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  1. yaRNthrower

    Christmas Break

    I hope everyone has an uneventful last day or two and the best restful break. See you all in the New Year.
  2. I have not met a larger group of germaphobes than teachers. I am not sure what their thought process was when they chose a career that was going to have them smack dab in the middle of a sea of two and a half feet tall walking talking petri dishes.???
  3. yaRNthrower

    C'Mon Now!

    They have lost their minds. What the what????
  4. yaRNthrower

    Clinical Assistant

    That is fantastic new. So happy for you.
  5. yaRNthrower

    Welcome back, y'all!

    Hello everyone :))) Glad to be back:))) Wishing for a great year.
  6. Thank you 😊. I have accepted the offer but dnt know how much I would be paid 🤦‍♀️. I will get to know that tomorrow or Tuesday. 

  7. yaRNthrower


    Whaaaaat:))))) That is fantastic!!!!! Welcome to the fold. Let us know if you need anything!!!
  8. yaRNthrower

    This is Where the Cowboy Rides Away

    I just read this. So happy for you. Sad for us. I catch myself when I read through Allnurses posts, “What does Old Dude have to say about it?” Best wishes on your new adventures.
  9. yaRNthrower

    Wise One Liners

    "You can't unscramble an egg." & "The one that stirs the pot should have to lick the spoon." Lot of cooking going on here
  10. yaRNthrower

    It’s a Lice Celebration

    I'm so happy for you. They will come around. Slowly but surely.
  11. yaRNthrower

    How many Male School Nurses are out there!

    I have used this at least twice a day since I read it the first time :))) IT IS SUCH A TIME SAVER !!!! GENIUS!!!
  12. yaRNthrower

    just a Thursday vent

    Dog poop on a shoe and cat peed on a backpack two times are in my repertoire :)))
  13. yaRNthrower

    I'll miss you all, but...

    This is your chance to find a happier landing place. Best of luck and keep us updated.
  14. yaRNthrower

    Those students that really get to you

    This made my heart and stomach hurt for them. Give him a hug from me the next time you see him. Nothing but positive vibes for him and his family and you for being there for him:)))
  15. yaRNthrower

    THAT GUT FEELING???!!!!!??

    Great job. Let us know how he is doing when you get a chance.
  16. yaRNthrower

    Well it was a pleasure.

    Congratulations and best of luck on your new adventure :)))

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