Did you watch The View today?

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Did any of you ever catch the thread here a few months ago "The View Insults Nurses"? https://allnurses.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=38921

I was off today and watching todays show. They were interviewing Craig Kilborn. They showed a picture of him playing a male nurse on a soap opera and then Joy Behar wanted to ask him about his love life and had to point out that Craig was "the opposite of a male nurse" - (as she put it - Hunky and straight)... I know it is just one little slight... one among many according to the thread I listed above. They just seem to enjoy trying to stereotype nursing.

Did anyone every officially hear back to them in the letters that were written in that other thread?

:) Anne

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I stopped watching that show 2 years ago, that link is more of a reason to avoid it even more in the future.

I got sick and tired of hearing Joy Behar's loud-arsed, nasally voice screeching "skinny little b*itches" anytime when she referred to a slender woman. I doubt she would have liked being referred to as a "fat b*tch" (even though i wouldn't stoop low enough to call her that).

As for the nursing reference that the rest of that pathetic hen party (except Barbara Walters), nothing ever surprises me on what they decide to blast next.

In other words, untill they walk 20 miles in a nurse's shoes, or in other words one full 12 hour shift as a nurse, then they all need to shut up. Amazing how fame, makeup artists, money, limos, etc. go to people's head in such a manner that they think that just because they say "this in no way says blah blah blah about the nursing profession" that's supposed to make everything all fine and dandy.

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No...I don't watch trash.


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Bunch of ditzy airheads...never liked that show and never watch it.:balloons: :balloons: :balloons:


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This doesn't surprise me! Let them think what they want to think about the men that are nurses! What do they know?


I wrote a really long letter to the view, and to all of the "stars" on the show--it got me nowhere. This whole thing makes me sick.


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I have never watched it and would even more refuse after their piece on the "stupid" nurse last spring. NO thanks. I will skip all the juvenile stuff on that show.


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Totally not surprised...I stopped watching quite a while ago because of repeated insults to nurses.

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I would rather be in a Code Brown than watch "The View."

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I was actually getiing ready for class and I happened to have my TV tuned on the show (not intentionally) and heard the comment. My BF is a nurse and I'll bet he could run rings around Joy Brehar's husband in all aspects of manlyness.


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If this is the program with Barbara Walters, I have seen it on, but never watched a whole episode.

After reading this, I know I won't be watching it anytime soon either


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Well, look at it from another perspective. A soap opera had a nurse who happens to be a male on it. I think it is cool and very 21st Century. The view might be full of over the hill, loud mouthed, boring women but it sounds like the soaps are in step with the times. I don't usually watch soap but I might tune into see this cute guy.

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