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That was hilarious!!

I like "Are reality shows setting unrealistic standards for skanks?"

That is a great website . .. except for the profanity (F word and using God's name in vain - I can handle the rest). .darn it! :down:

I know . .. next up . . a pill for the prudish who don't like profanity. ;)



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Despondex, made my Pfizer is a depressant medication....not to be confused with anti-depressant.

Let your fellow nurses know and pass this news on:

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That was cute. Onion News Network is hysterical.


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I love the Onion! I LOL'd :)


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I CANNOT stop laughing........:yeah:

but seriously, thank GOODNESS someone finally addressed this problem.


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Maybe they will find it to be an effective off label remedy for suck ups.


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