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raebabelvn has 15 years experience as a LVN and specializes in School LVN, Peds HH.

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  1. raebabelvn

    Any tips for constant coughing?

    I have small hard candies I give out as "cough drops". They seem to help some!
  2. raebabelvn


    I have IR and oral. For orals... tell the kid to open their mouth as big as they can - do not say anything about their tongue. Once their mouths are open, it retracts the tongue a bit and you can place it in that back pocket. Do not let them close be...
  3. raebabelvn

    Faking sick

    I work with K-5, so its a little different here. I will often ask them what this throw up looks like, and they give me all kinds of weird descriptions. There are some students that never complain, and I know its legit... but any vomit that is not wit...
  4. raebabelvn

    Guilt About A Med Error

    The day my grandfather passed was one of his best days. He was happy, minimal complaints, minimal pain... it was amazing. But, he laid down to take a nap and had a heart attack in his sleep. Sometimes having a good day prior to death seems to be a th...
  5. raebabelvn

    Natural "Medicine"?

    Hmm.... sounds like MLM but OK. Who do you sell for? Young Living or Doterra?
  6. raebabelvn

    School Nurses, When To Call Parents!

    Lets see... I only call home if necessary. Obviously for the actually ill kids, and major injuries. For other stuff... I call home for facial/head injuries, multiple "illness" visits, anything I think is concerning, etc. If I called home ev...
  7. raebabelvn

    New Nurse

    What are the responsibilities and roles for each position? I'm a site nurse at the elementary school, so I manage day to day things - injuries, illness, field trips, COVID, etc. Our district RN is mainly administrative - IEP's, vision/hearing screeni...
  8. raebabelvn

    Do You Work at Your Kid's School?

    Yup. It's so convenient! Even if my 2nd grader pitched a fit, I'd tell him to get over it. It's happening LOL!
  9. raebabelvn

    LPN restrictions in school setting

    I think it would all depend on your scope of practice as well as your schools policy and procedures guidelines. I'm in Ca, and here as long as it's an order from the doctor, I would be able to give it. The district RN's would probably review IM injec...
  10. raebabelvn

    Help Type 1 diabetic and lunch

    My T1D is a 1st grader. I'm in constant communication with the family. He brings a lunch and the carb count is usually done. However, I'll know ahead of time if he's grabbing something from the hot lunch line so I can calculate carbs ahead of time. H...
  11. raebabelvn

    Health aid or assistant school nurse?

    Our district has two credentialed RN's, and a health clerk/LVN/RN on site for each school. I'm the LVN on site at one school. I think it works out well.
  12. raebabelvn

    Epi pens and stomach pain

    One of my allergy kids presents first with a stomach ache. One presents first with a red, itchy eye. Most others have itching, rash, drop in o2 sats... If a known allergy kid comes in with a stomach ache, I observe them. Obviously if it progress...
  13. raebabelvn


    Highly involved with attendance here too. The secretaries and I work together. Basically, I look at our attendance list that the teachers/office inputs. If there is an unverified absence, I add them to my list. Between the main secretary and I,...
  14. raebabelvn

    Tired of being "the bad guy"...

    I'm dealing with the exact same things here at my school. I feel ya!
  15. raebabelvn

    LPN in Distress

    I often feel like that too. I work as an on-site nurse for an elementary school, and I gotta say, I love it. Moon is right. It's just you. Observation and assessment skills are huge! Plus, you have the chance to be exposed to emergency management -- ...