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Specializes in LTC & Private Duty Pediatrics.

B.S. Computer Science (1993 - University of Pittsburgh)

B.S. Applied Mathematics (1995 - University of Pittsburgh)

M.S. Computer Science (1999 - Lehigh University)


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Associates Degree in Medical assisting.


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BS in Biology worked in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry for 2 years before gettnig my bsn.

Specializes in ER, IICU, PCU, PACU, EMS.

B.A. in Psychology and currently in nursing school



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B.A. Communications Management (Maketing/Advertsing) & going to start my first year of Nursing Skool...


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B.U.S. General Studies concentrating in Health Sciences (did 2 yrs bsn program and then a mix of health ed and communication classes)

Technical Certificate in Medical Coding

Thinking about going back and doing the accelerated bs to bsn program.


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Specializes in Medical.

Grad Dip in Bioethics

Masters in Health Ethics

Masters in Social Health (well, give me three months!)

Next up: sociology, education, theology, and a PhD in health ethics with a nursing supervisor


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Specializes in Clinical Risk Management.

BA in English. I'd originally planned to become a librarian but changed my mind...I've always worked in hospitals...started off as a clerk in a lab & made the decision to attend nursing school while in that position.

What interesting paths we have all taken!


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BA in Health Services Administration. Not knowing what to do with that, I worked for a few years in Human Resources in a hospital. Now I'm getting my AA in Nursing.


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para-legal certificate, RN ASN, BA-Criminology & Psychology, numerous classes for representation & labor issues within the Federal Sector

Ruby Vee, BSN

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Specializes in CCU, SICU, CVSICU, Precepting & Teaching.

MBA -- I burned out on nursing and decided to do something really different. But by the time I graduated, I wasn't burned out anymore, couldn't take a paycut to change fields and didn't get the nurse manager job after 11 interviews!


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BA in Political Science with a concentration in Soviet Studies. How useless is that?

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