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School nurse and geriatrics.
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yaRNthrower has 25 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School nurse and geriatrics..

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  1. If you didn't have to bite your tongue?

    Oh NutmeggeRN. I feel this in my soul.
  2. Anyone get their Booster yet?

    I got my Moderna booster on Saturday Morning. My arm was just a little bit sore, achy, chills and tired. It was all over by Monday morning.
  3. All covid, all day

    I'll take that hug and one right back at you:)))
  4. SY 2021-2022 Roll Call

    This is 14 th year as a school nurse. I'm in for the duration. This is still better than any other area I have worked in up to this point. So glad to see so many familiar names. This is the first time in 6 weeks I have had 3.5 uninterrupted m...
  5. How to leave toxic work environment when you're the only RN?

    I am so glad you have broken away from this nightmare. Everything is a learning experience and you will never fall into this trap again. Best wishes on your next adventure.
  6. NCSN

    That is great news!! Proud of you!!!
  7. Do You Work at Your Kid's School?

    Baby Yarn has had one or both of us at school at certain times and is OK with the arrangement. Baby Yarn is pretty chill. Baby Yarn likes to eat and electricity too so putting up with regular paychecks rolling in isn't so bad. When I was growing up ...
  8. Nurses Week Gifts that Knock You Off Your Feet

  9. Chest Pain in ES

    You did a great job. You will get more comfortable everyday. You hang in there and welcome to school nursing.
  10. Medication Error in School

    Well, I check in on this site to see how it is going. I hate that you had to spend one dollar on this. 1. Child was not harmed, 2. Parent supplied medication. 3. Child was not harmed. ( It needed saying again.) 4. Doctor and pare...
  11. Considering Becoming A School Nurse

    I do not know how many times in my head I have said, "Stop touching the children." ?
  12. Medication Error in School

    I check in on this thread more than my personal email. I worry about her too. Hugs coming your way.
  13. CPS Nurse Dies of COVID-19

    Tragic :(((( So sorry for your loss.
  14. Medication Error in School

    Did the supervisor ever get back to about the liquid Zyrtec? The question that keeps nagging me is how did she know???? I have had real deal audits and never had any of them look at the actual pills. They just made certain the paperwork was...
  15. Medication Error in School

    uofanurse this whole thing says loads more about the supervisor than you. I have never doubted a medication that was brought to me in the pharmacy bottle. I have worked in several districts and have never been instructed per policy to use the pi...