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Maggie Mae

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B.S. Education, M.S. studio arts, Taught art for 13 years. B.S.N. May 2004! Currently applying for jobs and scared to death.


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Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Illustration.

I worked as illustrator in the advertising industry for 13 years before I burned out. (It's difficult to make a living being creative "on demand", plus, I never made much money with it.)


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BA in History

MS in Library Science

Currently working on ADN


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buncha smarties you.

I only hold two associate's degrees; AS in general studies and AAS in nursing. working on BSN slowly.....looking at changing course to RN-MSN more.


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BS in Biology & Computer Information Systems

Worked in IT for 20 years including Healthcare IT

MS in Computer Science

Will start BSN in Sept.


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BS Psych.

MA Counseling (big mistake)

starting on ADN in August 05 ! :)


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I have a BS in Biology and have taught at the high school and community college level. I have also worked as a Pathologists' Assistant.

Monica RN,BSN

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I have three degrees and working on a fourth.. I don't know what I wanna be when I grow up! I have an AS in Nursing, A BSN, Bachelor in Health care administration and working on my MSN with emphasis on nursing education currently. Lots of interesting profiles here..

Thaks for allowing me to share.

BA in English. Worked in the record industry (when there was still vinyl!). Now I'm a magazine editor. Hope to continue writing, but w/ health & wellness as my beat.


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BA in English, later got a diploma in nursing (back when there WAS such a thing!). Now considering grad school with a Bioethics interest.


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I have a B.A. in Art History. Want to do some archealogy digs later, but nursing is my bread & butter job.


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BA in Economics

MS in Accounting

Certified Financial Planner certificate

Spent 17 years in Financial Services

will receive ADN in May 2006

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