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BloomNurseRN has 10 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in CMSRN.

I'm a wife and mother of two amazing kiddos. I went back to school at the age of 29 when I saw that my career at the time just had no future. I am excited about the future of nursing and all it holds. 🙂

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  1. BloomNurseRN

    Med-Surg to Circulating Nurse?

    It's been almost 10 months since I posted this and thought I would update you all who were kind enough to respond. I did apply and interview for the position. Everything went perfect and I was the #1 choice of the staff for the position. Unfortunately/fortunately, there was a late applicant from an outside facility who had circulator experience and they went with that applicant to have someone trained faster. It all worked out though because there was a position through an Endoscopy department at a hospital within the same health network (closer to home even!). I applied, interviewed, and accepted the position all within about a 10 day period. It was definitely meant to be. I've been here almost 8 months now and it was definitely the right move. I'm still open to the idea of taking a circulating position some time in the future but right now I'm very happy where I am. Thanks for all of your input!
  2. BloomNurseRN

    That's not a bad nurse

    So very true! I hear things like this too and it's so far from accurate. Recently my husband had surgery and in that facility pre-op, the anesthesiologist usually starts the IV. They have started thousands and anesthesiology is who we call in an emergency when nothing else can be gotten. And on the day my husband was having surgery, the anesthesiologist missed on the first attempt with a student watching as well. She gave me a little look to see if I was upset (the surgeon had outed me as a nurse) and I just smiled and said, "we all miss sometimes, those veins can really mess with us". I could see her let out her breath a little. I'm sure she hears complaints all the time but she definitely wasn't going to hear one from me.
  3. BloomNurseRN

    How to become Certified in Med Surg

    That's great! I'm so glad it worked out that way. Good luck!!
  4. BloomNurseRN

    Med-Surg to Circulating Nurse?

    Actually it is an acute care environment but we are a smaller, critical access hospital so they like to have people cross trained for these positions. That's one major positive - I already know the people I would be working with and have a great professional relationship to start off with. Thanks for the response!
  5. BloomNurseRN

    Med-Surg to Circulating Nurse?

    I would love to hear from nurses that went from one area, such as Med-Surg, to the OR circulating position. There is currently an opening at my facility for an OR circulating nurse and I am very interested. The description states it is actually one that trains for Pre-Op, PACU, and circulating so you get a variety of experience. I have been a MS nurse for almost 3 years now. I love what I do but the hours of the OR position would work so much better for my family due to my husband's work hours/call schedule. What are the pros and cons? What do you love about your job? Did you regret going to a circulator position? Thank you!
  6. BloomNurseRN

    Drug Diversion: What's the Deal?

    This is a good article and reminder of things we need to be looking for and teaching on. I previously worked in Home Healthcare and saw many instances in which we had to intervene for possible diversion. One of the best interventions we found was actually a simple lock box. It made a clear delineation as to what was at greater risk of possibly being taken and most times it made the patients or family members feel they had a safer situation going forward. The challenges continues though and it's best to be vigilant.
  7. BloomNurseRN

    Med/ surg nurse to patient ratio

    I hear most places it is normal to have an average ratio of 6-8 patients for every 1 RN. On my unit we have a ratio of 5:1, which is much more manageable.
  8. BloomNurseRN

    Calling off :-(

    This was definitely NOT patient abandonment. Your supervisor or administration might get a little snooty with you but I would not worry about contacting the board at all. As far as the policy goes, I also work in a CAH and that is absolutely ridiculous. You can only be responsible for yourself and if you are sick, it is not reasonable in any way to expect you to find coverage. If I were asked to do that the next thing they would hear would be a dial tone and it wouldn't be long before I was working somewhere else.
  9. BloomNurseRN

    Leaving first job, did you have a pay increase?

    I had a pay increase of approx. $2 per hour but I went from working in an outpatient environment to working in an acute care hospital, so I know that made a difference. At this point, if I were to change positions within the hospital I would probably not receive a pay change.
  10. BloomNurseRN

    Glutton for Punishment?

    Claiming "most will not" is a HUGE overstatement. Yes, many facilities are encouraging nurses to have higher education including a BSN. That doesn't mean that "most will not" hire ASN or ADN nurses. I am currently an ASN prepared nurse and receive recruiting information for hospital systems in my area REGULARLY. I also work for a hospital system that has some magnet status hospitals. One in particular phased out all LPNs approximately 5 years ago. Shockingly (not) enough they have now found that they can't keep all their units staffed and have again started hiring LPNs to work in a patient care role. Oh and I work on a Med-Surg unit and am a relief charge nurse. All with just the ASN. Categorizing nurses that don't want to get a BSN as possibly committing "career suicide" is far overreaching.
  11. BloomNurseRN

    Glutton for Punishment?

    Anytime I hear someone say they're thinking about getting an associate degree to be an MA, I generally try to talk them out of it. The only time I don't comment is when I know they're already started and I don't want to hurt their feelings about wasted money. But seriously, it's a waste of money!
  12. BloomNurseRN

    Med/Surg ANCC Cert.

    You could always try contacting the certification organizations, the MSNCB and the ANCC, to see if they would make an exception but it is my understanding that the 2 years is mandatory. The eligibility criteria are listed for the MSNCB as: •RN with a current US license •and practiced 2 years as an RN in a medical-surgical setting •and accrued 2,000 hours of practice within past 3 years The bolding on the "and" is from their website, not my emphasis. The eligibility criteria are listed for the ANCC as: •Hold a current, active RN license within a state or territory of the United States or the professional, legally recognized equivalent in another country •Have practiced the equivalent of 2 years full-time as a registered nurse. •Have a minimum of 2,000 hours of clinical practice in the specialty area of medical-surgical nursing within the last 3 years. •Have completed 30 hours of continuing education in medical-surgical nursing within the last 3 years. It doesn't hurt to ask but I am not aware of anyone that's sat for the exam with less than 2 years of experience. Good luck!
  13. BloomNurseRN

    How to become Certified in Med Surg

    I think it's great that you want to become certified! I am in no way trying to be rude but this information is readily available through a simple google search. That should definitely be the first option to look for information like that and will save you a lot of time. There are two certification options including the MSNCB, Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board, and the ANCC, American Nurses Credentialing Center. You may want to check with your facility to see if they have a contract or preference as to the certification you receive. For example, my facility works with the MSNCB and by following the instructions given, I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket for my certification. As far as studying goes, there are live options (similar to going to a Kaplan review) in preparation for the exam but again, you may want to check with your facility to see if they will cover that education expense, as they can be a bit pricey. Outside of that, you will want to get the certification review book for the type of exam you are going to take and use any other resources, such as free online testing, to fill in the blanks. Good luck!
  14. BloomNurseRN

    Diabetes Mellitus

    Is this a homework question?
  15. Today I went to the funeral of someone who took their own life. I hate that people come to a point where that is the only option that seems available. I hope I am able to express to those I love that they can always reach out for help and I hope I could recognize the need for help in myself if I ever came to that point.
  16. BloomNurseRN

    Feds investigating University of Phoenix

    Always good to hear that from a non-nurse. I'll be sure to let my director know I'm not worthy to work on my Med-Surg floor, much less charge. Just wow.