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EDNURSE20 has 4 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ED, med-surg, peri op.

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  1. EDNURSE20

    What I Hate About Nursing In 2021

    Once a day? Try dozen of times every single day. And if your already on shift they are constantly in your face to stay late.
  2. EDNURSE20

    Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    At my job we have had 10 nurses leave in 2 weeks. All gone to Monday-Friday nursing jobs. We were already short, now it’s a nightmare. Constantly in a overloaded ED, that’s always understaff. There will be plenty more of us leaving before the end of the year, my self included.
  3. EDNURSE20

    What’s mother-baby nursing like?

    So long story short I’ve been working in the ER for almost a year and half, and I hate it. I’m finally ready to move on. when looking for jobs I am interested in PACU, ob/gyn, and public health. today I saw a job for post natal floor, that I’m considering. I don’t now much about this type of nursing. What do you do in a normal day? pro/cons? any advice?
  4. EDNURSE20

    Breakroom Pet Peeves

    don’t get me started on phone calls. There are people at my work, that not only talk loud, but also have there phone on speaker! then there are the people that never clean up after themselves. Oh and the people that eat loudly. I mean LOUDLY!
  5. EDNURSE20

    Thoughts on public health nursing?

    I have been deciding what my next step is, and I’m leaning towards public health. I have study health science at Uni before nursing, I did a lot of papers on health promotion, public policy ect that I really enjoyed, which makes me think I would enjoy public health. But also Having regular hours, and some sort of routine to life, would be amazing too. I have recently paid off my student loan, so would be OK with a pay cut. However I do like a job that’s largely has direct pt contact, autonomy, and would hate to be stuck at a desk all day. As well as being young, 20s, I’m worried one day I would like to go back to acute care and not be able to. what do public health nurse exactly do daily? What’s the pros and cons? Thoughts in general.. background info, if your interested. I have been a nurse for nearly 4 years in acute care. I started off in float pool, which normally isn’t recommended for new grads, but for me I thrived in that environment. I learnt a lot and found what I like/dislike about nursing. I have been in ED for over a year now, and I’m ready to move on. I do shift work, so work mornings/afternoons/nights, with no sort of routine. It changes from month to month. The rosters are truly awful. Also I can tell I’m heading towards burning out, the department is always overrun and chronically understaffed. Not to mention my manager Is a complete b****. However the nurses on the floor are mostly pretty good.
  6. EDNURSE20

    Looking for thoughts/opinions of experienced nurses

    This is ridiculous. The pt was unresponsive, and should have gone straight to the hospital! Personally I would of just call an ambulance and then told the supervisor. Unless they were palliative, Ofcourse.
  7. EDNURSE20

    Which Nurse are You?

    17. Quiet Quincy all the way!
  8. EDNURSE20

    Leaving Bedside Nursing. Interview help

    I tend to interview well, I think, I got my first job on my first interview and then my second job again after one interview. Leaving both time knowing the job was mine. I have found practising answers to be the wrong way to prepare. The question comes up and I’m trying to remember my answer. that’s when I fumble my words. Or worst, a question comes up that I haven’t prepared for and I’m lost. My mind just goes blank. in my experience interview questions tend to want example from your practise. So I think back on different situations that stand out as being bad, difficult, learning opportunity, great ect. So I can apply those situation to a wide range of questions, without trying to memorise a perfect answer. a lot of nurses leave the bedside at some point in there career. I don’t think there’s any need to sugar coat it, especially in this climate, be honest. But also show interest in the job too.
  9. EDNURSE20


    We have a leave roster that shows how many leave days are available each week. When someone gets leave approved there name goes on the roster. So you can apply for leave anytime of the current year, that has leave available and know you pretty much guaranteed to get accepted. It is a First in, first serve bases though. the only time you can’t apply for is the 2 weeks over Xmas and New Years, which is dealt with differently.
  10. EDNURSE20

    Drive Right On By

    I’m surprise you get that far, before thinking that way! Most days when my alarm goes off it takes a bit (sometimes lots) of convincing to get out of bed. Fantasying about staying warm in bed and throwing it all in, till I remember I need the money. One day.
  11. EDNURSE20

    Nurses with Unusual Diets

    I hope you have a good dentist...
  12. EDNURSE20

    Case Study: It’s a Lump, but is it Breast Cancer?

    Reasons for breast lumps are essentially any hormonal changes like menopause, pregnancy, contraception, Breast feeding or periods. Non cancerous lumps could be cysts, lipoma or fibrocystic changes signs of cancer I picked up on, other than the lump, are family hx, the pt age and early onset of mensuration. I’m sure there are more. for the examination: - as for the breast themselves, no pain or nipple changes but is there a rash? Or any change to size/shape? - I would do a pregnancy testing, unlikely but to rule it out - menopause is more likely, regular menses? Hot flashes? Wt gain? Mood changes? - bloods, fbc, crp, fsh, tsh, u+e’s, hb1ac, lipids - mammogram. Considering the pt age and family hx alone, I would be concerned about breast ca. But I feel like for a case study this is to obvious.
  13. I don’t see what the issue is. Staff were approve to take leave during covid, for reasons you probably are unaware of. Now things are settled they are back. New Staff were employed to cover during covid. No knew how long that would last, or there jobs. I’m sure they would of been aware of this when they started. Unless they were offered a permanent full time contract, which I’m sure they weren’t. it comes off as someone complaining because they had to work during the outbreak, and so everyone else should have to. Staffing has nothing to do with you, and what you think is fair, get over it!
  14. EDNURSE20

    Sleeping In Vehicle Between Shifts

    If your only doing 2 shifts a week then surely you could pay for a cheap hotel one night, and then commute home the next day after work. I wouldn’t risk sleeping in my car for many reasons.
  15. EDNURSE20

    When Your Patient Wants To Talk Politics

    Personally I let them rant on, and get on with what I need to do. Generally they talk so much, there isn’t a chance to say anything back. Once I’m done I swiftly interrupt them and leave.
  16. EDNURSE20

    Case Study: Newborn with Vomiting and Diarrhea

    This one has lost me. Most babies I see with D+Vs have some sort of viral infection and are dehydrated. But I don’t think this is the case. this is frustrating