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NurseInTheHall has 11 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics; School Nurse.

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  1. NurseInTheHall

    Teacher Issue...

    This is GENIUS level policy writing. Why have I not done this before??? Adding to my back to school planning and submitting to amend our health policy now. Thank you! ?????
  2. NurseInTheHall

    Do You Work at Your Kid's School?

    My mini didn't love it as a freshman but adjusted after that. I always let her take the lead about interacting when we cross paths and once she realized that being in the same vicinity had nothing to do with her (aka, my day was too busy to be stalki...
  3. NurseInTheHall

    Chest Pain in ES

    Agree with all above - you did great. You are at a disadvantage being the sub or new to the school. It's easier when you know the kids. I love to employ the 'boredom therapy' method. After an initial assessment, a small drink of water, and all...
  4. NurseInTheHall

    pink eye season!

    Our current school policy is that the student may return 24 hours after 1st treatment or when released to return to school by a medical professional. I'm sorry to hear that your principal is crossing into your lane. The decision to send home for...
  5. NurseInTheHall

    COVID-caused conjunctivitis

    We recently had a high school student report eye pain, no other symptoms, no redness or discharge, just pain. Mom took him in to get it checked out and the NP told him that it could be a sign of COVID, did a swab and sure enough: COVID. Are ther...
  6. NurseInTheHall

    Are your kids back to school full time in person?

    Private school, PS-12 grade, full 5 days per week since mid-August. Campus population of 1250ish (approximately 900 students). I am the COVID Response Team Coordinator. It's not an official title but it sums up the job so I'm taking the liberty of us...
  7. NurseInTheHall

    Dealing with Our First COVID Quarantine - Siblings!

    I like this! I usually say "Medical information is private information" and leave it at that, but this gives them a nice example. Totally using this from now on.
  8. NurseInTheHall

    Students to quarantine until test results received??

    There is a free contact tracing course through Coursera that takes about 6 hours to complete and results in a Johns Hopkins Contact Tracer Certificate. I highly recommend, if for no other reason, to have the information about the process. You will n...
  9. NurseInTheHall

    And just like that.....

    Oh please, oh please, let this work out as an effective treatment!! ?
  10. NurseInTheHall

    And just like that.....

    Haha! Yes!! ? I keep thinking about how this could really put a damper on the lice treatment and prevention industry! There is a real potential here to eradicate those little buggers! ☠️?
  11. NurseInTheHall

    COVID19 efforts around school?

    We have been cleaning like crazy these past 2 weeks. I actually had to send out an email on Tuesday evening to remind the teachers to take it easy with their rogue cleaners because the fumes were getting out of hand. I sent out some basic cleaning t...
  12. NurseInTheHall

    Infrared Thermometers

    I have some by Zoe+Ruth. If anything, they understate the temp. I do several scans to make sure I'm actually getting the hot spot around the temple. Better than trying to get the littles to use an oral thermometer effectively. Out of stock on Amazon,...
  13. NurseInTheHall

    School Nurse: Managing a scene/coworkers

    Great job handling this situation and great advice from all. Mostly I just wanted to say that your assessment note is great! I wish I was better at that.
  14. NurseInTheHall

    Head lice

    @Jedrnurse.... here you go! ?
  15. NurseInTheHall

    Head lice

    This!! Absolutely THE BEST response I've seen regarding lice-panic letters. ??