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Burnt Out has 19 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Med-surg; OB/Well baby; pulmonology; RTS.

Married; have 3 children: 1 son in heaven and 2 daughters on earth

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  1. What awkward advice have your family members asked for?

    There was a man that used to help my husband at his family's business. He came to our house one day to help my husband move something because it was too heavy for me. He told me he thought he had a kidney infection and asked if I had any antibiotic...
  2. Migraines and nursing?

    My migraines are without aura but I do get a "weird" feeling....like a phenomonon for lack of a better word. Sometimes I'm wrong but I've been instructed by my doctor to take my rescue med if I feel it's a migraine and it turns out not to be.
  3. Migraines and nursing?

    I've had migraines since I was 13 and there were times I had to leave early (if it was really bad, I'd go straight to the ER) or call in if one hit me hours before I was supposed to be at work and I couldn't get it under control. If you know your tr...
  4. Brian Short News

    My thoughts, prayers and condolences go to Brian Short's family and friends (including all members here at allnurses) during this tragic, sad time. I joined allnurses.com 13 years ago and I'm so thankful for this site Brian created for so many reaso...
  5. Fake crying and bad acting in the ER

    I have dysautonomia and I can faint in the blink of an eye. Most of the time I can tell & I give a warning but sometimes it's "I feel a little...." PLOP...... Sometimes in a minute or 2 I'm back to myself & apologize but sometimes it require...
  6. Huntsville Hospital test?

    It's probably a math test for drug dosages, etc. I don't work at HH but most hospitals do give a math test.
  7. In addition, there can be: Antepartum: a unit for pregnant women who need to be closely monitored (preterm labor, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes) Neonatal ICU: a critical care area for premature infants as well as sick full term infants Progre...
  8. Question

    Either med-surg or surgical...
  9. Pediatric jobs in Huntsville, Ala

    I don't know of any peds home health agencies specifically in Huntsville unless they are merged within the adult ones. I don't live in the Huntsville area but live 60 miles outside. Have you looked at the hospitals in the area to see if there is so...
  10. Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital

    I think the Flex would be a rotating position, if I remember correctly: 1 week days, next week nights. If you work past 3pm you would get a shift differential. The PRN, full time and part time all make the same amount (no differential for prn comp...
  11. Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital

    It is a difficult area to find a job in right now: I've been looking myself since the beginning of the year. Currently I'm staying at home with my youngest child: I've been home with her since I was let go from ECM in Fall 2008. She was 11 weeks p...
  12. Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital

    I worked at ECM for 11 years before my position was terminated in the fall of 2008 (I was a pool/per diem employee and the hospital was having financial problems-about 90% of the pool employees were let go in an effort to save $$$). For the most part...
  13. possible allergic reactions?

    If you push Benadryl IV too fast, you can also cause a patient to go into bronchospasms: I've personally had that happen twice and it is a very scary feeling.
  14. Stop! I don't want someone like you touching me!

    That has happened to me too. I'd been out of school for a year and one day I had an elderly female refuse me because she thought I was too young.
  15. How does your institution record Is and Os/ DWs?

    Our facility went to computer charting and it would automatically calculate it for you after everything was entered. There was a section for daily weights as well that would sort of show a graph/trend. Before that we wrote all info on the graphic sh...