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  1. sugar12

    Breaching StaRN Contract

    I encountered the same problem. I signed a contract with StarN program at HCA and quit before my contract was over. They never came after me and even paid me my PTO balance. It was definitely a risk but I was miserable there. Same experience as you. That was almost 2 years ago. Never heard from them since.
  2. Yeah I agree with the previous posters. Plan of care, discharge planning and tests performed and pending are important too
  3. Everyone is different but I like a complete head to toe report along with anything that's pending or critical. We also tell all the doctors on the case and if there's anything the pt prefers I would like to know as well. Usually takes 5 mins not long at all.
  4. sugar12

    New grad RN salaries in hospitals

    I am an ASN nurse and I make 23$/hr base in south Florida. Then if u are nights gotta love the differentials 😁😁👌
  5. sugar12

    Why is Med-Surg so hated?

    It all depends on your floor,shift and hospital. I am a new grad working on a med surg/orthopedics/surgical step down floor on the night shift. I love the variety. I feel as though I am living my dream and take pride in my floor. We also have a lot of patients on telemetry monitors so it's great. Patient ratio is 5-7 most days 5. I have a great charge nurse which really tries to balance ratios and the director that makes sure we are staffed. I chose night shift and I am happy I did. Less meds, still have tasks to do but I love the teamwork at nights and I don't always feel like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I get admissions but rarely any discharges unless a pt wanted to leave at 8-9 ish due to a specific reason. Like previous posters I like the fact that my patients are conscious. Yeah it's a lot to do at times and sometimes we only have 1 PCA for the entire floor but I love it so far even the bad days. I don't even think I can do ICU anymore I would rather do ER or another specialty. I love the variety but I've always loved med/surg from nursing school days But it just depends some bigger hospital I've been to patient ratio was more like 7-9 which is insane. I wouldn't do Med surg with those ratios. No thank you. My hospital only has 244 beds.
  6. 13 weeks total at a lower rate, then after 13 weeks you switch over to the hospital pay roll and receive whatever Hr told you about your starting pay. 6 0r 7 weeks classroom and then 6 or 7 weeks on the floor training depending on if you are ICU or med surg/tele. The contract I was told does not bound me to the same floor for 2 years I can move as I want to ER icu or wherever within the hospital. Be sure to ask that question so you will know. Also I was told usually it's not a problem to transfer to another HCA facility if you move. HCA invested in you so as long as you stay with them for the duration of your contract you are okay. Make sure you check those small details. Feel free to ask any other questions
  7. sugar12

    Pt stable with a very low Bp?

    @NurseRies Thank you for writing such a detailed post. It definitely helped me to connect the dots appropriately and put things into more perspective. Thanks again everyone I wasn't expecting so many replies and everyone brought something new into perspective!
  8. Not sure about Kendall but at my StaRN program which included mercy and 12 other hospitals no dress code was required only scrubs.
  9. I didn't hear back from the StaRN coordinator, not Kendall another hospital, until 1 week before I was I intended to start.
  10. sugar12

    Pt stable with a very low Bp?

    Possibility exists about 1 L was taken off in HD but patient is still at the hospital I believe so I'm sure they are doing a full work up. Lactate is definitely a lab that should've been drawn
  11. sugar12

    Do you wear jewelry to work?

    Studs and a watch anything else would just get in my way. I agree with previous posters
  12. sugar12

    Nightshifts..how to prepare for them?

    I'm new to night shift still trying to figure it out. But usually I try to stay up until 1 or 2 am each day even when I'm off. If I get tired at work I simply check on my patient and everyone's patient and walk the entire floor. There is usually something to be done. I'm good at finding it. I'm not a coffee drinker or every drinker so I just try to stay active
  13. sugar12

    Job Application Stress

    Call HR or go in person. Use all and any contacts that you have. Ask them to put in a good word for you. No sure way to get a job. You just have to use all avenues. Good luck.
  14. sugar12

    Trying to get out of Home Care and into a hospital

    You've gotten good advice so far and I just wanted to add I worked 8 months after graduating as a home health nurse before I got this hospital job. You can sell your home health experience so don't sort change yourself. I spoke highly of my home health experience at my interview and made sure they knew I have some experience over the fresh new grads that would be an asset. Definitely put the home health experience before the clinical experience and all other jobs since you're not a new new grad anymore. Best of luck!
  15. sugar12

    I'm falling through the cracks...

    I agree. My first job after getting my license was Home health and I think it helped in my interview that I was using my nursing skills even though I graduated 8 months prior. Not every place hires newer grads into home health but some do and train you briefly. I was given simple assignments. I would've ended up in a SNF if I didn't get the hospital job finally but I was adamant to it due to the high ratios at those facilities but RN experience is better than non RN experience. I wish you the best of luck!!
  16. sugar12

    I'm falling through the cracks...

    Took me 8 months to find a hospital job and luckily it was a new grad program but if you haven't already call hr and start going in person. I got this job just by calling even tho I applied previously and they added me to the next new grad program that they thought was full. Make sure you're applying to every hospital there is. I wish you best of luck!! You're not falling through the cracks even though it feels that way. Your break will come.