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SchoolNurseK has 19 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Geriatric Home Health, High School Nurse.

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  1. SchoolNurseK

    Opening Texas

    What in the world?! I mean seriously. 😞 I am now concerned that Florida will follow suit...just as we are starting to see slight improvement. I am really praying we will at least wait until after Spring Break. Hugs and prayers for all you Texas nurses!
  2. SchoolNurseK

    recliners & cots

    oh the business office.... That's a whole thing.
  3. SchoolNurseK

    Relaxation Room

    Has anyone put together a relaxation room for their high anxiety kiddos? The guidance counselor and I have been throwing this idea around for a while and we are looking for some direction. Specifically looking for ideas on how to present this to admin, what items you've found to be super helpful if you have one of these spaces, and how you funded it. Thanks! :-)
  4. SchoolNurseK

    recliners & cots

    I think a recliner or geri chair would be perfect! I have a cot but my high school boys usually end up with either their feet hanging off the end or with their head and neck all curled up against the wall. It's not ideal. Thinking I would have need for more sick space, I purchased two waterproof fold-up camping cots over the Summer. I haven't used them yet because even with 50% of our kids on campus, it's been blessedly quiet in here this year. {Huge sigh of relief} I need to see how much is left in my budget because I haven't spent much this year thanks to all the grants we received! I am thinking I would like to purchase an official stop the bleed kit.
  5. SchoolNurseK

    Contracts for Next SY

    First of all, I am so sorry. That is incredibly disheartening after a school year like this. We have been full time in person since August too and it is A LOT to manage. I can imagine this feels like a slap in the face. 😞 Do you have any ability to negotiate the contract offer? Maybe put together a one pager with how your roll has expanded in complexity, including all the new rolls you've taken on within the school (covid commander, resident covid expert, etc...). I am hoping maybe the don't realize all you've been doing this year and that is why they offered such a disappointing deal.
  6. SchoolNurseK

    Free CEUs?

    https://nnlm.gov/class/concrete-recommendations-cutting-through-misinformation-during-covid-19-pandemic/29820 I really enjoyed this webinar too. I don't think I received CEU's for it, but it is worth your hour just to get the information. https://netec.org/education-and-training/?utm_source=mailchimp&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=webinar This one looks good and is offering CEU's.
  7. SchoolNurseK

    Free CEUs?

    I have been spending a lot of time collecting free CEU's this year. It seems there is no end to the options. Check out CDC COCA calls/webinars, University of Nevada Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Coursera classes (I HIGHLY reccomend the contact tracing class) , Immunize Nevada, American College of Medical Toxicology, Allergy and Asthma Network, ANA, CDC Learning Connection. I sign up for webinars even if I am not going to be able to make it to them. This often allows you to watch at your own time, but it also ensures they email you for future webinars. It takes a little digging but there's a lot out there right now. Also check NEUSHA's library for free classes: https://neusha.org/index.php/online-program-list/
  8. SchoolNurseK

    Are you coming back next year?

    I am interested to hear how everyone is processing the way our roll as school nurses has changed this year. Specifically, I am wondering what next school year looks like for everyone.
  9. SchoolNurseK

    Narcolepsy EAP/504 Accomodations

    I've been invited to a 504 meeting for a student with narcolepsy. Any thoughts on accommodations that we can offer? The student is eLearning. If anyone has done a remote learning Emergency Action Plan for narcolepsy, I would love to see it as well. This is all new territory with eLearning so I am kind of at a loss! Thanks ❤️
  10. SchoolNurseK

    Drug Cost Assistance- Flovent

    I just sent the teacher an email that said he needed to prioritize his health by getting a local primary care doc (his is 400 miles away) so that he can discuss alternative medication options that may be more affordable. I also provided a few of the resources you all offered (YOU ALL ARE THE BEST) that look like he may be able to get based on his income. I also stepped out on a limb a bit and told him that he needs to prioritize his health because it is much more expensive to deal with an emergency than to do it right on the front end. Hopefully that lands OK, but he is morbidly obese and doesn't make the best health choices, which he is very open about. I don't know him super well, but as a nurse I think we can get away with that tough love every once in a while. Hopefully.... Thanks again for your help!
  11. SchoolNurseK

    Drug Cost Assistance- Flovent

    I just found out that one of our teachers has been unable to afford their inhaler, so they have been going without. Our school offers really terrible insurance and this particular inhaler (flovent) is $330 per month because of the insurance deductible. I looked into a patient assistance program but GlaxoSmithKlein requires patients to be completely uninsured for assistance and my quick search found that this medication was not even covered under the assistance program anyway. Good RX is offering the inhaler at the same price, so that's a dead end too. Any other ideas? It is so sad to me that we have full-time hard working TEACHERS that cannot afford their medication.
  12. Help! I am having a mental block for some reason. Onset of symptoms 1/11. Do I start counting day one on 1/12 or do I start on 1/11? I have been doing this for MONTHS but all of a sudden I am blanking out!
  13. SchoolNurseK

    Frustrated about covid symptoms. Does everyone need to go home?

    So I have been following the major symptom/2 minor symptom line of thought but it burned me last week. Kiddo had sore throat only. That was his absolute only symptom. Mom kept him home for it and at my recommendation, took him to the MD. I was honestly thinking early strep because she told me that his throat was so red. Strep came back negative and apparently the Doc was also thinking the same way because he told them it was just a "virus" and not to worry too much about it, it will pass. Doc said if student was up for it, returning to school the following day was fine. The student returned and I didn't hear from him all day. Apparently the following morning he woke up with a worsening sore throat so Mom kept him home again and called me. I again recommended MD visit (maybe it was too early to catch the strep with the rapid test?) even though this was still his ONLY symptom. Low and behold, he came back positive for COVID. SMH. I am kicking myself because I let this one slip in. I know we can't catch everything, but I now wish I would have been a little more assertive about the "virus" Dx. I feel pretty guilty about missing this one. 😞
  14. Just put the puzzle pieces together and realized a group of parents were essentially lying to me about an exposure. It makes me wonder how many times this has already happened and I didn't figure it out. It's maddening!
  15. It's the same here in Florida. Our governor told us we will NOT be closing. I am so torn because I know the kids do better here, but then we have a community that does not act like it is important by the way they conduct their day to day lives. I am so frustrated with the position it puts all of us in every single day.
  16. Q'd 68 kids over Thanksgiving break with 67 of them being on Thanksgiving day. Not the rest I had hoped for! Just had to reach out to one family because they called their q'd kid in because he had his eyes dilated and couldn't see to attend eLearning. I cannot even. It doesn't matter how much information I send out, I feel like people still do whatever they want. It is super frustrating! I am so sorry you're sick. Sending hugs.