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  1. NurseInTheHall

    Epipen for classroom teaching?

    I think it is a great idea!! I recently added this in when teaching some 7th and 8th graders CPR. My philosophy is to have as many people trained as possible.
  2. NurseInTheHall

    Poor planning

    I started doing this recently. I *might* get a little too much joy from the baffled looks on their faces.
  3. NurseInTheHall

    Some Friday Fun... School Nurse Starter Pack

    I got obsessed with making this, bought the legos and everything ... tried it with just heads, tried it with full lego figures, identical except for the faces, but the kids just didn't 'get it'. The picture is now posted on my wall for the kids to reference and the legos stay safely out of their reach for my own appreciation.
  4. NurseInTheHall

    School Districts with great parent health resources/links

    Check these out... Hope they help. https://www.pval.org/Page/238 https://www.wyasd.k12.pa.us/healthroom-nurses?platform=hootsuite https://sites.google.com/site/pvusdnurses/orientation https://www.schoolnurse.com/public/department41.cfm
  5. NurseInTheHall

    Parent wants to stay all day

    Haha! Nope Nope Nope - I'm pretty sure that offer would be accepted! On the spot. Without hesitation. Not opening that door.
  6. NurseInTheHall

    Parent wants to stay all day

    That's certainly what I'll be hoping for!
  7. NurseInTheHall

    Parent wants to stay all day

    Haha! True! The countdown is on... unfortunately this is all still in the planning phase for next year.
  8. NurseInTheHall

    Parent wants to stay all day

    Ooof! Sending prayers for quick student healing. Hang in there!
  9. NurseInTheHall


    Flu clinic in the fall; classroom quick lessons on hand washing, cover your cough, etc; CPR Training; Wellness Program (aka drug testing); Currently working on a team collaborative with other local small schools to coordinate monthly or quarterly parent training (vaping, alcohol use, etc).
  10. NurseInTheHall

    Parent wants to stay all day

    haha... in writing, anyway. It took a lot for me to even put all this out there for fear of it being used against me. Based on the replies, I think this school nursing tribe is pretty skilled at reading between the lines.
  11. NurseInTheHall

    Parent wants to stay all day

    Thank you all for validating my instincts on this situation. I do have the support of my administrators, and have voiced my concerns about privacy, micromanagement, and being excluded from care decisions. I was told that the parent made accusations of discrimination (d/t diabetes) early in the application process. My feeling is that it has become a crusade for the parent to make sure the child is not discriminated against and, therefore, the reason they don't homeschool. I am hoping that the parent is oblivious to the idea that their behavior is the roadblock, NOT the child's health. Surely they aren't being intentionally problematic or malicious. I'll keep you posted.
  12. NurseInTheHall

    Parent wants to stay all day

    What would your response be to a parent who wants to stay at school all day to provide their child's diabetes management care? Based on some of the threads I've read, I anticipate that some school nurses would be grateful for the extra assistance, but I'm thinking in terms of a small school with no physical place for the parent to be... not the health office, not the lobby, not the classroom, not in the hallway. For the sake of not spiraling into if-this and if-thats, I'll offer what I can think of... this is a 10 year old student is reported to be age-appropriately educated about her diabetes care, well controlled, has a pump, soon to be getting a glucose monitor, is able to self check blood sugar and will need supervision counting carbs. Finances are not an obstacle. Parents are well educated, in general and in the realm of diabetes. Home is 5-10 minutes from school but parent requests to stay in the building all day to provide care at a moments notice. Private school. 1 nurse. 1000+ students and faculty. Several buildings on small campus where nurse might have to tend to accident or injury or other job requirements. Parent seems very hesitant to coordinate care with school, won't allow school nurse or staff to consult with MD or be a part of child's decision making team. At current school, mom enters classroom q2, assists with BG check/snack/insulin etc. I realize there are about a million factors that could sway your answers, but simply based on the above description, please advise. Thanks, in advance.
  13. NurseInTheHall

    standing desk

    I have the Realspace® Magellan Pneumatic Stand-Up Height-Adjustable Desk from Office Depot and I love it because it is EASY to raise and lower and provides a large workspace for me. I love that there is quite a range for the height of the desk to change things up a bit throughout the day. I also got a 'wobble stool' that raises and lowers, thinking it would give me a way to lean/rest, but it's not ideal because when I do want to occasionally sit, it's because I've tired from standing and walking around all day. Sometimes I borrow a tall chair from our tall lobby table and now I really wish I had just gotten a barstool/tall dining chair. In case you are wondering why not a regular chair, it's because I'd probably end up sitting more than standing but with a barstool/tall chair, it's like a subliminal message that 'this chair is just for a short rest not your booty's new home to grow' .
  14. NurseInTheHall

    Eye Patching Tricks for Preschooler

    My daughter had to wear an eye patch for 2 years. We were lucky enough to have an older student who had worn a patch from preschool through 3rd grade come in and talk to her class and make it "cool". We also brought enough patches for each child in the class to have one (not really to wear, just so they could hold it and feel it, or play with it).After the first day or 2, the kids didn't really seem to care about it. We also got some really cool patterned patches so she could choose which one she wanted each day.
  15. NurseInTheHall

    Measles!! No MMR #2 advice

    I had a similar situation at a private school in Oklahoma. I contacted parents regarding the 2nd dose being due before school started. They reported that the student had history of reaction to the first dose. After discussing it, the parents talked with their pediatrician, titers were drawn and results showed immunity. Problem solved. I wish it was always that easy.