Do you ever feel guilty on your days off (not sick days)?

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Do you ever feel bad or 'spoiled' on your off days? I've worked a lot of extra shifts last 3 weeks and now have 3 days in a row off. I've been looking forward to it so much but now feel like I can't enjoy it or that I don't work enough. Do you ever feel like that? Yet, I know if I booked more shifts I'd be knackered.

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My unit is short staffed tomorrow and I'm off.  Do I feel even the slightest bit guilty?  Nope.

I just took 18 days off and left the unit short staffed. Still didn't feel guilty.

I have worked plenty of overtime, not only to help the unit, but to help myself financially for travel and home projects.  

Take care of yourself first.  

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I typically pick one shift a fortnight, normally a weekend because the money is worth it. 

I get bombarded with texts daily stating they 3 short, begging us to come in. It’s been this bad for the last 10 months, causing lots of people to leave. we’ve learnt that if we keep picking up nothing will improve. Management need to see we need more staff!

Roster gaps are not your problem. That’s what management is paid for. 

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No I don't feel guilty and I don't pick up extra. I love my colleagues and wouldn't expect anyone to give up their time off to come in (unless they really wanted to or need the money or whatever). Time off is very important for physical and emotional well being. Remember we have to take care of ourselves to really be the best nurses possible. 

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No not guilty at all. I have a life and obligations outside of work.

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don’t feel guilty for my days off.

Don’t feel quilty for not doing overtime.

Don’t feel guilty for taking my breaks.

my health comes first. 

Just today I sent someone back to take their full break when they came back early. I told them, “ if you drop dead from over work, they will just step over your dead body and move on.

Take your breaks. Take your vacation. Enjoy your days off. 

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Nope. Staffing is not my problem as a bedside nurse. I do pick up a partial extra shift on occasion if they're willing to pay time and a half, but that's maybe 3 or 4 times a year. 

I do my part by showing up to work on time, doing my best, helping out coworkers while I'm there and very rarely calling in. 

Take your breaks. Use your vacation time. Enjoy your life. Work to live. Don't live to work. 

We have been short in RNs and CNAs in all units of our hospital. This month I worked tons of OT. This week I am taking my 4days off. A friend asked me to come in when she's charge. I might for 6hrs, cause she is a hard work and a great CN. She recently confided in me that she had an epiphany. She has been taking patients, plus helping the on duty charge since the UC has to watch the legal holds on camera (yep that short). She said No More. Why should I do to jobs and get paid for one.

As for those covid bonuses, after taxes it comes out to not that much.

On 9/25/2021 at 7:58 PM, Pepper The Cat said:

“ if you drop dead from over work, they will just step over your dead body and move on.

Worked in a casino. Dealer collapsed from a heart attack right at the table. While EMS was working on him the pit boss stepped over the EMS team and the downed dealer. Motioned for a new dealer to step up and the game only missed one beat.

Life will go on without you.

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Nope, no guilt whatsoever. Just like any job, I punched in for my 3x12 (which are often longer than they should be) and my time off is my time off.  Nursing is my job, not my life. 

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Nope! We all need our days off to recouperate! 

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