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SchoolNurseK has 20 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Geriatric Home Health, High School Nurse.

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  1. SY 2021-2022 Roll Call

    I am back for year three. I actually quit with thoughts of leaving nursing all together, but they lured me back with the promise of a Clinic Assistant who started on her own last week. I now have Wednesdays and Fridays off and this is already a gam...
  2. Therapeutic communication for anxiety

    This is what I always do as well. I explain that they are getting enough oxygen, they are safe, etc...
  3. Pandemic or pollen??

    Thankfully in FL we are largely through the pollen season. It was a beast! I did send a lot of kids to get tested even though their parents promised me "it's just allergies" and I am glad I did. I caught several cases before they returned to schoo...
  4. Do You Work at Your Kid's School?

    I am in my second year at my high school and I really like working here. My 9th grader joined the school this year and it seemed like it would be ideal. School pick-up/drop-off rolled into my work commute, same schedule, etc... However, the 9th gra...
  5. Staying or Going?

    I turned in my Intent to Return form yesterday...I am not returning. ? It was a very difficult decision, but I think this is what is best for me and my family. It almost feels selfish, but I think this is something we as nurses put on ourselves too ...
  6. Overnight Field Trip

    This was exactly my thought in mixing the vaccinated and un-vaccinated students. I appreciate your input and I will try to find that article.
  7. Overnight Field Trip

    For real. This is exactly why I feel fried. I want to throw my hands up and say, "I have no idea and I cannot make any more decisions about anything!" but alas, I must remain professional and try to keep my brain going in the right direction. Coun...
  8. Overnight Field Trip

    We have a team going to a competition several hours from our school, so they will be staying overnight. Some parents have opted to attend and their student will stay with them in a hotel room. We will have four additional students that are fully va...
  9. Parental Consent for Telehealth

    I submitted it to admin and they are taking it to the board and school lawyer for review. Thanks for all the input, everyone!
  10. Parental Consent for Telehealth

    I just had a parent request for a space for their child to do a mental health visit during school hours. We as a school had nothing to do with the appointment, but I facilitated the visit by providing a private space. I foresee more of these types ...
  11. Parental Consent for Telehealth

    Does anyone have an existing consent form for telehealth appointments? I am in a high school so I am anticipating students doing telehealth during school hours is going to become more common. I've been working on creating one and this is what...
  12. 2021-22 contracts?

    Yes, depending on where you work this can be an issue. I worked in a pretty rough area when I was in home health before I had kids. Looking back, I wasn't always the safest, though I wore scrubs and that seems to afford me a certain level of protec...
  13. 2021-22 contracts?

    If you are looking for a flexible schedule, I was PRN in home health for YEARS before coming to school nursing. I did Medicare visits (the paperwork looks daunting but you can learn it pretty quickly), so I was able to schedule my 30-45 min visits a...
  14. 40 days left!!

    47 on-campus days, plus one week after school ends! Plus I took a little vaca in the middle, so it's 44 on-campus days for me. :-) I think we are going to make it, friends! Whew!
  15. Staying or Going?

    I think that is one of the main things that is tripping me up. I am working really hard and doing a TON of extra stuff that hasn't even been asked of me and getting so little financial return. I feel a little guilty saying it, but it definitely pla...