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BiscuitStripes has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

"You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water."
- Rabindranath Tagore

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    Does anyone know how many days on campus you spend? I'm in San Diego, unfortunately there are no acute care programs in San Diego or Orange County, There only four AGACNP programs in socal cal...Cal State Long Beach, Cal State LA, UCLA, and Loma Lind...
  2. BiscuitStripes

    How Soon to Look for Staff Job?

    I moved out of state for a staff job and have been gone almost 2 years. Recently I wanted to move back home, so I took a travel job a few hours away from home. I’m fresh into my contract but want to take a staff job at the local level 1 back home aft...
  3. I'm applying to a few AGACNP programs and am trying to figure out my references. The websites don't give a lot of information on who should write them. Unfortunately, I don't have any NPs that I know well enough that could write me one. ...
  4. BiscuitStripes

    Do you work with PA lines often? Are they really a thing of the past?

    The ICU I currently work in uses them from time to time in severe septic patients or those with impellas. We get maybe one a month, unit is 20 beds. That's very odd that RNs and even some MDs can't wedge. When we have Swans, we obtain wedges and ot...
  5. BiscuitStripes

    Forgot to call doc after lab called

    Water under the bridge. Not a big deal, don't worry about it, try to not let it happen again, life moves on. My suggestion, carry a small notepad with you. When things like this come up, or something comes up that you need to do, write it down. Loo...
  6. BiscuitStripes


    I worked part time as an ER Tech for the entire program. I know a couple people in my cohort that worked full time through the program. I'd say at least half of my class got CNA/Tech jobs on a part time basis at some point during the program. The sch...
  7. BiscuitStripes

    CVICU vs Trauma/Neuro ICU

    I currently work in a mixed ICU of a suburb hospital, so we see a little of everything. Interviewing for two different ICUs, a CVICU and a Neuro/Trauma ICU at a Level II trauma center. I enjoy trauma and cardiac, I have no desire to go to CRNA schoo...
  8. Can anyone give me their honest comparison if they've worked days and nights in ICU? I've worked nights in the ED but only worked days in the ICU. Not to discredit nights, but I feel like days has a lot more going on, such as sedation vacations,...
  9. BiscuitStripes

    Weird Question: Are All Hospital Nurses Wearing Scrub Caps Now?

    Nope, very few people in my ICU wear a scrub cap. I never have, a couple RNs do, never seen any of our hospitalists or Intensivists wear one unless it's required for a procedure like a central line.
  10. BiscuitStripes

    What to expect on the medsurg unit?

    That's a tiny community hospital (120 beds or so), so I'm sure the med/surg floor takes COVID patients. It's probably not entirely COVID, but I can almost guarantee with the state of COVID and hospitalizations right now in the Olympia/Tacoma/Seattle ...
  11. BiscuitStripes

    Do you ever feel guilty on your days off (not sick days)?

    Nope, no guilt whatsoever. Just like any job, I punched in for my 3x12 (which are often longer than they should be) and my time off is my time off. Nursing is my job, not my life.
  12. Need help deciding where to take my ICU career... I am currently working in the ICU of a hospital in the suburbs, we see your typical MICU stuff plus neuro (neurosurgery, stroke, TBI), some vascular surgery, some general surgery, and some cardi...
  13. BiscuitStripes

    How does your unit determine who floats?

    I emailed my manager, who said she would look into it. So that sounds pretty much like how we do it. Although we don't have any closed units, I've heard of people being floated to L&D with no training to be a "nurse helper", not entirel...
  14. What was your experience? Are cases mostly elective, transfers from other hospitals, or how do the patients come to be at such a facility? What's the acuity like? Do you ever feel like you have a lack of resources if there is an issue other than card...
  15. BiscuitStripes

    How does your unit determine who floats?

    I started on this unit first week of March. I got 4 weeks of orientation and because I was new they didn’t float me initially. They decided at my 3 month mark I was okay to float. So I got float yesterday and was told today I’m next to float ag...