nurse can do during clinicals. My guess is liabilty, HIPAA and HCAPs have contributed to lack of student nurse experiences. So a lot students feel more like outsiders duri...
  14. What's the best specialty for someone who hates small talk?

    Don't you have to talk with staff then? LOL. I'd say PACU. I'm surprised NICU at night would be quieter. When it comes to babies, I figure that's round the clock drama for the parents.
  15. Athletics = Madness

    No one wants to be the bad guy. It took our state sports association weeks to make the call because they were so afraid of people being mad at them that they kept kicking the can down the road and leading on the kids and the (idiot) parents. So eve...