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Well, I was supposed to go to a CPR class at the Fire Department where I live but the man doing the class cancelled it at the LAST MINUTE (grr!!!)! SO I have to be CPR certified by the 31st of July or I cannot start the program! Is it ok to get certified online? I havent had a chance to call and ask anyone at my schools allied health office because I just found this out today (I will be calling tomorrow!) Has anyone gotten certified online?

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You can get certified online but you will have to do the skills portion in person with a certified instructor. Make sure the online certification is acceptable by your school...schools generally only accept certifications by the American Heart Association. Can you call around local hospitals to see if they have a CPR class for you to attend?

I have never gotten certified online. I have only done it in class. But I am pretty sure the way online goes, if you are not CPR certified already, you learn all the information online and then you go to someone who can certify you (don't know who exactly) and perform the CPR stuff in front of them to show you can perform them correctly. And then you get your CPR certification card.

I have had to re-certify 5 times. This last time I did it online. I took the course online in just a couple hours. Then did the skills portion in person. You should be able to find an online course on the American Heart Association web site.

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In my area, a lot of the local ER people are AHA instructors. You do the online didactic, and then do the hand-on with an instructor. I would start calling around ERs and other fire departments today and see if they know someone. Good luck!

You may want to call around and try to find a CPR Instructor that will take you on one on one. You need to hurry cause that date is coming close. They want the card not the certificate after you have completed. Call your program, they may have several options for you. Good luck, I'd hate for you to miss you slot over this!

My school doesn't allow taking it online. Try your local hospital. Around where I live they fill up fast, but only cost $35. I take mine next Friday.

Check out the AHA website, they have tons of courses listed for BLS-AED for Healthcare Providers. If you can do it in person go for it, but like most are saying here you will have to do the skills portion with a certified instructor if you do the online option. Personally, I'd just get it over with during a 4 hour session. Makes life a little easier.

Try the local Red Cross chapter as well, they do offer CPR classes.

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I second the Red Cross! They offer classes all the time and hopefully they will have one soon enough to meet your requirement. Good luck!

You can AHA certify at your local fire dept usually for free too! At least in my town and surrounding towns...hope this helps anyone needing to do cpr:yelclap:

I second the advice everyone gave, except for going through Red Cross. If you do go through Red Cross, make sure your school will accept that certification because I know most nursing schools/clinical sites want the AHA BLS with AED certification.

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