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  1. Ironic:No Healthcare for Nsg Homes

    bare bone's coverage, which is mostly catastrophic care, i assume, is still better than nothing at all. it will protect a family from financial ruin. the health department, planned parenthood, and other lower cost health resources can be used by indi...
  2. Ironic:No Healthcare for Nsg Homes

    25 dollars a month may mean they must give up their smoking habit, nail/hair appointments, and other luxuries, but imho that is well worth it. it is amazing what people who make 10$ an hour can afford, or refuse to afford.
  3. Overwhelmed....will it always be like this?

    i will tell you that i was not in a bsn program and my workload was similar. welcome to nursing school, it is an intense experience.
  4. Are you comfortable selling BOTOX?

    i am a huge fan of botox, and i love having an actual nurse inject me, not just some paid 'assistant'(which occurs in some offices) i am a huge fan of facial services, i would be such an easy sell. i think it would be possible to ethically and ho...
  5. LPN exam in NC

    retakes do not happen at most nursing schools in nc, so a retake is not something to be expected. i am sorry that she failed by a few points for the final grade, but truthfully it was not just 2 points. she had a lower average to begin with, it was...
  6. EMT-B + STNA = ER Nurse?

    You can be a nurse ASSISTANT in the ER, often called ER tech's, but you cannot be a NURSE of any type without going to nursing school and passing the NCLEX.
  7. at the young age of 25 i was diagnosed with hypertension. my mother, like myself, also was hypertensive in her mid 20's, but at that time they rarely treated young healthy adults for hypertension. my mother now has kidney damage, but i am determin...
  8. Do you think removing an NG tube is "killing someone"?

    ^^ they say no question is a stupid question... are you a nurse? are you even in nursing school? if you are, then you should be well aware that using an ng tube is what can cause pain and suffering for a dying person, not removal. the dying proce...
  9. Bathing Patients..thought only CNAs do that?

    everyone, rn's-lpn's, and cna's, wipe butts, give baths, and get down and dirty. if i smell someone when i am auscultating their lung sounds or bowel sounds, i am not going to leave them in the mess. i am right there, i clean em up and get rolling. i...
  10. Nurses, how do you feel about raw food diet?

    there is no special diet needed to lose weight, healthy lifestyle is needed. i am 124, but i used to be well over 200 lbs. i am on the elliptical 60 minutes a day, 7 days a week. i also count calories, gave up all processed foods, and ate healthf...
  11. Does anyone else feel this way?

    i disagree with your statement. let's face it, people make poor decisions. the teen on the skateboard who decides to try and skate down a handrail, then dislocates his shoulder and breaks his femur. his poor choice caused this, but i do not feel in a...
  12. Family just wants Grandma to die

    i also felt some sense of comfort in knowing the old tale "pneumonia is the old man's friend.." it made me think that there were other really terrible ways to die, and his was as peaceful as possible.
  13. Family just wants Grandma to die

    the cough became pneumonia - because the family decided her quality of life was bad and refused to allow her any antibiotics. they decided to put her on hospice. my own father was placed on comfort care only, no abx. he had 6 strokes, and while he ...
  14. the only cma program, from my understanding, which allows you to sit for "national certification" is an associates degree program, basically a 2 year medical program. that is the way you call your self a "certified medical assistant", otherwise you...
  15. an associates degree cma does not include cna work at all. it includes pharmacology(some), injections, ekg work, front office, etc. they are also able to take a national certification test. i am familair with the class you are referring to, and it i...