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  1. Breaching StaRN Contract

    I encountered the same problem. I signed a contract with StarN program at HCA and quit before my contract was over. They never came after me and even paid me my PTO balance. It was definitely a risk but I was miserable there. Same experience as you. ...
  2. Baptist Versant Program 2014

    Awe gotcha! I work at Baptist now and I drive 45 minutes from the ft lauderdale area. I love the hospital!!! That would scare me too! Good luck in your new job! Cath lab is pretty cool.
  3. Unsafe ICU staffing/ patient ratios! Please help!

    You don't owe your loyalty to any place that doesn't make sure your work place is fair and safe. Just follow your other coworkers and leave. When I started to get 7 on med surg and no CNA plus other issues I decided it was time to leave. I was told a...
  4. Oh how much has changed in over a year!

    Thank you!! Congrats to you as well. Just curious, 3 years as a new grad?
  5. African American patients - a cultural question

    I don't think the posters underlying intention was to be offensive. I think they were just wondering if there are underlying behaviors from the culture like how we are taught in school that Asians sometimes are stoic. Op I think it means you might no...
  6. I'm I crazy?

    That sounds nice!! The mileage on my car is sky high too thanks to working home health previously. It's a Honda tho so I have many miles to go. I remember complaining to a friend and they said "Well what did you get a car for if not to drive it". :-)
  7. Baptist Versant Program 2014

    Holy cross seems to be a great place to work as well. How far was your travel time to Baptist?
  8. PRN jobs

    I want a prn job but the hospital I really like that offers a float pool has 2 months of training for 2 days a week. I will be working full time nights 3 days a well and then have to go to day training at another hospital for 2 days. Anyone else been...
  9. What's on your Resume?

    I think I want to be bedside for a while but work in a lot of specialities SICU, ER, NICU, PACU then probably do some outpatient work. At the moment I have no desire to work in management or anywhere but the hospital. Anyone else had this plan? Pleas...
  10. I'm I crazy?

    Thanks for taking the time to respond!! I think I will enjoy the time to myself. Hopefully Iearn some more spanish as well. I like that part about remembering to pee haha [emoji6]. I asked this question because when I told many coworkers what I was d...
  11. Unit Council

    The unit councils I have been to had employees from all the floors. We would identify something new we had done on the unit and the results. Then feedback would be given by the other floors. We would come up the action plans for the next month. Some ...
  12. Reasons I will never work For-Profit again

    That's exactly how I feel! We were running out of supplies that were a basic necessity. One time the CNO was even called and nothing changed. Organization and coordination definitely makes a difference. I guess it can happen anywhere but all the For ...
  13. I'm I crazy?

    I agree. I see myself at this facility for years to come. After researching I think I will probably buy my house closer to the area. As for now I will be commuting. Apartments in that area are very experience but if the drive becomes too taxing I wil...
  14. I'm I crazy?

    All things being equal as in time alone or quality of the facilities? If time was not a factor this hospital would be my first choice.
  15. I'm I crazy?

    Wow! I think I will actually look that up. The area that I will be working in is predominantly spanish speaking and I know very little.