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I am a registered nurse, just graduated May 2003. I am married for 14 years and have four kids.

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  1. MelissaRN

    OR interview scheduled this week..advice?

    I worked for a year as an acute care RN on a ortho/neuro floor. The stress and constantly trying to coordinate care for several patients at once was tricky especially when you had new admits and post ops on top of all that. The OR is stressful but at least you have other members of the team there helping you out. My time in accute care helped me to be able to strengthen my assessments skills and I saw first hand how important proper positioning on the OR table is to avoid skin break down. As for putting in IV's. Well we don't do that in the OR, but heck when I was on the floor I was always so busy I had to get a resource nurse to come up and give me a hand. I just like the pace of the OR and the fact that we don't have to work as many weekends and holidays as you do on the floor.
  2. MelissaRN

    What do OR nurses do all day?

    I've been working as an OR circulating nurse for about 9 months. My orientation was long (about 6 months) and I still feel like a rookie. I think that being able to function in any kind of capacity as a circulator after 6 months is a huge accomplishment. We're basically learning 20+ years of technological advancements in that short amount of time. It's not an easy job and you're basically all things to everyone from the patient, surgeon, the scrub to the anesthsia team. If the role of the nurse circulator looks easy it's because there are nurses that have been dedicated to the job for 20+ years and they work hard to make it all run smoothly and have a lot of patience with us newbies. Oh and let's not forget those old school surgeons that feel that the best way to teach a newbie is to yell, rant and rave at them!! :chuckle
  3. MelissaRN

    antibiotics preop

    I've been trying to find literature on this subject on the AORN website. Haven't had much luck. Got any literature that I could look at?
  4. MelissaRN

    antibiotics preop

    At what time do you administer the pre op antibiotics. What about if you aren't sure exactly when the case is going to start? Should the antibiotics be running in as pt is prepped or at least an hour before?
  5. MelissaRN

    What a way to end a great shift

    Just remember A,B,C's airway, breathing, and circulation. You were handling the priority case. Just write up the incident report for the higher ups. They need to see that sometimes the nurse to patient ratios are not realistic in regards to safety. It's not your fault.
  6. MelissaRN

    How many RN's scrub?

    Yep I've worked with them and most of them end up in some type of management position. LOL Just kidding. The lazy ones that I have worked with are just doing it for the money and can't try a job better suited to them because they can't afford to financially.
  7. MelissaRN

    How many RN's scrub?

    Well I am a med/surg nurse that moved to the OR because I think it's a great specialty. I hope that there's hope for me even though I came from med/surg. There are a lot of nurses that I know that started out med/surg before moving to the OR and they seem pretty good. I'm excited to be doing it. You do use your skills differently, but I just watch and learn and ask questions.
  8. MelissaRN

    How many RN's scrub?

    I think alot of the problem about not having enough nurses in the OR is that nursing schools don't do any OR training . If a nurse wants an OR job he/she has to be lucky enough to find a hospital that will give on the job training, or enroll in continuing education courses. Alot of nurses are interested in the OR but can't get in due to lack of training. OR's should have some kind of training program to get more RN's.
  9. MelissaRN

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    My husband has it pretty bad also. He wears the brace at night which helps quite a bit. Has anyone had any experience with cortisone shots?
  10. MelissaRN


    Well I don't know much about this subject but I can venture a guess. It could be technique, it could be certain protocols such as whether or not they premedicate with antibiotics, could be the patient's immune system. Also the way that the site is cared for on the floor too matters and how it's assessed. I mean if it's a confused patient that is incontinent and gets the dressings soiled or if the dressings are changed using proper technique. There are alot of contributing factors.
  11. MelissaRN

    Phhewww, I PASSED!

    SCRN, I have found myself signing RN after my name when signing checks and stuff too!!! I signed my kid's homework that way once, LOL>
  12. MelissaRN

    Passes NCLEX with 175 questions

    Now the real work begins. You'll learn more in this first year than all the years of college! Good luck.
  13. MelissaRN

    Well, it's over....

    Laura, I went through the same thing last week. It was hard leaving after a year. Kept worrying if I gave it enough time and if I'll be challenged in the new job. Now that I'm ready to start my new position I'm really excited. I know that if it's not what I expected I can go back to my old job. I stayed on per diem so that I can keep up my floor experience.
  14. MelissaRN

    Advice Re: med surg rotation

    One of my really good friends works on a rehab floor in my hospital and believe me they do more than just bowel and bladder management. Yea they do that stuff because they have a lot of quads and paras, but they also do central line draws, IV antibiotics, trach care, sometimes vents on the stable quads. They deal with ALOT of head injury cases that are relatively stable. Once in a while they'll get a patient that has been rushed through the system to their unit and that patient needs alot of care. They've had MI's there and in the last year 3 codes two of which she helped out on. Don't worry about your placement, keep your eyes and ears open, read charts and ask questions. You get out of it what you put in it.
  15. MelissaRN

    RN bashing

    There always seems to be alot of accusing each other of being lazy.
  16. MelissaRN

    Constantly Starting IV's in OR??

    I know on our floor when we have to run an IV the tubing we have has a filter that goes into the pump. You can't set it up to run manually. I know that we get a lot of post op patients where we have to change all the tubing over to set them up to the pump to run piggy back.

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