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Monica RN,BSN has 20 years experience and specializes in ER, ICU, Nursing Education, LTC, and HHC.

Nursing Management and maintaining a website for online CEU's at www.excellenceinlearning.net

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  1. Monica RN,BSN

    New RN to corrections

    hi cowgirl: I am working on hubby four! LOL
  2. Monica RN,BSN

    Certification exams

    good question.. throwing this back out to see if anyone has an answer to the question. Have beautiful day monica
  3. Monica RN,BSN

    coworkers who never say no

    Thank u for your response for your point of view on this topic. We do have a problem in our jail in which the officers usually are the reason the IM does not show up on time, due to inability for officer to transport for a number of reaoms. Goos post and comments ..thanks
  4. Monica RN,BSN

    coworkers who never say no

    This is a very good thread. Personally, I give the med.. even if he is an hour late, we pre -set up our med cups, so it is no big problem what-so-ever to hand the I/M his pill cup and a cup of water. Don't make mountains out of mole hills. I do not think it is a big deal at all. would rather see the I/M be medicated a little late, then not at all. We as nurses are obligated by our state nursing laws to ensure the I/M get proper health care. Refusing to medicate because said inmate was late, could result in a detrimental effect, depending on the drug.. (Motrin, tylenol.. well that is certainly not a life altering issue if missed) but what if it were antipsychotics, antibiotics, hyperglycemic meds, seizure meds.. and the list goes on and on......sometimes it is not the I/M fault if late. I have seen many times that the I/M did not show on time simply because there were no available officers to transport to the infirmary at that time.. there are variables that will most certainly occur. If it is a matter of bad timing.. (ie: inmate has to get and be transported with c/o to medical at 6 or 7 am.. perhaps changing the time to say, 9 am would be more practical.Also take in consideration when your C/O's change shifts. In my facility they work 6a-6p and then next shift is 6p - 6a. This does affect sometimes limitations of transporters, especially when the c/o's are getting their briefing, and doing head counts at the beginning of their shift. Just my 0.02 thought for the day
  5. Monica RN,BSN

    Corrections on TV

    there is one on tonight on the discovery channel about overcrowding in cali prisons
  6. Monica RN,BSN

    WOW..18 viewing..

    cool... the more the merrier :welcome::monkeydance:
  7. throwing this back out there because it is a fun thread :balloons:
  8. Monica RN,BSN

    LTC LPN wanting to go into corrections??

    yes... come on over to the corrections forum.. there is much to learn there.. welcome:welcome:
  9. Monica RN,BSN

    Any nurses here date the officers?

    Just a curious question.. as there seems to be a lot of that going on in my jail...Love to hear your comments or stories..
  10. Monica RN,BSN

    I bummed my interview...just wanna vent!

    To the original poster: any updates for us? did you call, explain and reschedule your interview???
  11. Nasty.. we had a very sicko man in our county jail who was obcessed with shoving things up his penis. GROSS he was.. he is outof jail now and among our society.. SICK!! I had 4 signals in the pods 2 nights ago.. all nonsense 1) someone was pepper sprayed in a max pod 2) 2 girls fighting in the pod 3) a yahoo brought in by LEO who was hit in the head with a cinder block with a huge goose egg and orbital hematomas.. sent him out for ct scan and medical clearance 4) a gut complaining of "sweaty" do we treat sweaty?? I told him to go take off those extra three shirts he was wearing and go back to sleep
  12. Monica RN,BSN

    New RN to corrections

    I am thinking more like staying single for awhile... more peaceful and a hell of a lot of more fun :monkeydance:
  13. Monica RN,BSN

    WOW..18 viewing..

    i think that is the most i have seen, as i am on this forum at least 2 times a day. good morning to all of you. i am an 11-7 rn and generally up till noon or 1 before i take my snooze. i work in a county jail with 2,100 inmates. min to max in our jail. where are you all from and where do you work.. (i am in florida) have a nice day to all.
  14. Monica RN,BSN

    Florida Prisons

    I will take a guess that you are in Gainesville. You have the option of Alachua county jail, and not to far from gainesville, (probably a 30 min drive to Lowell women's prison and Marion correctional institute (men's prison) Good luck on what ever you decide and I believe you will be glad you chose to give corrections a try. best wishes Monica :welcome:
  15. Monica RN,BSN

    RN thinking corrections

    First I want to welcome u to the boards.:welcome: secondly, read all you can and you will learn so much here. I live in Florida, so I do not know much of California prisons/jails.. but I do know that jobs are much more harder for nurses in corrections in Cali due to the competativeness (sp) for nurses looking and wanting to work in california corrections. John, If corrections is your goal, you should have no prob in getting something you will enjoy doing. Your Psych and ER background is essential for this type of job. Good luck and best wishes to you.
  16. Monica RN,BSN

    PHS pay rates in Alabama

    gainesville is indeed better pay than Marion county. I worked shands ER for years and did not mind the drive because the pay was that much better, even though it was almost an hour drive.