what other degrees do you have outside of RN

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i have a B.S. in Exercise Physiology, and worked in cardiac, pulmonary, and vascular rehab for 5 years before getting my RN.

what's your story?


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i have a bachelor's degree in business administration; an associate's degree in general studies; and an associate's degree in electronics.

before nursing school i taught business at a cc (10 years) and was a business reporter for a newspaper (10 years): both at the same time. before that i managed a dairy production facility.


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I have an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology.. I was a Certified Vet Tech, but I let my certification run out


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AAS in Advertising and Design, worked 8 years in the field (screenprint, ad layouts, etc)

Megsd, BSN, RN

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Specializes in Neuro.

May 22nd I'll receive my BA in Spanish. :)



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I have a BA in natural science and a MS in microbiology, im presently enrolled in a bsn program. Looking to get into the field of infection control nursing (CIC) and/or epidemiology.


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Specializes in Mental Health.

Associates in Health Information Technology.

hellerd2003, RN

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Specializes in Critical Care.

BA in psychology; MA in occupational therapy.

I've worked in psych OT, long-term care OT, and rehab. Job market dried up, and my company (psych OT at the time) closed its doors. I stepped out of the OT field and have worked the last two years as a counselor/ social services staff in a senior housing setting (using the psych degree, along with my home safety evaluation skills). Will start nursing school in Sept. :) I can't wait!!! :p



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i have a B.S. in Exercise Physiology, and worked in cardiac, pulmonary, and vascular rehab for 5 years before getting my RN.

what's your story?[/quote

AA degree in Criminal Justice ( worked for a police dept for 10 years before becoming a nurse)

Paralegal Certificate- decided to use this as an intro before becoming Pre-Law student.

Prelaw- almost had BS degree. decided that Law School was not a good choice, and didn't complete degree


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I have a masters in theater arts and toured for a few years as a dancer....but i fell in love and got married so had to get a real.....fell into nursing and love it :p


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I have an AA in Liberal Arts, a BS in Biology, and a MS in Adult Health Nursing. Now I work in the IT department (there was no "nursing informatics" when I was in school). Go figure!

Specializes in ICU, PICC Nurse, Nursing Supervisor.

Working on BA in Goverment as well as BSN. The plan is to be a nurse attorney. One semester away from AAS .

Lvn certificate

Rma certificate

CNA certificate

Phelb Cert

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