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Do all schools do this??:(


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I was just wondering, to those of you who have graduated, is it normal for me to be scared to death. I am an excellent student and in the top 3 of my class. I have studied like a nerd and feel that I have a pretty good understanding of patho and etiology. I have a predicted 99% chance of passing boards based on our NCLEX prep program. I have only ever failed 2 tests in nursing school and it was by 1 question each time. I'm comfortable in clinical settings and feel that my brain is worth the 30K in student loans I have to pay back, however, the thought of being on my own and having the responsibility of another human being's life or death in my hands shakes my confidence. I'm so scared that I am going to make a mistake that will harm someone. I just feel "weird". I graduate in May and I'm happy about that but I just don't know if I'm ready. I feel motivated and know that I have to commit to lifelong learning and I LOVE to learn. How much is the unit I will be working in going to expect from me? Do they expect me to come in and be able to take a pt. flawlessly? I will be with a preceptor for 4-8 weeks, or longer, but is that enough time for me to acclimate? I just need someone to validate how I feel and let me know that my fear will make me smarter and less likely to make a mistake! Do these feelings sound normal? Am I just wigging out for no reason? This kinda sucks!!

normal,.....however, unless your school was very heavy on clinical time, i would be looking for a longer orientation; upwards of 12 weeks...a LITTLE fear is a healthy thing

Back to the original topic.....

I graduated in the top quarter of my class in 1979 and in all honors classes. I scored an 1190 on the old SAT (which would be much higher on today's). I had an AFROTC scholarship to college. My first degree was Electrical Engineering. I CLEP'd out of college english back in '79. I graduated from college in 84.

I worked in Space Operations for both the USAF and NASA. I have been a computer programmer for 17 yrs.

Imagine the laugh I got when, even AFTER seeing my COLLEGE transcript, I was told that I would have to take the CPT to determine placement!!! :icon_roll Soooooo, there I sit taking this silly exam... :typing. I take my scores to the student success center and there the lady looks at them and says, "Wow! What are you? A genius?" :smokin:

So it doesn't matter what your background is.....the CCs will usually require you to take a placement exam. Annoying? Yes. A real problem? Not hardly. :p

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I realize how frustrating it is to have to deal with the placement tests -- but this practice is being driven by (wait for it.....) $$$$$. Funding for Community Colleges is based on very specific criteria. In our neck of the woods, CC's are basically not given any state funding for remedial classes and they also have to maintain an acceptable "pass rate" to continue getting any funds.

As if this wasn't enough of a bad situation, there seems to be an increasing percentage of HS grads who are not at all prepared to take college-level courses - so CCs are forced to provide more and more (non credit) remedial courses. I am sure that if anyone has a solution for this mess - your local CC district would love to hear it.

When I first started CC I had to take a college placement test for math only because I had taken dual enrollment english in high school, in which it gives you college credit for english. I did good on it so I didn't have to take remedial classes. Just the normal college algebra and statistics. My friend is now going to CC; however I feel sorry that she is taking these lower classes and wasting alot of money. BUT in her situation (I am sorry to say) she isn't the brightest out there, and just maybe these classes will help her in the end....It will just take longer to finish. I don't know what her major is but right now she is taking a class on life or something, she told me they talk about things like sex, politics, etc...I don't know what kind of class that is...

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