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AMV has 19 years experience and specializes in Cardiovascular.

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  1. The Feds and everyone else needs to see how powerful the nursing profession can be and that we stand with each other! I read the post another member placed here about contributing to the fund the TNA is setting up. I think that is a good idea and I a...
  2. It sounds like a witch hunt by the county DA's office...but how have they gotten as far as they have with this? From the reports, the Texas Medical Board stated that HIPAA had not been violated. Only medical record #s were used, no patient names. The...
  3. I sent an email to Brian and asked if there is a way that this story or the press release from the ANA could be posted on the main page. We really do need to get the word out. I truly do feel for these two nurses as they have been victimized thro...
  4. I found the following links about the specific case:
  5. Thank you for posting the links. When I placed the first message, it had a link, but would not post and I did not know if that was the reason why. My concern is the lack of press that this is getting. This all is so contrary to what we as nurses a...
  6. Has anyone heard about this recent case? Two nurses were prosecuted for reporting a physician to the Texas Medical Board. Both the American Nurses Association and the Texas Nurses Association have strongly criticized the county that has brought charg...
  7. by AP, 07/18/2009 Two West Texas nurses have been indicted after filing an anonymous complaint about a doctor's practices with the Texas Medical Board, but the state agency says the women did nothing wrong. The nurses are charged with misuse of offic...
  8. AMV

    Ethical and moral dilemma

    BTW, at my facility, this is done through the Risk Manager.
  9. AMV

    Ethical and moral dilemma

    Device failures (such as the AICD) should be reported to the FDA. The hospital is required to report these. The FDA keeps statistics on this for possible device recalls.
  10. Yes, I am a little worried about the OPPS as we have no idea what the volume will be and it looks like I will be abstracting those as well. At this time, the corporation that owns our facility does not allow sampling, even though our numbers would...
  11. AMV

    New Job!

    PDSA is Plan - Do - Study - Act and is a method of rapid cycle improvement. Check out info from IHI for more information.
  12. For any of you out there who abstract from the paper chart, how much time do you average per chart? We are a 300 bed facility and do 100% of SCIP, AMI, PN, CAC and HF. It seems that with the continual addition of measures to each of the measure se...
  13. AMV

    RN with MBA, has anyone done this?

    I am in an MBA - Healthcare Emphasis program and my CNO is trying to convince me to switch to MS nursing. I started with an ADN and went into an RN to MS bridge program where some master's level nursing classes are taken instead of BS - such as n...
  14. AMV

    I am very confused about being an NP. someone please help!!

    If you are open to relocating, these exist all over the country. The University that I attend also offers one... I will post the link here Good luck!
  15. I am a student in an FNP program in Texas and I am wondering if there are any nurse practitioners who are using the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes from the American Diabetes Association in their practice (or other national guidelines) and if s...