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  1. herring_RN

    California RN to tele PT ratios

    I think you are correct. Before the ratios our hospital had telemetry and step-down patients on the same unit. After they created a step-down unit where so called "stable" patients requiring mechanical ventilation, pulmonary artery catheter or arterial line, non titrated Dopamine and other vasoactive drips are staffed at three or fewer patients per RN. "Stable" patients with continuous cardiac monitoring are classified as Telemetry patients and staffed at four or fewer patients per RN. Acuity can decrease the number of assigned patients for other reasons than severity of illness. A patient with decreased ability for self care or with a high potential for a fall or self harm often needs more tome than a four patient assignment allows so the assigned nurse may need only two or three patients, OR a sitter or other additional nursing staff would be appropriate. Link to the ratio regulations: https://govt.westlaw.com/calregs/Document/I8612C410941F11E29091E6B951DDF6CE?viewType=FullText&originationContext=documenttoc&transitionType=CategoryPageItem&contextData=(sc.Default)
  2. I know Representative Karen Bass. We once worked at the same hospital. She was an LVN before becoming a physician's assistant (PA) and then an instructor in USC's PA program. She also worked with us in our struggle to finally achieve safe nurse-to-patient ratios in California. She is as personable as she seems. She one of those smart, hard working, and high energy leaders. It is great to have Representative Underwood in congress now too.
  3. herring_RN

    "Like" Limits

    I clicked "like" because I was glad the member posted a study, but when I clicked "disagree" my Like turned red as if I didsliked the post. Then I couldn't click "Like" again. So left no response at all. Maybe I'll just respond with a quote and type what I mean.
  4. herring_RN

    A statistical death

    Although numerous studies have statistically shown that the hospital nurse staffing ratios mandated in California are cost effective and associated with lower mortality too many refuse to provide sufficient nurses to ensure that patients receive needed nursing care.
  5. herring_RN

    "Like" Limits

    Thanks. I also plan to only click "disagree" when posting why I disagree.
  6. herring_RN

    Welcome Home!!!! - Home Sweet Home

    GLAD WE HAVE OUR ALLNURSES.COM BACK. Thanks for the welcome!
  7. Thank you Farawyn. I think nurses should be aware than some people are intersex. All people are not one gender. Some people are intersex. I know two of them. One is a family member. The midwife who delivered her at home 80+ years ago registered her a male. She didn't know this until she applied for Social Security when she retired from her job. She was born with a clitoris that now looks like a little boy's penis. She married a man and had four children. She is a woman with an unusual anatomy. The other person confided in me that he didn't know until puberty. I don't know what he looks like because he neither told no showed me. He told me of the confusion, depression, and mental anguish for several years until deciding to remain a man. I've cared for a few intersex people. I don't know whether or not they knew. It wasn't on the chart. I cared for one transgender woman. I saw that in the chart after having given her a bedpan and noticing nothing unusual. She had adult children. She was once their father and is now their "aunt". She is good friends with her ex wife who calls her "sister". It seems very odd typing this, but my patient seemed like a normal woman with a nice family.
  8. herring_RN

    What a Union Can Do For You

    Nurses at Lawrence and Memorial Get Permission to Strike Strike looming after hospital keeps laying off unionized workers and shifting work to shell corporations. Nurses and technicians at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital in New London have voted to authorize their union leadership to call a strike unless a contract agreement is reached. Thursday night's vote came less than 48 hours before the contract expires. The hospital's public relations director, Mike O'Farrell, said the authorization for a strike does not mean one will happen. Notice of a nurses' strike would come at least ten days before it begins. The state requires hospitals make a plan if a strike does occur.... ... President of the Nurses Union, Lisa Dabrosca, says the union does not want to strike, but they will if they have to. She says the hospital has been laying off the union's workers and shifting work from Lawrence and Memorial to their shell corporations. Despite O'Farrell's assurances, Dabrosca says "the people who are replacing our laid off workers are not equally as qualified." She notes that neither pay nor benefits are part of the problem. "We want to be able to follow our work if it moves to a clinic-based setting," Dabrosca said. ... http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/Nurses-at-Lawrence-and-Memorial-Get-Permission-to-Strike-232127131.html
  9. herring_RN

    What a Union Can Do For You

    Thank you. Well written.
  10. herring_RN

    Sticky Politics

    Before WWII RNs could be terminated for wearing nail polish on their day off. In the 1970s I had to wear white, a cap, and flesh colored stockings. I had to but nylons because they decided the white cotten tights looked old fashioned. Hair above the collar. It is too bad a nurse was disciplined for wearing two earrings. That is not just cause.
  11. [color=#272727]the office of inspector general (oig), department of health & human services (hhs), today announced $3.4 billion in new expected recoveries (in accounting terms "receivables") related to its investigations, audits, and other reviews, mainly of medicare and medicaid. [color=#272727]these expected recoveries are largely made up of restitutions, fines, penalties, other assessments, and settlements. this announcement was made in connection with presenting oig's semiannual report to congress for october 2010 through march 2011. [color=#272727]the expected recoveries include about $222 million from audits and $3.2 billion arising from 349 criminal and 197 civil actions that were concluded during the period. oig also excluded 883 individuals and entities from participating in federal health care programs during the same time frame. [color=#272727]"this has been a period of intense activity," said inspector general daniel r. levinson. "we're proud that broad collaboration with law enforcement agencies at all levels resulted in so many arrests and exclusions. it's all part of protecting medicare and medicaid, and returning to taxpayers the money stolen from those programs."... [color=#272727]http://oig.hhs.gov/newsroom/news-releases/2011/sar_release.asp
  12. herring_RN

    Registered Nurses Claim Patients Not Getting Proper Care

    fired nurses protest outside brownsville's valley regional medical center
  13. herring_RN

    Registered Nurses Claim Patients Not Getting Proper Care

    [color=#424242]protest planned over fired icu nurses at brownsville hospital [color=#424242]a picket is planned against valley regional medical center in brownsville after seven nurses were fired. [color=#424242]the former staff worked as registered nurses in the intensive care unit of the hospital. [color=#424242]they were all terminated for "insubordination." [color=#424242]stephanie gonzalez and ramiro castillo each had four years experience at vrmc before they said they were wrongfully fired. [color=#424242]they were among the 21 nurses out of 26 to sign a petition refusing to work a shift known as a "charge nurse." ... [color=#424242]..."it affects patients' lives... and patients can die from us not attending to them... us abandoning them for 30 to 45 minutes to go to a rapid response... to go to a code blue... so it's not something that should be taken lightly," she said. [color=#424242]the hospital tried to reach a settlement with the 7 nurses, according to a representative with the national nurses organizing committee of texas, the union representing the group. [color=#424242]accepting the settlement would have meant a two-week suspension, the punishment placed on their records and a signed document that indicated each admitted to wrongdoing for putting patient safety at risk, according to the union. [color=#424242]the registered nurses rejected the deal as "laughable." [color=#424242]the hospital would not comment on the personnel matter.... [color=#424242]http://www.valleycentral.com/news/story.aspx?id=621529
  14. herring_RN

    UC Nurses Reach Tentative Agreement

    by [color=#dd0011]james parks, may 23, 2011 more than 11,000 registered nurses at five university of california (uc) hospitals are voting this week on a tentative 26-month contract that if approved, would provide for significant improvements for patients and nurses... ...key highlights of the pact include steps to ensure that nurses have time for meal and rest breaks during shifts so they remain alert and stronger contract provisions for rns elected by their peers to address patient safety issues with managers. additionally, the rns were successful in limiting future increases in costs for their health coverage and gained pay increases that will average at least 11 percent over the term of the contract.... http://blog.aflcio.org/2011/05/23/uc-nurses-reach-tentaive-agreement/
  15. herring_RN

    Post-gazette keeps up the pressure on UPMC

    one example: another: another: the medicare fraud strike force charged 111 defendants in nine cities, including doctors, nurses, health care company owners and executives, and others, for their alleged participation in medicare fraud schemes involving more than $225 million in false billing, announced attorney general eric holder, health and human services (hhs) secretary kathleen sebelius, fbi executive assistant director shawn henry, assistant attorney general lanny a. breuer of the criminal division and hhs inspector general daniel levinson. also today, the department of justice (doj) and hhs announced the expansion of medicare fraud strike force operations to two additional cities - dallas and chicago. today's operation is the largest-ever federal health care fraud takedown. "today, more than 300 special agents from oig, in partnership with federal and state agencies across the country, are making more than a hundred arrests on charges of health care fraud," said daniel r. levinson, hhs inspector general. "these unprecedented operations send a clear message - we will not tolerate criminals lining their pockets at the expense of medicare patients and taxpayers." the complete news release is available online at http://go.usa.gov/g86