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    New School Nurse - how to prepare

    Hi Everyone, I will be working as a school nurse after the new year! My time as a hospital float will be coming to an end in the next few weeks - not soon enough either - and I'm excited to have found a position in a division of nursing I've been wanting to give a go. While I've worked with kids and teens quite a bit, I haven't done pediatric nursing except those times I floated to the ER. I'm sure it's been asked, but what did you do to ready yourself. I'm sure there's a learning curve and some baptism by fire involved, but any advice/help I can hear is great. I've been reading through some threads and must say that you've all made me feel like I am making the right decision.
  2. ChristmasNurse

    New School Nurse - how to prepare

    Hello Everyone, I began working at the start of the year, and so far so good. Always learning something, getting good tips from other nurses (all of them pounding into me to not get taken advantage of, lol). Still on my honeymoon of not being in the hospital and very aware of that. I still read a lot here even though I'm not posting and it really helps.