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  1. cursedandblessed

    I can't believe it!!!!

  2. cursedandblessed

    Nursing Students and the H1N1 Flu Vaccine

    We're first in line at our college to get it, and we'll be using clinical days to administer it. They've adjusted the clinical absence policy as well
  3. cursedandblessed

    What am I going to do!!!!!

    First of all are they NCLEX style questions? If they are, then you're going to have to learn how to take it apart. What's the question asking for? What's the pertinent info related to what the question is asking and what is just a distraction (I circle the important info and cross out the distractors? Always remember your ABC's:airway, breathing, circulation (if your patient doesn't have these three nothing else matters). If the question is asking for the NOT, negative, the patient doesn't understand then three of your answers are the things you would do, and the one that you wouldn't is the answer you put down. Cross out the answers you know are wrong, you don't need to look at them again. Fundamentals Success is an excellent book to help you get used to the questions, along with a Saunders Nclex Review book.
  4. cursedandblessed

    Abusive and Cruel Clinical Instructors: Why??

    Try and get through this rotation is the only advice I can give you. The instructor I had took something away from me so the previous post concerning them scarring you is very true. I find myself trying to stay under the radar now. I'm almost relieved when my new instructor is with someone else. But I've learned more in the last two weeks than I did that entire rotation. Our instructor used us as free CNA labor for her hospital. What many of these schools really need to understand is that by allowing this to go on they are not producing a nurse with skills. They are producing a nurse who is already jaded to the profession, who feels that may never be confident. I am not going to take abuse again though. I will quit first. I had a nurse the other day jump all over my tush because of my allowing the patient the time to finish praying rather than interrupting the time alone with their priest and family. JMVHO but emptying the urinal and the basic care I needed to do could wait five minutes for the patient to have their spiritual needs met. I relayed the information to my instructor, and if I'm labelled as a troublemaker so be it.
  5. cursedandblessed

    Open letter to my nursing instructors

  6. cursedandblessed

    How do you wear your hair for clinicals?

    i chopped it all off into a short bob after my first year.
  7. cursedandblessed

    Does anyone know anything about Francis Marions's BSN program?

    my stepsister is in it, she's learning a lot. or so my mom tells me. she already had a bachelor of arts and she's graduating a semester before me in my adn program that we started at the same time. she thinks it's great, except for the one test where everyone got below a 60 on fluids and electrolytes.
  8. cursedandblessed

    Abusive and Cruel Clinical Instructors: Why??

    That she had lost her license due to misdirection of narcotics for personal use. This person is supposed to supervise student nurses passing meds?? Including narcotics??
  9. cursedandblessed

    Has anyone taken AP I and II at the same time?

    in your case you might could get away with the exception since you've already taken it. for most a better choice is a&pi in one semester, and a&pii and micro together (i did this.)
  10. cursedandblessed


    that sticker shock will get you everytime!! after my first semester purchase though, i only needed(need) 3 more at about $100 each new. so take a deep breath.
  11. cursedandblessed

    Parents at Orientation

    not a single one. i wouldn't have thought of bringing mine anyway (she's 74). we were told not to bring parents, husbands, and definitely no children. yes you do a support system outside of school and one good nursing school friend you can call at 2 am and cry on their shoulder, but from the beginning we learned that rn's are fairly independent and needed to start looking at things that way. the atmosphere at each school is different, and i'm sure for some of the traditional jr's starting the clinical portion in their early 20's at traditional 4 year colleges parents attending orientation may be the norm. actually this reminds me, i'm working orientation this week. i hope i get to be the nursing fashion don't. i've always wanted to break the rules. lol
  12. cursedandblessed

    Attn Commuters: What do you always have in your bag?

    i forgot this one: liquid bandage, all of that washing your hands and gel sanitizer gets bandaids nasty and you don't want to have to change it every time. it provides a good seal and keeps out those nasty things like mrsa, vre, etc that you never know where they might be lurking. i apply mine with a swab in case someone else needs it.
  13. a lot of it is just atmosphere of the facility. i've had both lpn's and rn's treat me well, and treat me badly. some are just having a bad day, some just aren't good teachers and really don't want to have students. my techs have always loved me, because i help them out whenever i can. i just smile, do whatever i can, and if i have a nurse who really doesn't want a student, i let the nurse know that i'm available to help her, and i just focus on the patient. most of the times i've done this, i've had lonely patients who really needed some one on one tlc, and it worked out well.
  14. cursedandblessed

    Test without any use?

    national league for nursing preadmission exam. we didn't have to go through it, but their making the new admits after this fall pass with a 60th percentile.
  15. cursedandblessed

    what health insurance?

    i know there's a program through the student nurses association. it wasn't cheap (but none of it really is). my school in another state will accept medicaid, just call the school and ask.
  16. cursedandblessed

    How do I write a Critique Paper

    no problem. you're welcome, good luck on your paper.