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icuRNmaggie has 24 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in MICU, SICU, CICU.

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  1. icuRNmaggie

    Help! I don't know what this is about?

    Definitely contact your malpractice carrier. You have been taken off the schedule due to alleged medication administration issues. Do not sign anything. Get copies of everything that you can. After the meeting write down every detail of the conversa...
  2. icuRNmaggie

    Nominate Your Favorite Nurse: #NURSESEARCH

    BeenthereDonethat, Ruby vee, Bortaz and Grn Tea.
  3. icuRNmaggie

    Being cross trained wthout a choice.

    How many beds are in this facility? How many ICUs? What are the criteria for admission or transfer to the step down unit? What are the nurse patient ratios for telemetry and stepdown? Do you have a secretary, cna and monitor tech? Do you have a uni...
  4. icuRNmaggie

    Things have changed.. This discussion from July goes into all of this in great detail. Some people made it personal and it really became heated. You could bump it by posting there.
  5. icuRNmaggie

    Abandonment if I don't pick up over time shifts??

    The manager can not force you to schedule extra shifts beyond the required hours for your position. In some states a nurse can be mandated to work an extended shift if there is no relief nurse or if there is an emergency situation. The State Depart...
  6. icuRNmaggie

    Abandonment if I don't pick up over time shifts??

    Go to the Department of Labor for your state and type in mandatory overtime for Nurses. The criteria are vague in some states and definitely favor the employer.
  7. icuRNmaggie

    Magnet status

    I know of a nursing administrator whose claims to having a post graduate Nursing degree and an MBA were found to be false during the application. What a huge waste of money that turned out to be.
  8. icuRNmaggie

    The Guys Club: Guy Students Come on In!

    You are all most welcome to join We love working with students.
  9. The student forum at is a wonderful resource.
  10. icuRNmaggie

    Why do minorities have more respect for nurses?

    The language barrier, refusal to use the call light, refusal to assist the patient whatsoever, along with the unrealistic expectation of having constant personal attention make it taxing to deal with this population. The patient has to be taught to...
  11. icuRNmaggie

    clamp the foley

    Clamping the foley prior to an ultrasound to view the pelvis might be appropriate. A Ct scan, never. Clamping a CBI drainage catheter for a Ct scan is insane as it could result in a ruptured bladder. No no no. Beware of radiology people who operate...
  12. icuRNmaggie

    Quitting without a notice

    If you do leave without notice, do not tell a soul where you will be working. Your management will most certainly call their management and say negative things about you. You could lose that new opportunity and find yourself unemployed. I have tur...
  13. icuRNmaggie

    Get Over Yourself

    It is standard for any public speaker to establish credibility and describe their experience and possibly their educational background in the introduction. If someone is employed in the Professional Development dept., I would certainly hope that they...
  14. icuRNmaggie

    Helped - I had fallen and couldn't get up

    Amolucia I am sorry that happened to you and I cant imagine how scary that must have been for you. Glycerine, I am sorry about your Grandfather. It is heart wrenching to lose a loved one to a fall. I just want to mention that the Life Alert busine...
  15. icuRNmaggie

    Why do minorities have more respect for nurses?

    what is T/S