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  1. Great article, and I agree with you 100%. Too many times have I witnessed a client be given superb hospitality during the stay. We setch sodas, magazines, anything to try to keep the score high. We even goes far to say "Thank you for choosing _________, we hope that you will give us all 5's" Though, at discharge you find you now have an angry pt because they have been prescribed torodal rather than dilauded. Guess what we're getting on the cards. Second note, our healthcare system has now set itself up for pt satisfaction that we will have to start saying "Welcome to the Hilton". It's a beast in the making. Thank you to the government.
  2. ImKosher

    Positive Thinking Is Useless By Itself

    I think your talking about "procrastination" rather then positive attitude. My thought about this topic is that one can have positive thoughts, but without action it's useless. Sure enough, I would not work if I "prayed" for someone to come out and "bless" me with house payments for the month. Even better, I could pray to win the lottery. This psychological method has its benefits and negatives, we can't just state that positive thinking is bad or good. It's a balance that comes complete with action and wisdom for example.