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  1. yaRNthrower

    First visit after spring break

    NURSE WATER :))))
  2. yaRNthrower

    Oh the little things!!!!

    YAY!!!! New clinic furniture is fun!!!
  3. yaRNthrower

    HIPAA and "Hallway Patients"

    Jolly Bug, I have tears in my eyes. Thank you. I needed that.
  4. yaRNthrower


    Hello Nurse Tilly. How did the interview go ???
  5. yaRNthrower

    Why two weeks?

    I have pondered this question as well :))))
  6. yaRNthrower

    Pacer Test (May the odds be ever in my favor)

    Now I am laughing under my desk too.
  7. yaRNthrower


    Good to know.
  8. yaRNthrower

    Midwest nurses... Caught in the polar vortex?

    -57. What the what??!!! Warm toasty thoughts from Texas. We may need to start a winter escape for school nurses in the frozen tundra to come and visit with us in the warmer climates until The Big Chill is over.
  9. yaRNthrower

    Pacer Test (May the odds be ever in my favor)

    911!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAREFLIGHT! ICU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell them to get their affairs in order.
  10. yaRNthrower


    Due to my hubby's job we move pretty frequently so I have more experience at this than I care to admit. A specific one that I forgot was a prioritization question. You have a kiddo in the clinic with a fever waiting for parents, a student walks in having an asthma attack, and you get a call on the radio that you are needed on the playground. What do you do? Also, be up on asthma, EPI-PENS, food allergies. How could I forget as this is the cornerstone of my practice All of the principals have made me feel at ease as well. I have been in with just the principal during one interview. The principal, the APs, counselor, clinic aide, and his secretary during the other. The DON for the whole district for another. Don't worry just be yourself. You will be great.
  11. yaRNthrower


    Hello, I have had a few different school nurse interviews in the last few years and these were some of the questions. The things listed by the above posters were there and I was also asked: What would you do if a med error occurred? How would you handle an angry parent in general? How would you handle an angry parent that had to take their child to the ER for an appendectomy last night after you had seen the child in your clinic, sent them back to class, and did not call to let the parents know you had seen the child that day? If you have any experience with diabetes, seizures, ADHD, Mic-Key buttons, tube feedings of any variety, feeding pumps, trachs, etc ? Emergency response experience. What are you ideas about organizing a health fair? Had I ever had to call CPS? Tell us what you know about HIPPA / FERPA in the school setting. Tell us what you know about ARDs, 504s, and IDEA. Those last two were at a large district and it didn't play. I was glad I had experience as a school nurse or I wouldn't have had a clue. Always be ready with the good old give us three strengths and weaknesses answers too. Not everyone has asked but a few did. Have a few questions for them as well at the end of the interview even if you already know the answers. As Like the Dead Sea said to be familiar with the school demographics just in case they ask. Find out if they are Title I, what is their free and reduced lunch status if it is a lower socioeconomic environment. Ask what are your student's parents like? What is their level of involvement? Best of luck and I hope it all goes well. Just know you have a great place here on Allnurses to ask questions. Let us know how it goes.
  12. yaRNthrower

    Storybook Character Day Nurse ideas?

    Nurse Mildred Ratched from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Medication time. The kids will just think she is a nurse and the teachers may get a kick out of it. That hair deserved an Oscar all on its own
  13. yaRNthrower

    Happy Friday!

    I binge watched the Sopranos during Christmas break and after an episode that deliciously described her lasagna I discovered that of course a Sopranos cookbook was published too. So I have a hot date with Camela Soprano's lasagna leftovers that I baked last night. It was num num nummy. :))) Everyone have a fabulous safe weekend !!!
  14. I like your comics Davey Do they make my day
  15. yaRNthrower

    I Don't Know What to DO

    Yay. One of life's little speed bumps negotiated successfully. Best wishes on your last months of school and a long happy nurse life.