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  1. I am doing an article critique for using medications safely and effectively in older asults. I found this journal article titled "Risk of death and hospital admission for major medical events after initiation of psychotropic medications in older adults admitted to nursing homes." I am having a hard time finding an article to do a critique on. I have never done one. It has to be 3 pages (not including title page and bibliography) and in APA format (which I have never done) I am stressed! Any help would be nice!
  2. I do not have a patho book. I am in fundamentals right now. Med-Surg is next semester. Can you recommend a good patho book?
  3. That DID help! Thank you so much for explaining this in detail for me! It helped me a lot! :)
  4. We have to fill out a NPR for clinicals. There is a section that says "Pathophysiology and Manifestations" We are supposed to use reliable interenet sources. A lot of students are putting the definition of the dx and the professor is not all right with that. Can someone please explain to me how I am supposed to write a pathophysiology and manifestion for a dx? I am beyond frustrated/confused!!!! :)
  5. Mrs.Priss

    Care Plan Case Study Samples

    we have gotten one example but there arent any in the text and we werent required to get a care plan book, only a nursing dx book or cards. I have ordered a care plan book, though! I havent been able to find any samples. i have to do one Saturday on an elderly immobile patient and just wanted to find one similar to practice and look up information. I may just try to do a mock one on my pt. Thank you! :)
  6. Mrs.Priss

    Care Plan Case Study Samples

    I am trying to find some resources online for sample case studies that I can use to practice doing care plans, but have had no success with google search. I have to do my first actual care plan on a patient in clinicals this coming Saturday and I really want to get some practice writing them. Any help is greatly appreciated! :)
  7. Mrs.Priss

    HELP with CARE PLAN by tomorrow!!

    Go *****! I came here looking for help with this yesterday! Lol
  8. Mrs.Priss

    What is happening?

    Staragate, I have met with both professors twice. It is mandatory to set up a private meeting with them if you score below an 80 in the exam. They have pretty much said try studying different ways to retain the material... And I did try that last tine
  9. Mrs.Priss

    What is happening?

    Also brillohead, I have that book it was required course material but thank you for suggesting it :)
  10. Mrs.Priss

    What is happening?

    We use kozier and erb.
  11. Mrs.Priss

    What is happening?

    Our next yet covers Nursing process 5 chapters total Nutrition oxygenation Wound Care and inflammation Gastrointestinal The test is scheduled for the 31st of October
  12. Mrs.Priss

    What is happening?

    Well, we have 2 different professors, who just began teaching together this semseter. THey both teach differently and give us questions based on EVERYTHING!!! there are questions from the text that they did not cover in lecture or in powerpoints and from the fundamentals success book that they did not cover in lecture or put on the powerpoints. I focused on main topics in the book, lecture, and powerpoints for the first test and made a 70!!! So how am I supposed to study unless i literally disect everything? THe questions are SO random. We had a questions from a small box at the end of the chapter on sensory and it was not covered in lecture or powerpoint! Do you see my frustration now? lol :)
  13. Mrs.Priss

    What is happening?

    OKAY....I just got my grade back from my second fundamentals exam and I got a 78!!! I made a 70 on my first exam!!! 75 is passing, have literally studied every free minute! The questions are SO random! It's like I have to know every single detail in every single chapter in order to answer these questions... I use my text, PP's, NCLEX review books, test success, fundamentals success, fundamentals made incredibly easy, quizlet, and ATI. So I guess I'm really just searching for advice, tips, other resource suggestions.
  14. Mrs.Priss

    Cranial Nerve Assesment

    I remembered it in an hour with the pictures from an mnemonic picture book. There is a video on YouTube that has the pictures. Search " nurse nacole cranial nerves" hope that helps
  15. Mrs.Priss

    Documenting HELP!!!

    I have to document a head to toe physical assessment narrative for class. I don't know if my professor wants me to pretent I am at a hospital or what? I do not have a pulse oximeter to do oxygen saturation! Also, When assessing the peri-area my patient has a little hemorrhoid. How am I suppose to document that? "pt has a little hemorrhoid" I am so confused! lol I have done the assessment but am having trouble as to how I am supposed to document it when I am doing it from home.
  16. Mrs.Priss

    Darn "select all" question!

    How did you prepare for the exam?