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  1. Mrs.Priss

    Babies during Nursing school?

    I am 20 weeks pregnant now. Just finished my first year of an ADN program. I'm off for summer but start back in August when I will be 33 weeks pregnant. My due date is 10.15.2013. I drive 1.5 hours one way to school. It was ok at the end of last semester. Just exhausted and sick a lot. I'm not sure how it will be going back near the end of pregnancy and how it will be after my C-section. I also have a 2.5 year old son who has ASD. It's do-able!
  2. Mrs.Priss


    I would just start looking over the Pharm concept maps so that class will take away less time from studying for NUR 112. You will have an exam between the two classes what feels like almost every week. OB is SO much information. I would maybe just start looking thought the textbook (if you have it) and get familiar with the vocabulary. They threw a HUGE chunk of PEDS at us at the end of the semester right when we were about to study for finals. If you can get ahold of someone's PowerPoints looking over the PEDS content this summer may help. As far as psych i would start learning Erikson's developmental stages, therapeutic and non therapeutic communication, and maslow's and just have a good understanding of those. Good luck! : )
  3. Mrs.Priss

    Med-Surg Prep

    Anyone have any advice on what I should read/review over the summer to prepare for Med-Surg?
  4. Mrs.Priss

    Class of 2014

    I'm going into my last year (third semester) of Nursing School and I am BEYOND thrilled and blessed!! It has been SO hard! I live almost 2 hours away from my school and have a 2 yet and will be giving birth to my second in October. I am blessed I have a husband that supports us so I can go to school and not have to work. I am so ready for this last year to fly by!!! It has been a roller coaster and more challenging than I EVER would have imagined! Definitely more tears than I would have imagined! I feel blessed to have this opportunity and I am going to relax and enjoy my sure being pregnant. I am taking 2 BSN prerequisites online this summer and studying up on patho and F&E this summer to prepare for med surg next semester! Good luck to everyone!!! : ) we got this!
  5. Mrs.Priss

    Is using quizlet to study Nclex questions cheating?

    There are several sites/apps that give practice NCLEX questions. It is not cheating to practice questions. Would it not be the same if you were using an NCLEX study book? Those are questions with answers.
  6. Mrs.Priss

    Any good OB, Psych, or Pharm Apps?

    thank you!!!!!
  7. Mrs.Priss

    Who looks up NP and/or CRNA programs for fun?...

    I DO!!!! I look them up just to see the requirements. I'm going into my second semester of RN school in a ADN program. I can go straight into a BSN program online that lasts a year through a connecting university, when I graduate with my associates. I'm just debating on whether to go into a BSN program or straight into a MSN program. SO MANY OPTIONS!!! I really want to weight my options and get some experience under my belt before I decide a specialty and how far I want to take it!
  8. Mrs.Priss


    WELL SAID!!! That's exactly what I was trying to get across!!! This just sounds better than what I said!!! lol
  9. Mrs.Priss


    In my nursing school, you cannot have hair color other than normal colors (blonde, red,brown, black, grey, etc), and no showing tattoos. I think expressing yourself through appearance is very unique! I used to have hot pink hair, 1" gauges in my ears, lip and cheeck piercings. I Wore very heavy make-up and dressed a little goth, but still girly. I LOVED IT! I myself went through a phase that quickly changed after I lost 100lbs got pregant and married. You can still be unique without the hair color and tattoos showing at work or school. I think about it this way, I know how my family percieved me when I expressed myself with a BOLD appearance. A lot of people do not accept and do not like it. You really need to think about your patients and who you will be working with. Put yourself in their shoes. I think there is a certain appearance that nurses should give off. I think it should be approachable. Even if you are the friendliest best nurse in the entore world, a lot of people are intimidated by wild hair color and appearance. JMO! Hope that helps! :)
  10. Mrs.Priss

    Any good OB, Psych, or Pharm Apps?

    Used lippincotts apps for practice questions for fundamentals during first semester. Are there any useful apps for OB, Psych, or Pharm that you guys found helpful? Thanks!!! : )
  11. Mrs.Priss

    Passed my first semester!!!!!!

    We had fundamentals of nursing for first semester and did clinicals in a nursing home with actual patients. Next semester will be Psych, OB, and Pharm. I am nervous because I heard it is A LOT!!!! Wednesday was my last day and I started reading in my pharm book today. I am not going to stress myself out over the holidays but defnitely want to use my time wisely to get my house in order and get a head start on the reading. This past semester FLEW by!!! A lot of my classmates did not make it and it is so hard for me to celebrate without feeling sad for them. I know everything happens for a reason and God has AMAZING plans for them, but it's still hard to see it happen! I'm just so excited. I'm still unsure of what my specialty will be, but am leaning towards oncology right now! Anyone else started prepping for the next semester?
  12. Mrs.Priss

    Passed my first semester!!!!!!

    I am so HAPPY!!!!!!! It seems almost surreal that I passed my first semester of nursing school! I have been through so many ups and downs this semester. I have been through so many emotions! I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders!!!!!!!!!! I have worked my BUTT off and have succeeded!!! Cannot wait to see what second semester has in store!!!! :)
  13. Mrs.Priss

    Husband rant...kinda long.

    I had those same plans and everything planned out when I started my first semester. Truth is you have to learn to go with the flow or you won't make it! Live day to day! I know that's easier said than done but you literally have to when you're in nursing school! Order goes out the window and survival mode kicks in! Good luck!
  14. Am in my first semester of nursing school and I am in fundamentals. We have our 5th exam in a week and our final 1 day after the last exam!!! Any advice on how to study for the final?
  15. I'll be 30 next weekend and will be starting my second semester of an ADN program in Janurary. I thought I was too old too, but honestly I'm not! There are people in thier late 40's just starting in my class! I plan to take my degree as far as I can! no matter how long it takes I will get to my finish line! :)
  16. Mrs.Priss

    Unbelievable exam question

    We do not have any fill in the blank mutliple-choice type questions like that. I am only in first semester, so I am not sure if I will see them later on. Seems like nursing school wants to test your ability to pick out the distracter.

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