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Charlcie has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Travel Nurse, All ICU specialties and ED.

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  1. That article was disgusting. I like how admin is crying about nurses finally refusing to be treated like garbage LOL
  2. Charlcie

    Termination From Employer For Refusing EUV

    I'm not trying to elicit an emotional response. Yes I have read the nuremburg code and as long as people aren't forced against their will to receive the vaccine there is no violation. Employers can choose to mandate the vaccine, and employees can choose to receive it or find other employment. The key word I repeat over and over is "choose", as long as you have a choice you have free will.
  3. Charlcie

    Yes, I'm Vaxxed But...

    I don't know what the current state numbers are but in our ICU 9/10 aren't vaccinated. The ones that come in vaccinated and positive are either a) immunocompromised (I.e. got vaccinated but can't produce the appropriate response) b) only got one of the 2 vaccines or c) 1 of the dozens weve gotten was fully vaccinated with the JJ vaccine.
  4. Charlcie

    Unvaccinated: Indefensible

    It makes me sad that those poor UFO siting people got ostracized for decades as crazies and now "Lizard People" 🦎is a reasonable explanation of current events, so much so that people are comfortable sharing the idea with others AT THEIR JOBS 🤣
  5. Charlcie

    Unvaccinated: Indefensible

    that got more and more bizarre as I read it! it'd be funny if it wasn't so shocking that people really believe in that stuff...
  6. Charlcie

    Yes, I'm Vaxxed But...

    Can you imagine the conspiracy theories ??? LOL
  7. Charlcie

    Unfair Grading

    I agree with standing up for yourself in nursing, however it does not seem like your instructor did this out of malice. You were graded fairly as you were deducted the points you missed. Chalk it up to maybe your partner got lucky and the instructor spaced out or something and did not notice the errors. I know it is not "fair" but it also does not mean your instructor meant to be more critical during your assessment. For your own sanity try to go into this clinical objectively, not looking to see if there is any impartiality. It sounds like you are a hard worker and good student, and get the good grades you deserve. Best of luck to you !
  8. Charlcie

    Pushed by quacks, use of Ivermectin is poisoning people

    Thank you for the data! My issue isn't with Ivermectin or it's efficacy/safety. It's that there are safe and effective vaccines for Covid. Sure, let's study Ivermectin in the infected, but by encouraging people that this is an effective treatment many have been discouraged from getting the vaccine.
  9. Charlcie

    Texas Abortion Law

    I wanted to open up dialogue about the law passed in Texas this week. It essentially made any abortion after detection of fetal heartbeat illegal. This can be as early as 6 weeks, before the pregnant person is even aware of the pregnancy. I am concerned about the implications this could mean for patients who are unable to access care... Another question I have (help me legal side of AN LOL) is this: so part of the law says that any private citizen can sue an entity involved in aiding with an illegal abortion. This includes providers, their staff, and even the ride service driver. The private citizen does not even need to know any party involved including the person terminating the pregnancy. If they win they are entitled to up to $10k in damages... but how can you claim damages when you don't even know the parties involved (and therefore would not be impacted) by the procedure being carried out? I hope this does not go against guidelines, but regardless of where you land politically abortion is a medical procedure and falls under the realm of healthcare and I feel like it should be discussed. Please keep things civil, I know this is a topic that many are passionate about.
  10. Charlcie

    Covid and Non-Covid on Same Floor?

    I've worked with it both ways. Currently our ICU has both. I agree it seems way more stressful from a nursing standpoint and not very responsible in general given the high transmission rate.
  11. thank you for this !
  12. Charlcie

    Covid and Hospitals: How are things now?

    I’m from Texas but on contract up north. I touched base with some old ER buds and they flew a pt from our ER in central tx to Colorado last week bc it was the closest ICU bed .
  13. Charlcie

    Leaving Your Job Due to Mandate

    And ironically it seems like most politicians have chosen to vaccinate and are the first to run to the hospital for the sniffles 😂 not that it matters but im a born and raised republican from the Deep South and even I think this is ridiculous. Yes, it’s my choice to be vaccinated. It’s my choice to be a nurse. If I didn’t agree with being vaccinated (though I do) and it was required for my employment, I would still get the jab. It’s just not a hard choice for me. This is science and about doing what’s best for our fellow citizens so we can resume enjoying the liberties this horrible disease has robbed from us
  14. Charlcie

    How to Stop the Mass Nursing Exodus?

    No way. I've seen this at every contract I have worked at since covid started. It's now common place to triple ICU nurses as part of the normal staffing grid. Even during the time when covid cases decreased and census and staffing were more "normal" every hospital I worked at still would triple us while calling off at least one scheduled nurse, no free charge nurse, etc.
  15. Charlcie

    So, It's Come To This...

    very true! Even if they could they probably would never know or assume that a HCF was advertising not requiring vaccines as a selling point 🤦‍♀️
  16. Charlcie

    Where do you go when you don't trust official data sources?

    You're welcome. I personally wasn't worried about getting vaccinated but I know many who were and still are. Sources like this helped me feel reassured and confident in my decision to vaccinate and encourage others too as well. I think we all have so much emotion and pain built up, regardless of which side of things we see. I've found taking a break from social media and trying to keep up with a few sources that I find reliable has helped keep me current and grounded in the science (vs the opinion/emotional) side of things.