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I'm Veronica, I just took a CNA class in January in hopes gaining experience before I goto nursing which I have applied for and I am going to take the TEAS test on March 14th at UNF. I just started my career haven't found a job yet.

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  1. overonicanursing88o

    Please help

    You will be okay. Those classes are just like classes in high school. If you study you will be okay. I've managed to pass those classes with mostly A's and couple B's. It also depends on what kind of teacher you have too. I went to a community college first so class sizes were smaller. My A&P teacher gave us direct notes to study. Statistics and College Algebra are just math. Micro. we had overheads and wrote down our own notes. Psychology was easy for me because my teacher made it mostly about vocabulary and knowing who proposed what. Depends on how you study, and the type of teacher you have thats what I believe.
  2. overonicanursing88o

    Find a JOB

    How long after you recieved ur CNA license did it take you to find a job? I got my license on the 9th of this month and I was taking a phlebotomy course they offered on the 13th and 14th so I started looking after that course. It seems places won't hire me because I don't have any experience. So they would pass me over for someone who has experience...I just feel overwhelmed by the fact I took this course and haven't found anything yet...
  3. overonicanursing88o

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    I passed my CNA exam on January 28th I had handwashing of course Chance of Occunpied bed. She saw me tugging the sheets so much lol, made sure there were no wrinkles. Pulse and Respirations. And transfer. And of course they would choose a guy for me to transfer and change his bed he was big like at least 6 foot something and 200lbs lol.
  4. overonicanursing88o

    Taking CNA class with immature classmates..UGHHHHH

    I was lucky enough not to have immature people in my class. My class was filled with students who was eager to learn. There was just this one girl who annoyed me..whenever the teacher was talking she kept wanting to talk to me i'm sitting here like whispering and trying to pay attention and here she is telling me she is tired and she's been up all night partying. She would literally fall asleep in class and when she came to a second later she repeated what the teacher had just said and my teacher was like yea i just said that. I wanted to laugh so hard but I held it in. For the most part people in my class were helpful and respectful to each other.
  5. overonicanursing88o

    How long did it take you to complete your CNA program

    My class was 3 weeks but it was like 2 and 1/2 really. It was mon-thurs, 8:00-2:30. We had lecture everyday and clinicals right after lecture. It was a fast pace, I felt overwhelmed the first week. But after that it was pretty easy. The last 2 days of class my instructor made each of us go thru 3 skills in 35 minutes and the next day she made us go thru 4 skills, trying to get everybody up to speed. I loved the class and all the girls and 2 guys in the class, made it fun and we taught each other whenever we had problems with anything. :)