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  1. talaxandra

    Enterally-administered TPN?

    I get the impression they were transitioning from TPN to EN, and the enteral access was new, but it's all third-hand so anything could be the case.
  2. talaxandra

    Enterally-administered TPN?

    I know the invariably-fatal consequences of administering enteral feed IV, but need advice about any potential ill-effects if TPN were given via a PEG/PEJ. Clearly it's not optimal, but is it harmful? Asking for a colleague whose colleague's patient ...
  3. "You know how you went to ICU three times because you were completely unrousable and we didn't know why? And then the fourth time someone decided to a BAL as well as a drug screen, and found you 6 times over the legal limit? Yeah, don't do that again...
  4. I've had paid study leave for all my post-grad qualifications, and none of them were even in nursing (health ethics, social health, medical anthropology/health sociology) albeit with a focus on nursing clinical practice. If it's a little more tangent...
  5. talaxandra

    Job Interview

    I'm sure they'll let you know if your application was unsuccessful, but maybe send an email after a fortnight politely enquiring if there's been any progress. Good luck :)
  6. talaxandra

    Nursing shortage??

    In the same way, Savonina, as the 50% or so of my colleagues who've worked, or plan to work, in the UK for a couple of years. It's aboutt he experience and the travel, and nothing to do with the money or an interest in long term migration.
  7. talaxandra

    Fasciitis AKA Flesh-Eating Bacteria

    Thanks Dan - as posted by me above (quite some time ago!) your story is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing it - as a nurse working with survivors of NF it's been invaluable for both my own understanding of the condition and for teaching less expe...
  8. talaxandra

    EBA 2011 - here we go again

    We treated over 1.5 million patients last year, and $6M is less than a week's operating costs for a medium sized hospital - this is another Herald-Sun xenophobic beat up.
  9. I'm not as familiar with the NSW ratios as I am with ours in Victoria, but my understanding is that they're pretty much the same as ours. The ratios depend on the acuity of the hospital and the kind of ward - for tertiary level hospitals that's 1:4 o...
  10. talaxandra

    Why is unionization a subject of taboo??

    I don't think you're a sheep for having concerns about unions, and I'm pretty sure I haven't ever used the argument that "I'm right because I'm right". I absolutely object to the idea that nurses who are unionised are somehow less skilled, able or pr...
  11. talaxandra

    Why is unionization a subject of taboo??

    My union is the only reason we achieved (the world's first legally mandated) nurse: patient ratios in 2000 - something we have since had to fight to keep every time we've negotiated our conditions. If not for the ANF we would have no career structure...
  12. Welcome to AN as a participant :) I live in Melbourne, and work with adults, so I can't help with most of your questions. Every public hospital I know has rotating shifts, though many nurses have a degree of flexibility with their rosters. I, for exa...
  13. talaxandra

    Why is unionization a subject of taboo??

    Chico David, thanks for articulating a response that I couldn't quite frame.
  14. talaxandra

    Why is unionization a subject of taboo??

    My father also ran his own small business, and has been strongly anti-union. I have no idea where my strong sense of social justice came from, but it's been an integral part of who I am since I was a teen - and supporting unions is part of that. They...
  15. talaxandra

    Religion Needed to be a Good Nurse?

    I don't think you have to be spiritual or religious to be a good nurse. I don't need to share my patients' beliefs to respect them. I don't need to care about my patients to provide care for them. And I suppose I'm lucky that, living in a country tha...