Do you wear jewelry to work?


What piece(s) of jewelry do you wear to work?

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Tiny stud earrings and a watch. That is it. When it comes to wearing jewelry and being a nurse all I can think about is infection issues. Not only that, but, too much jewelry would just get in the way in my opinion.

Most facilities have policies regarding this issue anyway.

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I wear studs, a watch, and my wedding ring.

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My wedding ring and a watch.

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The NICU has strict hand jewelry guidelines. Whereas hanging earrings and necklaces might be a danger in adult areas (where disoriented/aggressive patients), in the NICU hand/wrist jewelry is is the problem. They do permit plain (no stones) wedding bands, no watches. I gave up on my wedding band when the area under it stayed broken out and peeling from constant handwashing, alcohol gelling and frequent glove use.


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Studs and a watch anything else would just get in my way. I agree with previous posters


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Earrings, a neck chain, a ring and a wristwatch.

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Watch, earrings, wedding ring on left hand, mothers ring on right hand. I don't wear anything around my neck, too afraid of a patient grabbing it. The stones in my mothers ring are flat and small. I don't know why some nurses wear their engagement rings that sit very high and must have damage from all the gloves.

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I guess I only specified what I don't wear, sorry. I would wear earrings but apparently my ears don't like any kind of metal. So all I wear a nice chain and my RNC pin on my badge.

Let me mention that I used to wear a watch when I worked with big people, we were all taught we needed one with a second hand to do vitals right?

One day I noticed my metal expansion band had not gotten covered by my glove.

Code brown, need I go on?

Thank God it was a cheap Wal-Mart watch!

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Watch, small stud earring, sometimes a wedding band.


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I wear a wedding band, studs and my Miraculous Medal.