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  1. catlover314

    How do I get around to LIKING changing an ostomy bag?

    Career long aversion to adult poop here. Gag all the time. Anyway, I was my Mom's caregiver when she was in hospice, so of course avoiding the issue was not an option. I actually stuck tissues up my nose but was careful that she couldn't see that I had a nose full of kleenex. One day she said "I'm worried about that cold of yours...your nose is really stuffy." I'm proud to say I never once gagged where she could see me.
  2. catlover314

    OT/PT/ST in the NICU

    Our 18 bed Level 2EQ unit has a developmental specialist who is also a PT. She does PT evals as well as NIDCAPs, infant massage and a plethora of other services. We have an ST who comes in regularly though she is not unit based. Our unit places high emphasis on developmental and family centered care. Some of it is mandated by the state, but historically there is also internal dedication to those concepts. We are lucky. Our PT and ST are leading the cue based feeding changes, and our PT/Dev Coordinator works with the lead NNP to keep us on track developmentally.
  3. catlover314

    Boosting employee morale

    You definately need support and some guidance to get through all of this, and a public forum like this one might not be the best place to get that support. If your organization offers counseling/support services you should check it out, if they don't have this benefit, find someone on your own that you can really work through these issues with.
  4. catlover314

    Career in administration vs management

    Jan 80; I'm not following what your goals are, I guess. Sounds like you don't want to work in a hospital, so I'm trying to tell what your long term ideal job would be. That could help guide you as far as choosing a field for a master's degree. Sorry, can offer no insight into which might be the best fit for you.
  5. catlover314

    Share some brillaint cost saving ideas?

    Another method that I should have mentioned is to involve the staff! They see potential ways to save money day to day, and I told my staff "No idea is too small." One place I worked gave people a coffee mug for every cost savings idea they submitted. Sounds cheesy, but people did submit ideas.
  6. catlover314

    Share some brillaint cost saving ideas?

    I don't manage a surgical unit, and I know costs in the OR are usually higher than other floors, but what I've done is centered on close work with materials mgmt. They send me a report of the top 100 supplies in my unit, and I look at both high volume and high cost items to make sure we need that exact product (or is there is a less expensive version that is the same quality), are we over-using a product for any reason, are we over-stocking any items, and are there products we can get through our main supplier at a cheaper cost than getting them from the company. Our main supplier buys for many hospitals, and volume purchases on their end sometimes means a better price to us than directly ordering a small volume right from the manufacturer. I look at this monthly and meet with materials every month.
  7. catlover314

    advice for barcode scanning of infants

    For those of you who have bar-coded bands that actually FIT the babies, what is the manufacturer's name? The bands we are currently issued are more 'adult sized' and thus are just taped to the isolette/bed. Our IT dept is having trouble locating manufacturers that could get us the right size bands for our little ones. Any suggestions?
  8. catlover314

    How did you get your job?

    If you can get feedback from anyone who sat on the interview panel, grab that opportunity; if someone would coach you in how to bring out the skills you possess that could compensate somewhat for your lack of management experience it would help you in future interviews. You've got to be able to sell yourself and that will mean knowing the organization's goals and initiatives inside and out. If there are additional opportunities for hospital wide committees, take advantage of those, especially those directly related to organizational goals, patient satisfaction, quality, or cost savings. Understand productivity inside and out so you can speak to that during interviews. Hope that helps a little.
  9. catlover314

    About productive hours per patient day?

    @ hunt 95: My organization also includes the items you name in productive time.
  10. catlover314

    Do you, as a unit manager, have to come in to cover shifts?

    I've been in my NM job for almost a year and have worked on the floor twice so far. I'm their last resort, but they know they can call me anytime. NM's also take one weekend a month of Admin call and can be called by any of the cluster units if need be for staffing. I've never had to work staff on other units, though I get calls on Admin or staffing questions once or twice per weekend. Hope that helps.
  11. catlover314

    New manager seeks input

    Thanks for the input! Anyone else?
  12. catlover314

    Help with Staff Moral

    Find a copy of a book called Eat That Cookie. I also read Crucial Conversations, and found both to be extremely helpful. Agree with the response about asking "what did you mean when you answered the following question...?" The answers I got were not at all what I thought I might hear, and helped me figure out potential solutions to the real problem (instead of solving something I thought was the problem!).
  13. catlover314

    New manager seeks input

    Greetings all. I am a relatively new manager and I was wondering if anyone would share stories about the best manager you've had...what did they do to support staff after a negative patient event (what was helpful, what was not)? I'm looking for real feedback, not the canned stuff taught in management seminars. I've learned stuff in seminars, don't get me wrong, but I also want to learn from a wide variety of NICU staff nurses. Thanks in advance.
  14. catlover314

    best book for a new nurse manager?

    The 4 Agreements Not nursing management, but extremely helpful.
  15. catlover314

    End stage CHF symptoms?

    My Mom had CHF and Asthma...the last time she was in the hospital for decompensated CHF she said to me and my siblings, "you guys are going to make me live forever, aren't you?" I told her, no, we would not do that. I asked what she wanted and she said she wanted to go home and be able to "go out feet first like Dad." Her doc agreed to hospice, that meds would be stopped when she was ready. She went home with 24/7 caregiver. I told her that her meds would keep her going for quite a while, and when/if she was ready she could stop taking them whenever she wanted. She stopped meds about 5 weeks after going home, and died within a week. I did have to butt heads with hospice a couple of times because she wasn't "actively dying". She actively died when she stopped the meds, so those arguments didn't really serve much purpose other than to stress me out. Oh well.