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HelloWish has 3 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in IMCU, Oncology.

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  1. As a new nurse I went in early to research my patients, but I clocked in for it. I don't do my job without getting paid. Now as an experienced nurse, I don't need to do that. Also experienced nurses know what to hand off that you need to know so you only look up what you need to know. Generally it takes me 5 minutes to look up my 3 patients and the most important details. We really need to know our patient's though due to them being critically ill, but with time management and experience you are able to do it far more quickly.
  2. HelloWish

    Another thread about burn out

    Those billing and coding courses are a scam unfortunately. If you are interested in that type of work, something like utilization review may be a good job to look into. I don't know how much experience you had, but that kind of job does require experience.
  3. I had a needle stick by a patient positive with Hepatitis C (it was a non-coring mediport needle). I was okay, never contracted it. I then had another needle stick by safety pin that had been removed from a patient gown with a patient with MDRO (multiple drug resistant organisms). I was fine again. It is very unlikely there would be an issue. Employee health contacts an infectious disease doc typically and they can give you info on any risks.
  4. HelloWish

    Forgot to unclamp the secondary

    This is a common mistake with experienced nurses. I have just learned to go back and check later on to make sure everything has run as it should if possible. If I catch another nurses mistake who is already off shift, I just correct it.
  5. HelloWish

    Is 63 to old to start nursing school?

    I have a friend who was I think 60 when we went through nursing school together. She does pediatric private duty now. She is very physically active for her age. I think there is a lot to think about but think it is feasible.
  6. HelloWish

    Possible exposure to syphilis

    Notify employee health. They will know and reassure you.
  7. HelloWish

    Progressive Care Nursing - Interview with Linda Bay

    I am fortunate, our IMCU is 3:1. I interviewed at a couple of other hospitals near me which do 4:1 and they even took on sicker patients than we do at my current hospital.
  8. HelloWish

    What is it like to work in a good hospital?

    I work at a good hospital and in a good unit too. They have a 94% employee retention rate at my hospital. You can ask the hospital about employee retention when you are looking for a position. They do exist!
  9. HelloWish

    Writing HR to improve chances of getting job

    Congrats! No it is not aggressive. I am not an aggressive person and every job I have gotten I emailed HR or the person I interviewed with to thank them for the interview and express my strong interest in the position. If I had not heard back a week later, I would email again. Each job I was interested in and did this landed me the job. It is proactive and shows interest.
  10. HelloWish

    I should be happy with this new "dream" job

    This sounds like a nice job. However, maybe you would feel more satisfied by adding a PRN job at the hospital. Then later you can decide if you want to move out of your current job. Office nursing wasn't for me and I had my dream job in research. I hated it! I like the physical aspects of hospital nursing, not so much the incessant call light, getting water and snacks - there is a trade off. Also I am working on my masters so the schedule is great. I love 4 days off and the ability to schedule appointments during the week. I lucked out in finding a great hospital though. My hospital is physician owned. I don't know if that what makes a difference but they have a super high nurse retention rate.
  11. HelloWish

    Help! I Can't Get Rid of My Dark Cloud

    A walk on a nature trail or floating in a swimming pool all by myself, although to shut my mind off I have to get lost in Netflix.
  12. HelloWish

    Taking manual bp on forearm

    BPs often have to be taken in the forearm. If you have a patient with a mastectomy and cannot take the BP in that arm and the patient has a PICC line in the other arm, what do you do? Either the forearm or the calf area. I wouldn't put the BP cuff on the elbow though, move it down all the way to the forearm. I would still take the pulse in the same area as you do when you take a BP on the upper arm or try the radial pulse.
  13. HelloWish

    Seeking therapy

    Most hospitals offer Employee Assistance Programs as part of their benefits package, which are a certain amount of therapy sessions per year covered by your employer. Furthermore, no one will know you are in therapy!
  14. HelloWish

    What's your favorite nursing task?

    Removing stitches and pain management. I like finding the right way to give pain meds that reduces the patient's pain when other nurses haven't been able to!
  15. HelloWish

    Does ANYONE like the hospital?

    I think it depends on the hospital, the culture, and your coworkers. I am working in a Intermediate Care Unit. The hospital is in a nice location, and while I do take care of the critically ill, the patient's aren't as sick as some hospitals. The ratio is 1 nurse to 3 patients. I really like my coworkers and the hospital culture and want to stay at my hospital. I feel like I fit with my unit and the people there. That makes all the difference. This is my 3rd job as a nurse, it took a few tries.
  16. HelloWish

    RN school while in High School?

    I feel like this is an insult to nursing and higher education. Sure I understand working toward college credit in HS, but if it is so easy to become a nurse then it takes away any professionalism and credibility associated with nursing. Should such young minds be adulting and entrusted to the lives of others? Not to mention, as another has stated these young ones would be exposed to things that I feel would be traumatic to their development.