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  1. hgrimmett


    My school wants us to take the TEAS by the end of October 2017 (for those of us applying for the Fall 2018 nursing start date.) There's later test dates but they're really pushing for early testing. I'm not scheduled to take A&P until next January. Guess I know what I'm going to be studying non stop for the next 3 weeks.
  2. hgrimmett

    Silly question.. stethoscope color for school?

    Like these? Prestige Medical Crystal Stethoscope Charms | allheart.com
  3. hgrimmett

    3/4 length, white, v neck shirt

    I think your best bet would be to buy some long sleeve tshirts from Lands End that you like and (if you don't sew) have an alterations shop hem the sleeves to your preferred length.
  4. hgrimmett

    PLEASE help me choose a school!!

    Vocational schools don't give you college credits, only a completion certificate. Basically they are for folks who just want job training not advanced education. PTEC does have an agreement with SPC (St Pete College) here in Pinellasto give you advanced standing twards their nursing program if you've completed the LPN program at PTEC.I don't know if other schools do that sort of thing though.
  5. hgrimmett

    Going back to school in my 50's

    Glad to see it's not just me. Assuming the financial aid folks at my school can make this happen, I'm starting classes Aug 28.. and I will be 55 in December of this year. Plan is to get my 2 year degree first, take the NCLEX, then continue on for the BSN.
  6. hgrimmett

    PLEASE help me choose a school!!

    Valencia, Seminole State, St Pete College, and Daytona State are all equivalent schools and all good.. it would be cheaper by far to get your prereqs done at any of those and possibly your AS/AA/ADN there first prior to applying at UCF or UF or any other big university. The schools I just named are the ones I like best, but that's me. Having a completed degree from one of the smaller schools will also help you to get in to the big FL public universities. ALL nursing programs are going to be competitive, especially the public ones. Even the local vocational school (I'm in Pinellas County now but I grew up in the Orlando/Daytona areas) is crazy competitive. That one doesn't even give you a degree, just a certificate of completion. The final time of 4 tries that I went to apply for the LPN program at PTEC circa 2012, for 24 seats in the fall class that year, they had nearly 900 applications.. and those were just those of us who got -everything- submitted on time for a random shot at getting in. A lot more people missed even getting into the applicant pool for whatever reason. I finally gave up and went with a private school because I'm not getting any younger and I want my degree and RN license.
  7. if you click the link in the blue bio box that says "Read my articles" you will go to a page with all of them.
  8. hgrimmett

    Taxes in Florida

    I do not have a percentage I can give you.. but I can give you some information. Florida is a right to work state so there are no unions here. or at least not very active ones. Other states are different. We have no state income tax, unlike most of the US. Still have to pay federal tax though. We do have a sales tax that you pay on things you buy, other than grocery store food.. Each county in Florida is different on that, but it averages out to around 7% of your total purchase price. Benefits are going to vary depending on the type of employer you have and/or the employment contract.. if you are hired through an agency, you might have very limited or no medical benefits at all. If you are hired as a part time employee (working less than 32 hours a week, but it varies by employer) you might not get any medical benefits. You will pay a portion of the cost and the employer pays a portion. Again it will vary - if you have health insurance only, that's usually the biggest $ one. Vision and dental plans are usually separate plans from health insurance and will require additional fees. The -type- of health insurance will also affect the cost. My husband's last employer offered 8 different types of heath care plans for you to choose from, all with varying options.. but they only offered 1 dental and 1 vision plan, so you either went with those and paid for them or did without. The state of Florida might hit you hard on fees to register your car if you are bringing one with you BTW (sorry, wasn't my idea.) The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles website would have the info on that.. it's complicated. Good luck with the move.
  9. hgrimmett

    What was I thinking?

    I'm a month away from 50 and in my 2nd quarter of an ADN-RN program. I do plan to eventually get my Master's afterwards, assuming I can find a bridge program that I can afford and can get into. There's lots of days I wonder what was I thinking. Sure glad I didn't start with stats though.. I HATE statistics. Thankfully I don't have to take it for a few quarters yet. :)
  10. hgrimmett

    question about timeframes

    In my RN program its every week, sometimes in more than one class. FWIW I don't go to Excelsior, though I do have online classes. Why would exams only be every month in any school?
  11. Champion brand from Target is good and they sell them online too. Cherokee, Dickies, White Swan, and lots of others scrub companies also make long sleeved shirts. I buy mine (Cherokee Workwear brand) from allheart usually.. hard to find lower prices.
  12. hgrimmett

    Malpractice Insurance

    The ANA has a link on their website to apply for professional nursing liability insurance (you get a member discount.) It's entirely possible that other nursing organizations have it available too; I know NSNA (for nursing students) does. Maybe something to look into?
  13. hgrimmett

    Transferring from SPC to ITT.

    I currently attend ITT St Pete. Love the small classes and the instructors, don't love the cost. It's VERY (did I mention VERY) expensive. After the Pell grants are maxed out and any other grants you might be eligible for, the student loans start. They do all the paperwork for you though, so you don't have to worry about dealing with banks and etc. They also will tell you up front what transfer classes they will accept or won't.. bring an unofficial transcript with you when you come to talk to them (print it off the MySPC portal.) You can't choose what SPC will put on your transcripts so ITT will see all your grades. At that point its up to them what they accept for transfer. It's always up to the incoming school. ITT uses quarters, not semesters, so that sometimes affects credits from other schools. When I started at ITT last December I was told that if you make a C as a -final- grade in the class, you failed that class. Period. Need 80 or above to pass. You would have to pay to re take that class again, just like SPC. Your Comp I with a C grade likely won't transfer due to that C. You don't need much in the way of pre reqs at ITT either, unlike SPC. Might be because its an ADN program and not an AS/AA.. I don't know. You usually have 2 nursing classes and one gen ed class every quarter (for those who don't have any credits that transfer in, I mean.) I do like the school, aside from the cost.. its still an insane amount of studying, but what nursing program isn't? It definitely feels more relaxed there with the small classes and the instructors know your name. I like that. Anyway, hope it helps.
  14. hgrimmett

    A nurse has an RN but did not get a diploma or BSN

    Apply to whatever college the person is interested in Have transcripts of all previous college work sent to this school from the previous school(s) Wait for the college to get the transcripts and decide whether or not the credits will transfer in; at that point the college will evaluate whether or not the person can enroll and how many classes/credits will be needed to get a BSN degree from that institution. It will vary tremendously on things like accredition of all the schools involved, if one school uses semesters versus quarters, and so on. If you don't like the answer you get from the first school you apply to, try a different one. Lots of them out there with online BSN programs these days. Credits from previous college work technically never expire, although some schools may have policies related to their specific nursing program stating that X Y or Z subject classes (example: A&P) must have been taken within the last 5 years for transfer credit to be given. Every school is different though. Hope it helps.
  15. hgrimmett

    Anyone looking to attend PTEC's Oct 2012 LPN class?

    I wanted to go to PTEC. Truly. It is by far the cheapest and fastest option to get an LPN license (assuming you pass the big NCLEX test after school is done..) I tried 3 times to get in to PTEC. BTW they quit doing wait lists years ago. At the third (and last) mandatory orientation I went to, (you have to go to the orientation to even APPLY to the program unless they've changed it since 2009) there were 680 people competing for 24 spots in the next starting class. Even with my extremely high test scores, I didn't get picked. (its like playing lotto, pretty much. Except you have a better chance of winning something with the lottery..) At that point I gave up on going to PTEC.
  16. Nursing is a new thing for ITT. I know the Tampa location just recently graduated their first RN class. The program is 27 months long (2 years and one quarter.) You go to class two days/week 9AM-130 PM or so and also have one online class (a general ed one of some sort, English, math, etc) to do every quarter. Nursing classes are not taught at night like the electronics classes and etc. Sometimes you can take the gen ed classes at night but not always. Transferring in credits from other schools will get you a degree faster, just like anywhere else. Be warned that ITT's credits are not transferable into schools like UF or any other FL state school. I don't know if the other private schools like Galen and Keiser and Everest will accept credits from them or vice versa. So if you start there, plan to finish there. It is also VERY expensive.. and they do all the loan and grant paperwork for you. They do give you tons of financial paperwork with all the disclosures and etc when you sign up and they will show you the total cost before you sign anything - they have to by law. it's amazing how many people sign up and don't bother to read what they are signing, THEN complain about it.... Most of the private schools cost about the same as each other or close to it. Short version is that the private schools are all more expensive than any Florida state school. Even the big universities like USF, UF, etc are cheaper.. assuming you could qualify for and be selected for their highly competitive nursing programs. ITT Tech as a school in general has been around since the late 1950s. Most of the private schools today can't say that. I think Everest only gets you an LPN degree; at ITT you are going for RN, which requires more school (and gives you a better chance of getting a job IMO.) Having said all that, I attend ITT Tech St Pete (aka the Breckinridge School of Nursing) and love it myself. The instructors know their stuff and I really like the small class sizes. They just started offering nursing a year ago so they haven't graduated a nursing class there yet. Anything else you'd like to know, just ask :)