Crazy clinicals instructor doesn't like us using the restroom?


I've had clinical instructors before, but this one is so awful. She told us today (our first day) that she doesn't like people going to the bathroom. I thought .. okay, I can just go when she's working with another student, right? WRONG. When we shadowed our nurses, she has told our nurses before hand to count how many times we've been to the bathroom. Mind you, our day is 7am-7pm so throughout the day I need to go at least 3-4 times. Plus, I need to drink water to keep myself hydrated and energized.

In addition, we have NO lunch breaks -- not even a 5-10 minute one. I was planning on keeping some snacks at the break room, but she told us to not put anything there. In addition, she made us empty our pockets today so I can't even sneak some snacks in my pockets.

I am so confused on what I should do. I can't stand NOT going to the bathroom. I can probably go 12 hours without eating, but not drinking is just crazy.

By the way, everyone got a needs improvement grade because we all ended up using the bathroom and the nurses tallied up our times and showed them to her. We know this because she told us at the end of the day that she was "testing" us to see if we would listen to her. Pfft.


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Someone told us they are thinking about quitting their Target job because they got told they can't go to the bathroom either, unless on their authorized break. The break is scheduled after three and a half hours. I told them that in the LTC facility we check the residents every two hours for incontinence. They said they were going to tell their Target supervisor that.


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This sounds nuts!

And shame on those nurses that kept tally for the instructor. I'm pretty sure I would have informed the instructor that I have more important things to do on my shift than to time someone else's bathroom breaks.

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I am sure this is some kind of violation. I'd take it to the nursing director or up the chain of command. You cannot safely care for patients if you have an overwhelming need to pee and haven't eaten.


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Sounds like she's preparing you for Real Life Nursing where you won't have time to eat and drink and pee, LOL! :D


Yes, speak to someone.

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That's not right, you can't be expected to not eat, drink or use the bathroom for 12 hours! Why would the nurses even go along with her shenanigans??? I would bring this up the chain of command. The school needs to know what she's doing.

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You have got to be kidding. How are you supposed to be able to learn or even function? Is there a policy in place for meal and rest breaks during clinical rotations?

I would absolutely file a grievance about this mistreatment with the Dean of your program and pray for a replacement.

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If some nursing instructor told me that I had to report bathroom activity of their student, I don't know what I would say to her. But I would certainly not participate in that, that is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a long time.

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I'm beginning to think this is - dare I say it? - a troll post.


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If some nursing instructor told me that the student she is going to assign to me for whole 12 hours cannot eat and use restroom, I would sacrifice 5 min. out of my honest half an hour to write Dean a polite letter suggesting that the said instructor is in the most acute need of seeing a mental health professional STAT.

Seriously, was the unit full of beds crying out loud to be filled? (young otherwise healthy male/female with acute hypoglycemia, dehydration and ? UTI, CC of near fainting, admitted pending observation tests and IVF)

Even more seriously, the whole group should make trip to Dean's office tomorrow morning. No waiting, no agreement on "speaking" with the instructor, not one more shift with her. Ok to fail course, all together (that done, the whole group will not transition to next semester and, therefore, the program won't get the said next semester tuition and fees, which is pretty much the only one thing they really want). Ok to be expelled all together, with your money back within 3 business days (mission impossible for the program, and cry for attention from the certification body (es), they would like it even less. Plus, they will pretty much prepare your class action paperwork for you should you all seek legal counsel). Next stop, university/college bosses AND the body which accredited the program, like CCNE.

Few students from my place did just that when a student with known physical disability was forced to do dangerous things. Feathers on top of the university tower got ruffled some but problem was solved.

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Yep! Crazy is right... Report her.

On a side note.. she'll LOVE you after that (sarcasm).

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I'm beginning to think this is - dare I say it? - a troll post.

I actually hope it is... because I don't want to believe this is true.

I don't think it is a troll post, though, if I look at OP's other posts.