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EDNURSE20 has 6 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ED, med-surg, peri op.

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  1. On a another note, I worked a shift with a nurse who had to do a manual evacuation of a old man rectum that day. The story alone ?
  2. Second wind

    So something strange has happened. I’m happy! I’ve been working in ED for almost two years. I had instant regret when I changed jobs, never particularly liked it. Around august I decided it was finally time to leave. I hated my job, I dreaded go...
  3. Thoughts On Eliminating Nurse Report

    As a different perspective, I work in ED and this is what we do. We do it on the computer and it’s saved on their file, so can’t be lost or hard to read. We still do a phone handover for ICU/HDU/Children though. personally I think it works...
  4. I’m Disgusted and Disturbed

    The health care system is a joke. Unfortunately pt receive poor care frequently and things are missed or dismissed by health care workers all the time, for a number of reasons. there’s only so much you can do. But I give my pt the best care I ca...
  5. Changing jobs is hard. Going from being comfortable, to a new environment with new people with new way of doing things, Is really hard. I think everyone had that oh s*** feeling when start over, especially if it’s a new speciality. But I’m glad your ...
  6. Do you get annoyed when people ask you about your job outside of work?

    Wait?! You guys actually know people who don’t work in health care?? Other than my family, everyone I know is in healthcare!
  7. Bullying - Will HR help or make matters worse?

    So the interview went well! They want me to come in and shadow for a couple of hours, if that goes well then reference checks and hopefully a new job. im excited. But trying not to get my hopes up, just yet.
  8. Bullying - Will HR help or make matters worse?

    I have just been offered an interview for another job. Low stress, Monday to Friday, decent pay. I know it’s just a interview, and there’s no guarantees, but I’m so bloody excited. Fingers crossed this is my ticket out of here.
  9. RN With Contamination OCD - Please Help!

    We all have are rituals. For me there are 3 main things. 1. I give my hands a good wash before I leave the hospital. 2. I take my shoes off immediately, I more concerned about what’s on my shoes than my scrubs. They sit by my door. 3. ...
  10. I'm Not Going To Be A Nurse!

    I have no idea why I wanted to be a nurse. I remember saying it as a kid. I said it all through high school. I never had an aha moment! Still to this day, I don’t know what attracted me to the job, just that I wanted to be a nurse. when I was te...
  11. I am 100% being bullied by management at my job. I have had enough of the BS, and I’m looking to get out. My job makes me feel so uncomfortable. My manager is nit-picking everything I do along with making things up trying to get rid of me. I wor...
  12. Quitting without notice?

    Normally I’m the first one to say give notice, leave on good terms. But in this case, if the hospital policy states you don’t need to give notice while on probation, and have another job lined up, then quit. Do it nicely though, talk your manger, and...
  13. Casual vs. parttime

    I worked casual as a new grad, and I loved it! There was always enough hours, but choosing your schedule, being able to take leave whenever you wanted, not having to work public holidays, planning things in advance and not having to worry what your r...
  14. I typically pick one shift a fortnight, normally a weekend because the money is worth it. I get bombarded with texts daily stating they 3 short, begging us to come in. It’s been this bad for the last 10 months, causing lots of people to leave. ...
  15. Finally Left Nursing!

    A few years ago I knew a nurse that quit to work at a garden store. Honestly sounds like bliss right now. Taking care of plants instead of people. Plus have you even seen a customer get mad at garden store? Always seems so calm and peaceful!